Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!! Goals instead of Resolutions

If this rambles a bit you will have to forget me.. I had my oral surgery this morning and am a bit loopy on pain meds.. Yes they gave me the good stuff LOL.

All went well I am just sore. Part 1 of 3 down WOOT!!!

I don't really do resolutions - they just don't really work. Statistically only 10% of New Years Resolutions are ever kept. Truth is because they really are unrealistic. Most are set up to fail as they don't take into account real life. This article by Dean Forbes sums it up pretty well Goals vs Resolutions.

With that said in 2014 the goal I will strive to achieve are.

1. Take better care of myself. I am staring 40 in the face, I need to get my physical, a baseline mammogram, I need to know my cholesterol levels, hormone levels and my thyroid levels. The recommendation is to get your physical on your birthday so there is no way you will forget. Honestly I will give myself until June to get this accomplished.

As part of taking better care of myself - I strive to get more sleep, better sleep. It feels like you can pack it all in and do more on less sleep, but truthfully you work better when you are at 100% which means sleeping for the amount of hours that is right for you. Not everyone needs 8 hours some need more some less. I do my best with about 8. This includes weekends.

I need to stop losing and finding the same 7 pounds. Its unhealthy, its discouraging and basically it pisses me off.  I am not a slave to the scale by any means, but I can tell based on how comfortable my jeans fit. When I am higher I am just plain uncomfortable. My back bothers me more, I get more intense headaches, and when you have a headache disorder that is no bueno.  My goal is to workout about 3 times a week. Which is totally doable I just need to DO IT.  My goal is to get more into weight lifting and kick boxing and to go back to mostly clean eating. I think 3 days a week is a good start and build from that.

I also am making the goal to stop talking negatively about myself. The things I say to myself I would NEVER say to my friends so why the hell am I saying those things to myself about me?

2. My goal is to unplug more often, there is no earthly reason to always be plugged into Twitter and Facebook. It gets more and more under my skin to get together in a group and everyone is face down on the cell phone interacting with people on the internet instead of those right next to them.  We ALL need to be more present in the moment. The first step for this to declare dinner time a NO PHONE ZONE. We go back to eating at the dinner table and having conversations with the ones who are right there with you in 3D.

In my profession I am always connected I have to be. In that way I can't just disconnect it all and spend 30 days or a year with no social media or internet like you see people doing experiments on. However I can ban them from meals and greatly reduce my "consumption" at social gatherings.

3. Just say no to drama and fixing things for people. I find that I get sucked into drama massively to the point where I get stressed and anxious as if it were my own. NO MORE. I can be emphatic and caring without taking that shit on as mine. Its not mine and I will NOT own it. Its yours YOU OWN IT. I will listen to a point I will be empathetic I will even give suggestions on dealing with it. I will not listen to it ad nauseam or at work. You can call me for an emergency. However the fact you are in a facebook fight with your dog walker is NOT an emergency. Call me if the dog walker is bleeding and has to go to the ER that qualifies.  If you are manufacturing your own drama repeatedly do not expect a pat on the head and a "you poor thing, life does hate you, I'm so sorry" you will no longer get it. Besides its doing you no favors. You can expect a  "wow well hows that treating you?" or a "bless you heart, now fix the mess you made".

4. Advance my career. While I do not plan to go back to school and take on yet another student loan. There are things I can do online for free. I love what I do but there is always room to improve and advance.

What are your goals for 2014???

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Almost 2014 ...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.. Ours was eventful to say the least - my mom walked into my sister in laws and fell hitting her head on the door jam on the way down. Shes alright now - but we did end up with an ambulance ride to the trama center when I could not get her to stay conscious... lets just say I have a few more grey hairs these days...

I took pictures of Lil Man having a good time ripping up wrapping paper I just need to get them off my camera. It was fun to watch him really get into it this year.

I spent most of my time off running around doing errands for people. D and I did manage to hit the movies Sunday morning and see The Hobbit The Decimation of Smaug in 3D.. I'll just say this - spring for the 3D..

Tomorrow morning at 8 am I am heading into oral surgery, which started out as an extraction - then it was like someone else was in my body and I heard them say "yes, lets do the bone grafting to do an implant" WTF? Who WAS that... Well I am not certain but I signed the consent forms and paid for it - so that's going down first thing in the morning - then I will likely spend the rest of my New Years on pain pills WEEEEE... Its not the implants that I ever dreamed I'd get but implants none the less right... I'll actually go back in 6 months or so after the grafting heals to get the implant put it.

So what are your big plans for New Years Eve??

