Thursday, September 14, 2017

Something I Have Been Working On...

So I quit smoking!!  I did start vaping so the urge to smoke isn't there.  My nicotine level is so much lower than when I was smoking cigarettes. I am also not putting thousands of chemicals into my body. 

I'm starting to physically feel better. I have noticed some flavors getting more vivid - like lemon. I love lemon. My favorite yogurt is Noosa Lemon I noticed yesterday how tart it actually was.  I was surprised.  I know people always say smoking dulls your taste buds and I honestly didn't think my tastebuds were bad because I would eat something and think this tastes soooooo good. Then I ate the yogurt yesterday and was floored.

I also love the fact I don't smell anymore, my perfume stays, my hair smells like shampoo, not stale smoke.  I have noticed my skin looking better, healthier - less dry. It doesn't look as aged as it had started too.  That right there is motivation on its own to stay a non-smoker. Yes, I know vanity for the win!  

Now I just need to work on getting back to the gym. I haven't gained weight since I stopped smoking, in fact, I have lost some of the weight I gained when I was working at the salon. I, however, do want to get back to working out and living the best life I can.  I want my muscle tone back!! 

Here is to putting down a horrid habit and picking up the free weights!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I Never Meant to Fall off the Internets

So it's been a hot minute, sorry about that. I never meant to just disappear.  Honestly, a few things happened. It has been a difficult year. I've changed jobs a few times, and currently am looking again. My daughter and grandbabies moved out of state; to be blunt I hit a funk. I also hit a wall and didn't know what to even blog about anymore.

These days I am dealing with insomnia really bad despite taking my medications, which will explain the 2:30am blog post.  I feel like this past year has been one huge lesson in what I DON'T want to do. So I have been a tad lost in direction.

I truly loved working at the salon, but after a few stylists walked out it just wasn't a feasible option. So I accepted a position as a service advisor for an automotive repair shop thinking "hey its an adventure, a new life experience!" Turns out it is not exactly an industry I am cut out for. So I am looking again.  I think I need to go back to what I know, either the Medical field or Corporate America. Unfortunately so are all the recent college graduates!!

As far as the blogging block goes, I just need to get back to putting down whatever comes to mind and not worry "does this fit, or has this already been done"?  I enjoyed blogging the most when I just wrote and didn't attempt to fit a theme or aesthetic. In the beginning, it was just me and my thoughts about whatever. So that is what I strive to achieve again.  I find that I miss my ramblings and Wednesday confessions and some of the plain silliness.

Some posts may be long, some short - some will probably have no rhyme or reason but at least it won't all be stuck in the abyss of my mind any longer.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Confess Sess

I can't wear heels anymore so I have turned into a sneakerhead.  My first pair of Adidas are due in today and I am beyond excited. I used the custom design feature on the website almost 3 weeks ago. I am now eagerly waiting for my all blush pink classics to arrive. Yes, they will probably be GLUED to my feet for awhile.

I'm addicted to Feud: Betty and Joan on FX.

I need to go buy out my gym membership and go back to home workouts and the complex gym that needs serious help but is right here. When I worked in the office my gym was convenient it was not far and I would just pop in on my way home and workout. Now that I am working in the salon it's out of the way and my hours are just to unconventional to justify keeping it when I can use the treadmill at the complex and my Jillian videos, which is how I started out in the first place.  Once I start school driving to the gym to workout will be completely impractical.

My insomnia is worse with the time change - I wished that we would just stay on daylight savings time.  It takes me forever to re-adjust each time the tinkering of the clock comes around.

Driving downtown makes me anxious - Monday I have to drive downtown at rush hour for a conference on skin care. I am looking forward to the conference just not the drive there and back!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Skin Care Mistakes I Made in my Teens and Twenties..

The things I wished I could go back and tell myself in my teens and twenties. Things I am now preaching to my daughter and nieces..

I was always hunting the tan - pasty, porcelain very skinned blonde (was natural back then) wanting to always be a bronzed goddess.  Which let's face it was NEVER in the cards - though I did achieve nice a nice bronze color when tanning beds hit the scene. Now I wished I'd never done either. I still want the glow but these days I am hitting the self-tanner and sunscreen. Yep at times, I look streaky but it is better to be streaky than missing skin patches due to melanoma.

