Friday, November 29, 2013

TGIF - Vacation Repost

I am on Vacation so here is a repost of a favorite Holiday post while everyone recovers from the turkey coma

Its the season to be freaking jolly.

Gimmie a break - Jolly my ass.

If it is the season to be jolly then why is the day after Thanksgiving referred to as Black Friday? Want to see just how jolly it is. Go to Toys R Us that Friday and watch how jolly the parents are as they claw, scream, bite and punch their way to this years "gotta have it toy".

These oh so jolly people are the same people who will steal your parking spot at the mall after you have circled the parking lot for 45 mins looking for ANY spot not already occupied, then they will have the nerve to flip you off as you slam on your breaks to avoid hitting their car as you look at them in utter shock.

Once you make it into the mall, you will be treated to frazzled mothers yelling, screaming tantrum throwning, snot running from their nose "little angels". As dear old dad looks around fervently wishing that aliens would come kidnap him and anal probe him because that would be more pleasant than dealing with the fruit of his loins and the haggard shrew that was once his glowing bride. Yeah Jolly whatfreakinever!

If you procrastinate on shopping the above scene only gets worse, the only thing that will save your ass now is a super Wal-mart at 3 am, or Christmas shopping at the local gas station.

After you brave all of this in search of the perfect gift for the oh so picky Aunt Enda, pain staking gift wrap it in the perfect paper. Carefully transport it to the specified family gathering place and smilingly hand it to her. She will then rip the paper to shreds, turn said object in all directions then look at you as if you punched in the nose and gave her tickets to the nearest fat farm and say "Well I see you grabbed the first thing you saw in the discount bin at the dollar store".

Next year do yourself a favor purchase gift certificates on-line and then book yourself a week at the spa..

Tis the season to be freaking jolly... Bite me Santa

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Transformation Tues

You don't realize exactly how far you have come until you see pictures.  Even when your jeans change size it doesn't click.  The difference 18 months makes.. The left was taken Christmas 2011 and the right at the End of October 2013.

Its THE reason when people say "I am not seeing any difference for all my work, why do I bother?" I tell people to take a side by side comparison. Especially if they have been working on changing shape. The scale will not always accurately show the changes.

The scale has not moved much for me in the past year, but my jeans are smaller, my shirts are smaller and I am taking up less space LOL. I have more energy (most days) some of the health issues I had are pretty much gone, only to show up on occasion when I eat a lot of what I know I shouldn't or I stop moving so much. I haven't done any fad diets or eaten frozen meals. I have taken supplements but not on a regular occurrence.

What I have done is 85% clean eating and working out.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Last weekend we shampooed the carpets and this weekend I put my home office back together, previously it was my daughter and grandson's bedroom.

Ignore the bike tire, the bike is not staying its just temporary.. I have some of my dad's stuff up on the walls. The laptop is hooked into the external monitor so that when I am working I have dual screens, which makes life easier..

 I posted one of the desk pics on FB and Instagram, D did let me know that by posting it I posted nudity on both social networks as the picture of the lady is a plaster 3D picture made to look like paper mache' mounted and framed. It was my dad's and very well done. It is one of my favorites.

We also picked up some new plant life to spruce up the living room.. I did a happy dance when I checked over the receipt and realized that the spider plant was on sale for $2.75.. Almost went back and bought the other 2 that were there..

While all this was happening Raz did what he does best ........... nap... and the glass of wine is how I ended Sunday while doing billing as D watched Walking Dead.. I must say I do like being able to go into my own space and work on things instead of fighting for space on the couch with Raz my laptop, mouse and paper work all while trying to ignore Walking Dead, because I hate gruesome shows.

Sami's Shenanigans

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Friday, November 22, 2013


I opened this post early this morning to start today's blog and the morning has gotten away from me.. Story of my life here lately. Things are just on the go before Thanksgiving next week.

I shopped Black Friday last year for the first time ever, and all though I did get some great deals I just don't think I am going to do it again.  I wasn't thrilled with standing in line for 2 and a half hours to check out. This was made easier by my brother in law coming in after he finished up Best Buy and holding my spot while I finished getting things. I also may have my grandson that night while his mom works a Black Friday sale - so that would be a deal breaker right there.