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Monday, December 23, 2013

2 days ... Are you ready??

We blinked and now Christmas is 48 hours away... Saturday I finished up my holiday shopping before the ice and snow storm hit.. Now I just have to sit and wrap it. Which will most likely be done with the fireplace going and a glass of wine.

Sunday we went up to the hospital to hang out with Dad where  he was waiting to get his permanent pacemaker implanted - which got delayed for an emergency  "heart episode" someone had the misfortune of being in the middle of. So that is supposed to happen today. It looks like he will be discharged Christmas Eve.

Sunday evening was date night with my Mama, we went to the dinner theater. One of me all time favorite actors George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) and his wife were the headliners. I had a wonderful time. I may have ate a little to much and then ordered a seriously decadent dessert ..... Though I only ate half of it - it was super rich...

Yes, that is a piece of chocolate cheesecake, covered in chocolate genache', with a cream puff on the side and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.. The other half is waiting for me in the fridge to have with my wine tonight while wrapping the last of the presents!! 

In other Sunday news my Broncos clinched the AFC West Championship for the 3rd year in a row and Payton Manning broke the record for most touchdowns in a season!! 

How was your weekend??? 

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Odds & Ends

I opened blogger yesterday fully intending to blog - then the day went nuts ending with a call that my father in law was back in the hospital and they were inserting a temporary pacemaker to regulate his heart rate. He is doing better now but that was not a call I expected to receive yesterday afternoon.

My 22 year old is beyond upset with me since I banned her from going to the hospital, shes had a cold for weeks now and as of Monday her doctor said she still had it AND her ear infection. I do not think that ANY one on the CCU unit needs exposed to that, she fully believes shes not contagious. I fully DO NOT care - sniffles ='s keep your ass out.

MMM Christmas should be great fun now that "I stirred the drama" cue eye rolls here.. SO old SO over it..

I am like this close to being done with my Christmas shopping - will finish this weekend..

I did call and get an appotiment with the oral surgeon - I go in Monday for a consult - read bill my insurance for an extra visit especially since it HAS to be extracted and they scheduled surgery for the 31st - yep New Years Eve .. its all they had open with all the college kids home on break wanting to get in before they go back to class.. Meh no worries - ring in the new year with wine or with opiates its all good!

Anyone else still shopping? New Years plans?

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The First 5 days ...

After the weekend are the hardest ;-)

I did a bunch of nothing this weekend.. Friday I had a massive amount of tooth pain. I have a root canal gone rouge. Now I have known for a while now its gone and the tooth needs extracted - I however am a big ass baby when it comes to the dentist.. I have a HUGE phobia to the point where they medicate me just to do an exam.  That is a lovely byproduct of Army dentists..

Thankfully I do have a nice dentist and I called her office Friday and they just called me in antibiotics but told me it HAS to come out. They know I was trying to get to the first of the year and understand.  Though its now Monday and it STILL hurts and my face is still swollen it may just have to happen now.. In order for that to happen though I have to coordinate the appointment with D getting a day off to take me then babysit me after as they are going to sedate me to extract it. They are worried since the filling came out that it will shatter when trying to pull it... I'll wait until to tomorrow if there is no change I'll see about scheduling an appointment..

Since I was not feeling the best I pretty much just chilled all weekend, I read two books  and lounged on my new bed - Loving the memory foam mattress. I did venture out for a few hours Saturday night to go play Catch Phrase with friends - we had a good time there but by the end of it my meds had worn off and I was more than ready to go home.  

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Letters and Funnies

Its been a hot minute since I have done Friday Letters, so I thought I would resurrect that for today..

Welcome to Friday the 13th!

Dear Human Race, stop taking everything so damn seriously - no one gets out alive. Stop being so easy to "offend" all this PC behavior these days is so out of hand you are charging a 6 year old with sexual harassment for kissing his crush on the hand.

Also while you are at it population of the earth - purchase some common sense. It boggles my mind that not a lot of you have any!!

Dear Whomever hired the sign language interpreter for the Nelson Mandela memorial service WTAF?? No seriously, What the fuck, especially after this quote was released  "The sign language interpreter widely ridiculed for his 'fake' performance at the Nelson Mandela memorial says he's a fully qualified interpreter and claims that no one says he's interpreted wrong. Thamsanqa Jantjie reluctantly acknowledged that he is a "patient receiving treatment for schizophrenia." Jantjie still says he thinks he's been a champion of sign language"

Dear FB Peeps, Bitstrips?? Please let that crap die - or at least stop sharing them directly from a FB album so that my setting "block everything from bitstrips" will work.. I hate those damn things and I am getting ready to send chain mail to all you asses who do this..