I used straight up soap to wash my face in my preteen years.  Then the clear glycerine bar as a teen and noxzema, and some Seabreeze toner - loved the burn. No moisturizer in sight.  Looking back my skin was most likely horrible dehydrated.

In my twenties, I slept in my makeup - heavy stage makeup to boot. I washed my face when I showered using my body wash. I used regular lotion as moisturizer, if I bothered at all. Eye-cream was a word I didn't know.  if I had a breakout I would attempt to dry it out with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or a mixture of baking soda and peroxide.  The makeup artist in my shudders to even read those words now.

I am always telling my daughter to start an anti-aging skin care routine NOW while she is in her twenties and her 40 something self will thank me. True to fashion she doesn't listen.  I have also started preaching this to my best friend's daughter - whom I consider my niece.  I have access to amazing skin care of which I am without shame, putting in her hands and lecturing her on the evils of sleeping in makeup - even if "it is just eyeliner".  Sleeping in makeup will cause premature aging of your skin as well as a whole slew of skin issues.

Take care of your face - you only get one. Your skin is your foundation for everything. Treat it right, pamper it. Drink tons of water, eat healthy and use the best skincare your budget allows.  It doesn't make a damn bit of difference if you use high-end makeup if the skin you are putting it on isn't treated well. If your foundation is cracked its just a matter of time before it all crumbles.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life Currently

So it is no secret I stepped away from blogging for awhile.  I had a few life changes that I didn't discuss here, well anywhere.  I changed jobs, and more so accurately completely changed career fields. I didn't really ever discuss what I did for a living or where I worked. I was working in the IT field as a business manager. In September my almost 7-year career ended in IT.  It was not expected, but frankly, it was time to move on. I had reached burnout status.

I took some time to figure out what and where I wanted to go.  I worked very briefly in retail at the start of the Christmas season. Then I took a position at a salon working in Customer Service Management.  I have also started the steps to take my Makeup Artistry course for my certificate from MUD.  Through the salon, I am working on my retail certification from Dermatological. I have an all day seminar and workshop coming up at the beginning of April.  I am waiting to hear back from the school on the newly restructured MUD program so that I can enroll and start.  Classes are all day Sunday and Monday.  The salon is closed both days so this works out perfectly.

In with all of these changes my daughter also moved out of state. I am used to seeing my grandbabies every few days. I was there when both of them were born and are very attached to both. This has been a hard transition for me.  I was cleaning today and came across a few hidden rocks that were not in my basket and had a moment.. My grandson is who would bring me rocks from all his adventures.  I have saved them all. He started this when he was about two. I treasure them all and miss him flying through my door yelling NONI check out what I have for you! His fifth birthday is in a few months, it will be the first one I have not been there for.  My granddaughter turns one in August, I am hoping to be able to get there for that.

With all this going on, I lost my passion for blogging, and since I changed the focus of the blog to a beauty blog I didn't feel that most of this fit that aesthetic.  However, the fact is this blog was always my outlet and I lost sight of that.  It's mine and I can mix it all up and not attempt to just fit in one basket.  I always said nitch blogging wasn't my thing, why I tried is beyond me. So I am going back to my roots, it will be simply my blog with everything thrown in. Whatever I am feeling or into at the moment may show up.  Be it a makeup review, favorites of the season, my journey to becoming a makeup artist or Wednesday confessional with an occasional bitch session thrown in.  

I hope to see y'all back and interacting - I've missed you.

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

I said I Wouldn't but...... Kylie's Liquid Lips

Okay I saw the KoKo Kollection and said "take my money". I am a huge fan of Khloe and I saw the colors in her collab with Kylie and decided to take the chance. Yes I have seen the reviews on her previous lip kits, I have seen the rants regarding the brushes on her glosses.  I also know there has been a reformulation and the brush on the gloss changed.

It has been rumored that the Kylie liquid lips are the exact same as Color Pops ultra mattes. I have now worn both and can say if they were the reformulation is NOT Colorpops. Kylie's formula is one of the most comfortable I have ever worn - at least the KoKo Kollection is.  I forgot I was even wearing anything! I can NOT say the same about ColorPop.