I found the perfect sweater for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year. We didn't do one last year.  I am hoping there is one this year because nothing says happy holidays than a moose humping holiday sweater..

Last weekend I started kickboxing on Saturday - oh lord my legs - until Wednesday I was using the handicap stall at work so I could get off the potty using the hand rails... at home I seriously considered just staying in the bathroom, probably would have if we had more than 1 bathroom. Sunday on whim D and I decided to shampoo the carpets - which boils down to ME shampooing the carpets because I just have a certain way it has to be done and CAN'T stand to not be the one in control doing it... So by the time Monday came I felt the weekend workouts from head to toe.  I also sported a hand full of blisters - next time I need to wear lifting gloves to combat the death grip I apparently use on the shampoo-er.

 I finally found a replacement pair of my favorite shoes.. I found these on clearance a little over 5 years ago and wore them to death. Finally D tossed them out after refusing to gorilla glue the sole back together - it had cracked in half and if I wore them when it was wet out my feet got soaked. Still wore them - so he tossed them...

I will saying wearing them until the sole cracks is pretty impressive since the soles are THICK!

Last night Raz was enjoying the box they came in ... Since I am ordering another pair soon he will have another box coming for his amusement. If its fits, I sits..

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Easy to say - not so easy to do...

This popped up in my Facebook feed Friday night - and the wheels started turning.  Its really easy to say "forgive them" whoever they are, but really HOW do you put that into practice?  Even if you forgive, doesn't whatever was done still play in your mind? Isn't that what the whole Forgive but don't forget line is about? So then is it really forgiveness. 

Sure somethings are easy to forgive - but aren't those infractions the ones that don't really eat at you? Are they not the simple things that most don't dwell on for long anyway? Which then begs the question again HOW. How do you forgive the big things - the things that really hurt deep down and leave scars on the heart and soul - those are the things that keep you from truly being at peace do they not?

Does anyone really ever forgive, or do you just lock those hurts and wrong doings away in the back of your mind only pulling them out every once in awhile to poke at them and test to see if they still hurt? Usually done after a bottle of wine or in the midst of a pity party when it seems like nothings going your way.

Do you find that no matter what you do there are just something that you can never forgive someone for?

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Mid November So soon.... YIKES!

Can we slow time down just a tad - Kthanksbye... To say I am NOT ready for the Holiday's is an understatement. This year time has just gotten away from me with everything that has been going on.

Frankly anymore they are just to much pressure - the perfect pies, the perfect gift, oh I just need to get 1 more thing in case the neighbors come over. I'm exhausted thinking about it. This year I think I am going to bake, craft a few things and maybe give out coupons ie 1 evening of babysitting...  The thing that always stops me with that idea though is the thought "oh but they are going to be disappointed" which just points back to whats so wrong anymore with the "holidays".

I caught a lot of flack last year for not even putting up a Christmas Tree, psst I am not putting one up this year either.. I hung stocking and we had a Norfolk pine on the kitchen table. It was nice to have it low key and not have the "I have to put all this up" dread come January.

But enough of that - I am overwhelmed enough at the moment!

I have gotten some emails with some questions - several which are repeated so I thought I'd answer y'all here.

Q. How tall are you
A. 5'11 - Which yes this made for an interesting high experience. By them however I was used to the staring and whispers since I have always been taller than my friends and some adults!

Q. What do you do for a living.
A. Sorry I don't talk about work on the internets other than a slight mention that its been a busy week/month etc.

Q. What foundation are you using.
A. Honestly I don't spend my $ on foundation - I use Covergirl in Creamy Natural and I follow that with Cover Girl powder in the same color - I spend my money on eye shadow, liner and blush.

Q. Do you tan?
A. HAHAHAHA Nope I am as pale as they come - I glow in the dark. In the summer time my arms get some color because I pretty much live in tank tops. I did do a small stint in tanning beds in high school until I ran into a woman who looked more distressed than my purse. She had spent a life time in the sun and looked 15 years older than she was.

I will toss more Q & A on the blog next week... Have a great weekend!