Dear Hollywood - stop photoshopping the snot out of things. YOU are a huge reason women have body issues..

Dear UPS please hurry and deliver my new mattress!!  (Yes I will even order a new bed online)

Friday Funnies - or things that cracked me up this week.. Some maybe be repeats oh well..

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I think I was about 18 months old in these (yes I was even tall then).  Not totally sure as my mother doesn't have them labeled. You can sure tell it was the 70's though check out that checker pattern on those overalls, which I am pretty sure she made. I am also quiet sure those were the only pair of converse type shoes I have ever owned. Though I do have my eye on a pair of hot pink ones!

One thing that stands out, to me at least, is even back then my hair did what it damn well wanted to LOL! Thankfully now there is products and flat irons that tame it as best as it can be tamed.  I also attempt to dress better, at least now I get to pick my own clothes..

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So What Wednesday

I have been MIA the first half of the week, sorry I have been running non stop since last Friday..

So What:

If there are 2 weeks before Christmas, I have a calender I know this retailers stop emailing me this information your stressing me the hell out.

If you think the Star Wars toys all over my office are silly - I like them.

If its December - I am sick of being cold already!!

If its the way you have always done it, its wrong and shouldn't be done that way.

If you think your snide comments are cute, you really are just bitchy.

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Thursday, December 05, 2013

December 5th and I am already over it

There I said it, I am over it. Its only the 5th of December and I am Christmased out.  Seems like its been dragged out for months now thanks to the retailers starting earlier and earlier each year.

This year I noticed Christmas things out before Halloween. So now it feels like its been 3 months of the "holidays" already and I am pretty much "meh" at this point. Which honestly is sad. I get that its a make or break season for retailers - but for fucks sake knock it off so damn early. It does you no good if by the time Dec 15th comes around people are so sick of of it all they shouty and stabby.

I really do feel that the day AFTER Thanksgiving is soon enough.  Unless reined in I am sure that retailers will have their Black Friday sales with the Labor day sales.

I AM glad that the radio stations here have chilled on the 24 hour Christmas music. For a few years the major stations around here started the 24 hour 7 days a week onslaught of Christmas music on November 1st. There really is only so many times you can hear "Christmas Shoes" before being placed on a 5150 hold - Just saying...

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

So What Wednesday

Life After I Dew

So what:

If you think Santa shouldn't be escorted by fighter jets. NORAD is the one who tracks Santa - they are Military and frankly its cool as hell.. take a Xanax and shut up. (yes there really is a group of people pissed off about the picture on the Santa tracker of Fighter jets escorting Santa)

If you like that freaking camel - I'm sick of him.

If you think my interest in the Royals (not the baseball team) and their history is silly.  I don't get your fascination with owls, tea pots ETC....

If we don't decorate a tree for Christmas - its just the 2 of us anymore and its a small living room!

Wednesday's funny...

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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Catching Up

Well that 5 day's past in a blur. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving..  We had a good day hanging out at my sister in laws. The only thing missing was my daughter and grandbaby, both were sick.. and I am told he a had a seriously cute suit that I would have loved to see him in..

I did hang out with this little Princess, she was all snuggly and a sweet.

Friday I attempted to go shopping later in the day - I did not do any midnight sales this year, and frankly I am glad. When I got to Kohl's around 1-ish Friday afternoon the lines were still insane and people were rude as hell. I looked around for about 20 minutes and the left. I figured I'd mess with that Saturday.

I did have a moment of insanity and went to the mall. It was not as bad as I expected. I great some great deals on stuff for Little Mister and a hoodie that I have been searching for all over for a little over a year now.  Its a pain to find a hoodie that zips completely up with thumb holes that's priced under $60. Who'd a thunk.

I did finally get to Kohl's Saturday and do some shopping. Mostly D and I got stuff we needed. Though I did manage to score my father in laws Christmas present and $30 in Kohl's cash, so I will be headed back this week for some new jeans. 

Sunday was the day I have been waiting for, for months - The Denver V Kansas City game.. My lord did I have a blast. It was a great game in which my Broncos played great and came out victorious - we have beat the Chiefs in both games we played them in this year. I'm sure that will keep the flame up on the intense rivalry. It did make it easier to walk out of that stadium in orange and blue!

Practice shots before the game... 

Towards the end of the game when the sun went down and it got COLD... 