They dry down transfer proof, super comfortable and very long wearing, even after a Starbucks coffee and eating a salad for lunch. At the end of a long 10 plus hour day my lipstick was still going strong and did not budge until i took it off with eye makeup remover. I do plan on getting one of her regular lip kits to compare the normal stock versus this collab. Right now the only other liquid lip I found to be this comfortable is Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

The colors in this collab are stunning. Gorg is my favorite with Okurrr coming in next, Kho$$ I find a bit on the yellow side of nude and I did expect that based on the color description Kylie had on her site. It washes me out just a tad so I use it to layer with other colors. Damn Gina is a nice gloss that pairs well with all the liquid lips if you want to wear them glossy without changing the color very much.

I honestly hope to see another collab in the future with any of Kylie's sisters.

*pictures were obtained from Google.

                                             This is from Kylie's snap chat reveal

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Winter is Coming, is Your Skin Care Ready?

Sub zeros temps, forced air heating, blustery winds all of which takes the moisture right out of your skin. With the change of the seasons your skin care should change as well.  Keeping your skin hydrated will help both with keeping break outs to a minimum and help with aging. Winter will sap the moisture out of your hair, skin and nails. It is essential to put it back.

The one thing that doesn't change is what I wash my face with.  I always use my Murad anti aging acne cleanser. However in the winter I add oils into the mix.  Yes as an oily skinned girl I use oils. No it doesn't make my breakouts worse; in fact they are better because my shin is getting what it needs therefore it is not working to produce oil. So my PH mantel stays more in balance and my skin stays more consistent.

In the morning I will wash my face to remove the oil from my PM routine and start the day with a fresh canvas.  Then I take my regular moisturizer and add a drop of rescue oil to it. Emulsify them together then work into my skin. I also use H2O's eye rescue cream in the morning to keep my under eyes hydrated.  That is the first place my skin dries out. I let that soak in before starting any makeup for the day.  Usually I will do my skin care then go get dressed for the day and then come back and start my makeup.

At night I will double cleanse my face. Not because its gotten too oily but because I have started using a face brush. People generally will tell you "oh those break you out" and yes they can, if you are grinding IN that days makeup. So I wash my face really well with my cleanser and a regular wash cloth first making sure everything is gone. Then I add a little more cleanser to the face brush and use it for exfoliation. I only use the brush two or three times a week,  Then I will use First Aids extreme rescue over night eye cream under my eyes. After that I use 3 to 5 drops of rescue oil on my face really working it in and a few more drops down my neck and chest. Do not forget your neck. Ever see a woman with gorgeous skin and the dreaded "turkey neck" usually because her skin care stopped at her chin!

During the cooler months I also make sure to keep up on my water consumption. Its essential to stay hydrated your skin is comprised of 64% water. Dry air, caffeine cold wind all of it saps the hydration from your skin and body drink your water! It makes a huge difference in so many aspects of your body and health. Your skin hair and nails really do reflect what is going on inside.  Staying hydrated will go along way in keeping your glow!

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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Beauty Hacks You Should Skip.. Part 1

Ever see the beauty tips and hacks on Pintrest and think hmmmm does that work??  Some do, but just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.  Although some do work - they are not things that are particularly good to do.

Case in point you can add eye drops or saline to a tube of mascara to revive it. This will work and in a pinch I have done it. I don't recommend it for long term use. At 3 months - from when the tube is FIRST opened mascara is expired and starts to break down. Trying to prolong the life of it will increase the probability of infection.  Its not worth it - toss that tube and get a new one.  If you like higher end formulas, buy the travel size. They are about the same price as a full size drug store brand and lasts about the three months.  It's been my experience the travel sizes are better in formula. I don't know why, I just think they perform better than their full size counter part.

I have also seen the hack for liquid eye liner that no longer works, where you take the tip off and turn it around according to the internet you then have "a new" liner. No you do not you now have an old liquid eyeliner that is not only degraded but you have not introduced bacteria to the sealed tube that was not there before.  Toss it - your eye sight is not worth prolonging these two products.