Look Ma I wore COLOR!! And about 15 layers I'm COLD I need to refine that look though, the layers make me look bigger. Yes the spiked hair is back - I  MISSED it. Its my favorite.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What if:

Its November - I HATE the cold. I hate winter coats, hats and gloves.  Cute boots are the ONLY saving grace for me for the colder weather.  I need new ones though and have not been able to find any I like so far.

I don't care that its not "PC" I sometimes have to roll  my eyes at all the "I need prayers please" all over facebook for things like I have acid reflux...

I don't care bitstrips are the newest thing, they are driving me nuts all over the feed. Yes I blocked them, but that does you no good if the user saves them to an album then uploads them... Most of them are NOT funny.

I am not your cup of tea, I'd rather be a shot of tequila anyhow.

This is the first season I have watched the Voice after the Blinds.  I usually just watch those then cancel my DVR recording when those are over. I am not sure why I decided to continue to watch, I am glad I did though. I must say this has been my favorite performance so far... Holy crap can this girl sing!

Life After I Dew

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Monday, November 11, 2013

What's Your Damage Heather....

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.. and it wasn't even a party weekend..

Saturday I was at my mother's to help clean the basement - yeah kill me now.  The problem is everything's a treasure. SOOOO her idea of "cleaning the basement" is more of a move this pile from here to over there... That is getting NOTHING accomplished. I did toss out an entire box I still had there and have plans to pick up a few more items that I had stored there or she is giving me..

I get WHY everything is  treasure. She was raised by parents who survived the Great Depression. Getting why however doesn't make it any LESS annoying as hell.  One problem with this frame of mind however is that she's downsizing and most of it has to go - it just has to. You can not fit a house of stuff (that includes a full basement) into a 2 bedroom apartment and not expect to purge the hell out of that house. Compounding the issue is that not only does she have 71 years of her treasures in there she has 72 years of her mother's treasures in there. Total of 143 years of CRAP.  Yet she gets upset that I have 3 boxes and 2 Rubbermaid tubs at her house. Say what? I counted 14 tubs of YARN just yarn. Full tubs too. Next time she tells me shes running to Hobby Lobby for yarn  I'm locking her in her house!

Saturday night D and I headed into Downtown for some Pho. The bowls are huge.. My lefts overs filled a 2 quart container and I swear I ate a good bit of it..

Sunday was the my Sunday to go into the office and do my bimonthly paperwork so I spent about 4 hours at work rocking out and doing paperwork. About 2 I left to go hit the nail salon and do the grocery shopping. Holy hell Wal-Mart looked like there was a massive natural disaster on its way. Everyone was there and NOTHING was on the shelves. 

Sunday evening I hung out with the Lil Man then took a last look at my paperwork before it was due Monday morning bright and early.. Now I just want a nap LOL.

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Friday, November 08, 2013

Welcome to Friday ... and Shit That Made Me Laugh This Week

Shit that made me laugh this week:

This is an email between me and D yesterday when I sent him a Groupon for cupcakes.. $10 for a dozen minis delivered to your door..

D: Why?
K: Why what - LMAO? <~ This by the way is always  the proper response when someone questions baked goods..
D: Why cupcakes?
K: It was in my email - they look good
D: Ok
K: I didn't buy them - just showing you - they look though
D: LOL I was wondering why you were cupcake shopping :-)
K: LMAO I am window shopping cupcakes, I did however buy a black sweater like my teal one on clearance from Kohl's online. (Yes this is how my ADD mind works and he is used to it.)
D: Abrupt hard left turn from cupcakes to sweaters
K: If I eat the cupcakes I won't fit in the sweater  (because you know Joey doesn't share food)
D: True, that could happen in theory. (See here he's expecting Joey to share food)

Other things that made me laugh this week:

Fashion websites that lose their shit when the famous wear an outfit more than once... REALLY?? Regular people do that weekly. Stop acting like "OMG they are starting a trend".

The same sites that freak when a star cuts her hair off...

Vitamins with a calorie count... WTF its a vitamin dude..