The only thing that put a dark cloud over a great day was when we discovered that while we were in the stadium (around half time) there was an altercation in the parking lot in the row ahead of where we were parked that resulted in the death of a man. Details are still sketchy on what went down and what caused his death. 

For a while we didn't really even know why were still sitting in the parking lot with no one moving until I got a text from my mother in law asking if we were ok as the news was just reporting a homicide. With all the vehicles and the tailgating in front of us it was not obvious at first that there was an issue. We started looking around and diagonally in front of us with a partially obstructed view was the crime scene tape. We sat parked for over an hour and finally made it home 2.5 hours after the game. 

Monday I became one with the couch & DVR not moving until about 7:30 that night when I went to go do some grocery shopping for the week where I spotted this..

I have already had people request NO Christmas presents!!! HAHA 

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Monday, December 02, 2013

Manic Monday - Vacation repost ... How to Spot a Bad Girl

Last day of vacation and a recovery day from being at the Chiefs Bronco's game yesterday - recap of the past week coming tomorrow

.... Repost from one of my first ever entries and always a favorite...

How to spot a bad girl

Bad girls sip only champagne and cocktails - not beer, wine, sherry, mineral water, cafe latte, or Darjeeling tea. Think Martinis, Stingers, Black Russians. Bad girls prefer spandex, halters, high heels, fishnet stockings, silk, suede, leather, or white satin cut on the bias and black satin cut down to here.

Bad girls have blond, raven or flaming tresses, red mouths and nails. Think Mae West, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner. But the baddest girls have mousy brown hair. Bad girls wear capri pants, mules, cashmere or mohair twinsets, silk scarves covering their pin curls and black sunglasses to the grocery store, then don black tuxedos and silver fox boas at night.Bad girls are in touch with their inner bitch because they run with dobermans wearing studded black leather collars.

Bad girls travel to Vegas with their ex's gold card while their own name is still on it. Are passionately loyal to their friends. Have been known to torture those who break the hearts of pals. Bad girls call the psychic friends network. Have their own astrologer. Know a cusp is not an intimately transmitted condition.

Bad girls listen to Billy Holiday. Know the importance of regular waxing. Bad girls exercise muscles the rest of us don't even know we have. Bad girls smell expensive and never leave the house without wearing fabulous earrings. Read Nietzsche. Buy the National Enquirer. Can pronounce Goethe and recite Fleurs du Mal. Bad girls use cigarette holders; really bad girls attend cigar dinners.Bad girls like disguises: they like presenting themselves as perfect moms, ice princesses, and librarians.

Bad girls are passionate while the rest of the world is cool. Prefer gold to silver. Bare their midriffs, never their souls. Bad girls make hay on Ralph Lauren sheets. Bad girls never marry for love which is why they often change their names. Really bad girls have numbered bank accounts. Bad girls know it's not the cards your dealt but how well you play your hand. Bad girls win at blackjack. Vacation at backgammon tournaments in Monaco. Frequent pool halls but shoot billards. Have a bookie, accountant, and lawyer on retainer.

Bad girls send large checks to good causes and never take a tax deduction. Bad girls don't just want to have fun, they make sure they do. Bad girls are committed to the philosophy of personal pleasure.Most of us are only bad girls in our dreams. But there's a pattern in bad-girl lifestyle that deserves contemplation. Bad girls buy what they want to buy, eat what they want to eat, wear what they want to wear, sleep when they want to sleep.

Bad girls do not have therapists because they don't need them. Instead, they have housekeepers and masseuses.Bad girls realize this isn't a dress rehearsal. Real life is what you make of it.You can be bad. You can be good. You just sure as hell better be authentic."

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Friday, November 29, 2013

TGIF - Vacation Repost

I am on Vacation so here is a repost of a favorite Holiday post while everyone recovers from the turkey coma

Its the season to be freaking jolly.

Gimmie a break - Jolly my ass.

If it is the season to be jolly then why is the day after Thanksgiving referred to as Black Friday? Want to see just how jolly it is. Go to Toys R Us that Friday and watch how jolly the parents are as they claw, scream, bite and punch their way to this years "gotta have it toy".

These oh so jolly people are the same people who will steal your parking spot at the mall after you have circled the parking lot for 45 mins looking for ANY spot not already occupied, then they will have the nerve to flip you off as you slam on your breaks to avoid hitting their car as you look at them in utter shock.

Once you make it into the mall, you will be treated to frazzled mothers yelling, screaming tantrum throwning, snot running from their nose "little angels". As dear old dad looks around fervently wishing that aliens would come kidnap him and anal probe him because that would be more pleasant than dealing with the fruit of his loins and the haggard shrew that was once his glowing bride. Yeah Jolly whatfreakinever!