Lemons and baking soda masks. I wish this would fall off the internet. Just because something is all natural does not make it a good idea for some applications.  However, that is not stopping people from just whipping up things and tossing it on their skin.  This "mask" is being touted as the best DYI acne mask by scores of beauty bloggers and youtubers. Its also all over Pintrest.  Problem is no one has looked at the science behind this "beauty wonder". 

Simple fact is you are putting 2 solvents on your face that cause chemical reactions when introduced to each other. You are disrupting your skin's natural PH balance throwing the acid mantel of your skin for a loop. Which also leaves your skin open to bacterial infections. Sure it appears at the beginning to be clearing up your skin but over time what you are really doing is damaging the layers of the epidermis, drying it out which in turn can set you up for MORE breakouts when your parched skin sends a message to your sebaceous glands to SEND IN THE OIL STAT in an effort to protect your skin. 

The lemon juice can cause a phototoxic reaction giving you a chemical burn when you step out into the sunlight. Lets not forget lemon juice in the hair on a summer day was a favorite years ago to lighten your hair. It wasn't any kinder to your follicles either.  Your hair was left dry and crunchy and odd colors. 

I totally understand the frustration of acne. I suffer from cystic acne myself.  Its painful, each eruption can hang around for months, red and sore. My best advice look into skin care lines that are formulated for your specific type of acne.  Your local Sephora or Ulta carry many lines of skin care. Two of my favorites are Murad and Mario Badescu.  I use treatments from both lines depending on what my skin is flipping out over at that particular point of time.  

Vaseline to grow your lashes - um NO back away. Putting Vaseline on your eyes can lead to clogged pores, cysts and styes to form. I even stay away from this to remove makeup and stick to oil free eye makeup removers.  If you are looking to grow your lashes purchase a product developed for that specific purpose. These days there are a few that can be purchase over the counter but have been approved by ophthalmologists for use.

Hacks are wonderful - there are just some you should NEVER attempt, especially when it comes to skin care and make up.  These are several that should never see the light of day.  There are more that I am researching now for another blog post as there are so many I could type for days and still not covered all of them.  Frankly I am all for hacks and making things easier or less expensive, but I draw the line at my health.  I am also working on a post of beauty hacks that ARE safe do work and are amazing. 

Smile Gorgeous, that is your best accessory.. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Finds: Lower Lash Mascara

*This is NOT a sponsored AD post. I purchased this myself and NYX has no idea I am reviewing this.

Frankly the thought of a special "lower lash mascara" is something I'd never fathomed until I started watching YouTube beauty videos.  Even then I was skeptical - mascara is mascara. You get some on you and you clean it up and go on, right?  Besides the only one I had heard about was MAC's extended Play Gigablack lash at $18 per tube, which you should toss out in 3 months. Umm NOPE.

Then I stumbled on NYX Super Skinny Mascara, on a whim I picked it up - if it was a fail it would only be a $6 fail. I already used another NYX mascara and loved it so I was betting it couldn't be that bad. Truth be told I know now why beauty guru's rave about a lower lash mascara. This wand is super tiny and get every lash on the lower lash line, which lets be honest can be a Houdini act.

One thin coat will grab each lower lash and give it some attention - two coats makes it look like you are sporting lower lashes.  I will say I have tried this on my top lashes and found it just was to much work with such a small wand - I ended up going back in with my usual mascara to separate and extend my top lashes. However at $6 I am fine with it being just a lower lash mascara.

I sized the pic up so that the details of the brush were easier to see. Picture is from You can also find this at Ulta or CVS..

Just for comparison here is a picture of the MAC Extended Play Gigablack - note the wand is larger - and this retails for $18. This picture is from  While the wand is smaller, its considerably larger than the NYX one and the price point is roughly double depending on your area and place of purchase.

As much as I adore MAC for liners and shadow's sorry not sorry I can't see paying double for something that has such a short life.  Mascara needs tossed at about the 3 month mark for health reasons. I won't even get started on the methods to "extend" the life of your mascara - not worth it your eyes throw it OUT at approximate Three months.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Current Faves

Currently these are the things I have been using and loving the past few months, or in some cases weeks..