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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Throwback Thursday and the Start of Hair Hating

I was thinking I was 3 or 4 here.. Now that I put some more thought into it I had to be 3. What you don't see is that my hair was down past my backside and shortly after this photo my mother cut it off to my ears.  That was natural curl that was loose enough to fall perfectly. After she cut if off - not so much. Its now morphed into a frizzy, wavy mess. Which has ended in years of hating my hair.. Thanks Mom.

These days I keep it cut off in order to not have an intense desire to shave it all off and spend a small fortune in wigs! I do go back and forth with growing it and wacking it back off.. Thank goodness my stylist loves me and is a personal friend, by now anyone else would have just strangled me by now.

I'm forever texting her pictures of hair and asking what do you think? Even right after she's given me a new style.. Sorry April - I do love you Sister.. Just last night as she was cutting it shorter just 3 weeks after we only "took a little off" so that it was a longer pixie, like Alice in Breaking Dawn's style, but was driving me batty and 2 weeks after she took it red. I looked at her smiled and said "after winter this shits going back blonde" she laughed and said I figured.

Thankfully it just hair and easy to change!!!

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

So What...

Life After I Dew

Woooohoooo its Wednesday...

So What If .....

I am over the red hair already. Yep I miss being blonde.

If I wore Nikes to the office today - my knees are killing me - dress shoes were OUT.

If Aztec leggings are IN - I think they look "off".  Same with the "bow shirts" those look like you are sporting genitalia on your back.. I had hoped by now that trend was over.

If I just jumped on CandyCrush - I was bored and surfing games in the Play Store and decided to download it.

If our complex has a gym  - I am still wanting a REAL gym membership at a place where the equipment is taken care of and doesn't walk out the door with a douchbag.

What are you so what about this Wednesday?

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Photo Dump

I got asked why I always wear dark clothing and was it a "gothy" reason. Nope I just have always liked darker colors. Even when I am not wearing black, navy, or grey I go toward the jewel tones. 

This is why people in the Midwest deal with crappy winters... 

I saw this at Wal-Mart ... I WILL go get one for my office. Everyone needs a 2 and a half foot tall Darth Vader! 

I went to pick up some new supplements and saw this... I will admit to laughing like a boy in 4th grade who's teacher just "pooted" at the blackboard.

This is what I picked up to see if it helps my knees better than the glucoseamine - so far YES it does. Side benefit - my skin is also seriously benefiting.

This is the back of my couch - He is slowing killing that cushion.. Though as I was told on Facebook by a friend - I won't think about that couch once it is gone.. Just my baby on it.. She's right which is how it's easier to ignore the leg of the couch he has shredded as well.. 

Mostly clean eating! 
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Monday, November 04, 2013

Dr Scholl's Active Series Insoles

Influencer sent me these..

They are better than other inserts that I have tried in which they are designed for athletic shoes. They were built to relieve the pressure points in your feet that are irritated with running or jogging. They also help with shin splints - which made me more than excited to try them.

The only hang up I have with these is that they hit my arch at a weird spot and that can be irritating. Though to be honest MOST all inserts hit my arch in and "off" space. I wished they were more customiz-able than "trim to fit". Other than that I do really like this insert.


*I received all products complimentary from Influenster.

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Friday, November 01, 2013

Here's to the Weekend ...

Hello Holiday Season and Challenge kick off...  This greeted me this morning at Starbucks.

Yep its official Starbucks has kicked off the Holiday season... Now before I get emails about how I started a weight loss/toning challenge and then posted a Starbucks high calorie holiday drink - that cup contains nothing more than a Soy Latte that I generally just get on Friday's. 

Its no secret its been one of "those" weeks around here.. This morning was just more of the same. My father in laws official diagnosis is Heart Failure. I'm trying to keep mom calm and positive. I have know lots of people to live long lives despite that diagnosis. It does mean lots of life style changes and a new normal, but its not a reason to toss your hands hands up and think might as keep on what I'm doing it makes no difference.. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

It does reinforce to me the changes I have made over the last year and a reminder to keep them up and keep making new changes. We can always improve and strive to be better. We all have the same 1,440 minutes in a day - how are you using yours?

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Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...