Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Spring Saturday and some other news

Hot damn spring is here!!!!! I love warmer weather.. it is no secret that I live in the Midwest because my darling husband loves it here. I am a southern girl who does not fair well in the Midwest winters.. *mumble fucking hate snow* So when the weather calms down and the flowers start peeking out, the grass turns green and the warm breezes come to town I am a happy girl..

Today I am just chilling at home, got the windows open its 77 degrees out. The oil burner is going with a cucumber melon scent and I am puttering around the house. Little surfin the web, little cleaning, baked some brownies music is playing on the ol pc.. I am HAPPY!!!

In other news, I spent a few nights ago surfin myspace. I put up a page ages ago then forgot it existed. The other night I had a friend request and remember that it was there so I went looking. I ended up on my high school alumni site and re-discovered an old friend.

How I let 15 years go by without even attempting to reconnect with old friends is beyond me. We had a blast talking last night on the phone and just catching up and walking down memory lane. Looking back high school was pretty much a blast and not the tragic drama it seemed back then LOL.

So readers, a tip from me to you, reconnect with an old friend. Maybe you have their address, phone number or email and once in awhile think about dropping them a line and seeing whats up and just have not done so. I know we are all busy, but stop for 5 minutes and drop them a line. You may be delighted.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random thoughts and ramblings

Spent the last 3 days on the couch heavily out of it on cold meds.. I hate being sick and I don't do it very well at all. With everything eles going on and my other medical issues the common cold really pisses me off. Nothing fucking helps and if it did they either took it off the market or changed the formula because of the stupid ass meth heads. Fuck you right in the ear meth bitches..

Apparently while I was out of it a huge ruckus erupted with Don Imus - not that I give a shit I never listened to him anyhow. HOWEVER, not that I am condoning what he said, last I checked this was America and you were free to say whatever you wanted no matter how ate up with the dumb ass it was. Its a good thing that not everyone gets fired for the half baked simple remarks they say or the unemployment rate would be sky high. Retail stores alone would be employee-less. I can't tell you the countless remarks that I have heard come out of a retail sales persons mouth that were offensive.

So the baby daddy is Larry.... well DUH. Kudos to Howard though for stepping up and saying that he was on Larry's side and would do whatever it took to keep that freak Virgie away from that precious baby. Shes a nutball. There are reasons Anna wanted nothing to do with her, had not spoken to her in 10 years and called her mommy dearest. And that half sister of hers writing that book to set the record straight? Bitch what do you know? You only had a relationship with her for 2 years in the mid 90's. Shame on you for trying to make a buck off your sister who is not even able to speak up and defend herself. Your mama should have taught you better.

Well thats all that is rambling around in my head at the moment.. Whats in yours?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A new perspective

I couldn't sleep last night. I had gotten more than just a little down after yesterday's events and found myself listening to the music I have on my pc and surfin the net. In my travels I found a website memorial a mother had designed for her son. As I found myself reading the pages and the tributes of a mother, father and friends who had lost someone way too soon without warning. I discovered myself just sobbing in sorrow over a teenage boy I'd never met.

In that moment reading his mothers words I had a realization, no matter how upset I am over the way things are going, the turn of events we are dealing with and will deal with for the rest of our life, I still have my baby. Yes I grieve for certain things that may never be and ideals that have changed, but when its all said and done I have my daughter. Many who have had to deal with this disorder no longer have their child.

So even in the midst of the drama, the fights from hell, the worn out days where I think my giveashitter is broken beyond repair, I will stop, think and say a prayer that at least I have her - it could be so much worse. There will always be the good days and the not so good days, we will even have very very bad days but we at least have them and for that I will always be grateful. And for ever good day that balances several bad ones in a row, I will treasure them and learn to hang on to those days to get us through the tough ones.

Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...