I have one accessory this time - I found a leather wrap bracelet for my Fitbit Alta.  I love the fact it has a watch type band that securely closes rather than just clipping in like the traditional band do. It feels more solid more secure on. I have accidentally unclipped the traditional band getting into my car - I heard it hit the pavement though so it didn't lose it.   I just wished the leather wrap came in a small size so I didn't have to double the end back on itself

I have  been searching for THE eye cream for over a year now - I think I have found it!

This is the eye mender plus by H2O and its amazing.  Other eye creams have always made me wonder why I spent the money on them, they didn't seem to offer any extra hydration than my night cream did. I was still dealing with dry under eyes and makeup looking funky under my eyes.  Then I found this.

Its richer than regular night cream it sinks it well and I see a noticeable difference.. One I saw almost instantly.. I will be getting backups!

I've been playing with liquid liner here lately. I love the look of a cat eye, trouble is I have hooded eyes, so it transfers horribly to my upper lid and crease area - not cute.  Then I got this felt tip liner from Eyeko London in my September Ipsy bag.  Its waterproof and says it is lash enhancing - I don't know about that but as a line its killer!

This liner does not transfer, its also the first I have found that I can go back over with black shadow to perfect the line and it does not flake off or look funny. I have ordered a back up already and have been rocking that cat eye more often than not!

Ok So I am one of those crazy chicks who will NOT leave the house without makeup on. Its a Southern thing - anyhow I have a full face on unless I am sick or there was an emergency.  I'm also a huge full coverage fan. These days most foundation is a medium coverage, then Urban Decay dropped this baby - the full coverage All Nighter foundation..

The first time this baby got a full testing was a 5k in August. It was early in the morning and not being fully awake I forgot primer.  This baby stayed true, stayed in place and almost perfect through the entire day, which started with a drizzly 5k that morning. 

I will say go in and get color matched and go a tad lighter than you normally would - it does oxidize. I do have to give props to Urban Decay though the shade ranges on this is amazing. They have covered the neutral toned, the more pink toned and the yellow toned girls.

For Fall Urban Decay launched the Ultimate Basics Palette.. Its an all matte palette. I heard all matte and had to have it.  Its literally all I have reached for since I got it when I get ready. Its quickly become my favorite go to.

I have even been experimenting with that rusty orange color - a color I've shied away from until now. It is stunning and has made me want to play with more warm rusty orange looks.

 Honestly its the only new release eye shadow pallet that I have wanted and I have seen the Holiday releases they just don't speak to me like this one did.

What have you been loving lately??

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Where I Have Been ... Life Currently

ACK so its been a hot minute - I have been more active on soical media though so you can always find me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat....

My grandbaby was born Aug 19th - oh my stars is she so sweet!! I have spent a lot of time with her and Little Man just chillin.  I've also been spending a lot of time with one of my close friends - shes been having some issues with her newly teenage daughter - wooo been there I nod and hand her vodka ;-).

We go to the gym and take it out on the weights and treadmill. I joined Planet Fitness - I went to the gym at the complex and discovered the weight machine had been broken got pissed and went to Planet Fitness' website and joined.  Lets be honest - the hydro-massage bed is worth the membership fee alone!  We generally meet up 4 times a week work out for an hour hit the massage bed and chat before heading out.

My intention for my blog is to venture more into makeup and fashion with a tad bit of lifestyle thrown in.  Right now I am researching some courses for my certificate and document that journey as well.  I'd like to get a vlogger camera and start vlogging so I am also researching those and trying to find the best one for videos.  Mic quality is a big issue with those, so I am reading reviews and recommendations and reading more reviews.

I will be working on a Fall favorites post soon.  I know I missed both August and September - honestly I didn't have to much to review and the new stuff I have I had not used the products enough to decide if I liked them - much less a favorites status.

I looked at Fall trends to blog on those - frankly Fall 2016 looks just like Fall 2015.. Though I can't say I am mad at it either.  I love last years brown lipsticks and gray tones.  Fashion also looks very similar to last Fall - which looked like the 90's.. I'm rocking the hell out of those looks as well..  I'm happy to have ripped jeans, off the shoulder shirts and distressed Tees! Honestly the grungy glam look is my favorite - so at the moment I just look like I am on point..

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Something I Have Been Working On...

So I quit smoking!!  I did start vaping so the urge to smoke isn't there.  My nicotine level is so much lower than when I was smok...