If you procrastinate on shopping the above scene only gets worse, the only thing that will save your ass now is a super Wal-mart at 3 am, or Christmas shopping at the local gas station.

After you brave all of this in search of the perfect gift for the oh so picky Aunt Enda, pain staking gift wrap it in the perfect paper. Carefully transport it to the specified family gathering place and smilingly hand it to her. She will then rip the paper to shreds, turn said object in all directions then look at you as if you punched in the nose and gave her tickets to the nearest fat farm and say "Well I see you grabbed the first thing you saw in the discount bin at the dollar store".

Next year do yourself a favor purchase gift certificates on-line and then book yourself a week at the spa..

Tis the season to be freaking jolly... Bite me Santa

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Transformation Tues

You don't realize exactly how far you have come until you see pictures.  Even when your jeans change size it doesn't click.  The difference 18 months makes.. The left was taken Christmas 2011 and the right at the End of October 2013.

Its THE reason when people say "I am not seeing any difference for all my work, why do I bother?" I tell people to take a side by side comparison. Especially if they have been working on changing shape. The scale will not always accurately show the changes.

The scale has not moved much for me in the past year, but my jeans are smaller, my shirts are smaller and I am taking up less space LOL. I have more energy (most days) some of the health issues I had are pretty much gone, only to show up on occasion when I eat a lot of what I know I shouldn't or I stop moving so much. I haven't done any fad diets or eaten frozen meals. I have taken supplements but not on a regular occurrence.

What I have done is 85% clean eating and working out.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Last weekend we shampooed the carpets and this weekend I put my home office back together, previously it was my daughter and grandson's bedroom.

Ignore the bike tire, the bike is not staying its just temporary.. I have some of my dad's stuff up on the walls. The laptop is hooked into the external monitor so that when I am working I have dual screens, which makes life easier..

 I posted one of the desk pics on FB and Instagram, D did let me know that by posting it I posted nudity on both social networks as the picture of the lady is a plaster 3D picture made to look like paper mache' mounted and framed. It was my dad's and very well done. It is one of my favorites.

We also picked up some new plant life to spruce up the living room.. I did a happy dance when I checked over the receipt and realized that the spider plant was on sale for $2.75.. Almost went back and bought the other 2 that were there..

While all this was happening Raz did what he does best ........... nap... and the glass of wine is how I ended Sunday while doing billing as D watched Walking Dead.. I must say I do like being able to go into my own space and work on things instead of fighting for space on the couch with Raz my laptop, mouse and paper work all while trying to ignore Walking Dead, because I hate gruesome shows.

Sami's Shenanigans

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Friday, November 22, 2013


I opened this post early this morning to start today's blog and the morning has gotten away from me.. Story of my life here lately. Things are just on the go before Thanksgiving next week.

I shopped Black Friday last year for the first time ever, and all though I did get some great deals I just don't think I am going to do it again.  I wasn't thrilled with standing in line for 2 and a half hours to check out. This was made easier by my brother in law coming in after he finished up Best Buy and holding my spot while I finished getting things. I also may have my grandson that night while his mom works a Black Friday sale - so that would be a deal breaker right there.

I found the perfect sweater for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year. We didn't do one last year.  I am hoping there is one this year because nothing says happy holidays than a moose humping holiday sweater..

Last weekend I started kickboxing on Saturday - oh lord my legs - until Wednesday I was using the handicap stall at work so I could get off the potty using the hand rails... at home I seriously considered just staying in the bathroom, probably would have if we had more than 1 bathroom. Sunday on whim D and I decided to shampoo the carpets - which boils down to ME shampooing the carpets because I just have a certain way it has to be done and CAN'T stand to not be the one in control doing it... So by the time Monday came I felt the weekend workouts from head to toe.  I also sported a hand full of blisters - next time I need to wear lifting gloves to combat the death grip I apparently use on the shampoo-er.

 I finally found a replacement pair of my favorite shoes.. I found these on clearance a little over 5 years ago and wore them to death. Finally D tossed them out after refusing to gorilla glue the sole back together - it had cracked in half and if I wore them when it was wet out my feet got soaked. Still wore them - so he tossed them...

I will saying wearing them until the sole cracks is pretty impressive since the soles are THICK!

Last night Raz was enjoying the box they came in ... Since I am ordering another pair soon he will have another box coming for his amusement. If its fits, I sits..

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

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Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...