Monday, March 31, 2014

So its been a hot minute - Lets catch up

lately things have been super busy. I got a promotion at work and some of my job details have changed. So I have been real busy at the office.  I also started talking on call weeks - that's been may biggest adjustment. When I am on call I have to be with 15 minutes of a stable internet connection, so I don't really go anywhere for that week, including the weekends.  I was on call week before last week, off this past week and getting ready to go back on call. I had traded with one of my employees for this coming week. Whatcha gonna do lol.

So being off this past weekend I got my first 5k of the season in.. It was Diva Dash weekend. The Diva Dash is hands down my favorite 5k. I have only missed 1 and that was the 1st year as I didn't know anything about it then LOL.  I have a few pics - as soon as I am able to get a chance to sit down and download the official race pics I will have more.

Diva Dash is part of the Girls on the Run organization - which hands down is an awesome group. They are all about empowering young girls and trying to set healthy mind sets BEFORE peers and society get a hold of them and undermine them. This past week one of the board members, was called out in a magazine - who supposedly has the same motto. Though after reading the article I did, I can't image that to be true.

The board member is battling cancer, and ran a marathon in the middle of fucking chemo no less only to get made fun of in the magazine for wearing a tutu during the race. Umm so fucking what?? LOTS of female runners do so in a tutu - I guess that is what they got their tulle in a bunch over, declaring it tacky. The race community has flipped its shit over this.  Its a well known women's fitness magazine who's behavior does not model its mission statement.  The apology was horrid.

I was thrilled to see a whole sea of tutu's at Saturday's race. I had pulled out my own, grabbed a tiara and hit the starting line. I will say I had a blast in that outfit. I stopped at Quick Trip before the race.. gotta have coffee ... and the reactions were awesome. After the race I went through the Starbucks drive thru - yes more coffee - and that reaction was positive as well... Makes me think everyone needs a tiara and tutu in their life!!

Later Saturday afternoon I hit the nail salon and had Spring on the brain so I had to get Spring nails.. The Fitbit stats are after all day.. Its the first time ALL goal for the day were lit up green.. That tickled me. 

I will admit to not doing a whole lotta jack shit Sunday LMAO.. I relaxed most of the day, then did some paperwork to get ready for the next week and called that good!  My shins are sore - as is usual- but not nearly as much as the past years after the 1st race of the season so I'll call that a score! 

Have a great Monday!!! 

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where Have all the Panties Gone??

D and I went out with friends this past weekend.  Its been a LONG time since we have been to a club.  We had a blast and I will admit to getting "white girl wasted" hell I even danced some.We were celebrating 3 birthday's in the bunch.

I noticed something as the night went on - 20 something girls no longer wear underwear..  WTF. They do however wear short shirts and/or short see through skirts.  I ended up getting flashed by more bush than if I'd been on safari! I will say for some girls the 70's are back... Yeah let that sink in.

One corner of the dance floor had a platform that is lit from under the tiles, no big deal if you are wearing jeans or a thicker material. However if you decided spring was here and wore a lighter fabric and stepped up on the platform we saw everything your mama gave you.

At one point I did tell one of the girls who was dancing that we could see everything she had to offer. She looked mortified. Her friend however, needed popped in the mouth. As soon as I said "honey we can see everything you have when you are up there" her friend came back with "so what". By then I was a few drinks in and this particular club used big glasses and filled them full so my filter - what filter I do have - was obliterated. I smiled sweetly and added, you also need new friends, this one seems to think showing your lady bits off to 300 people is a good idea. With that I went back to my table.

We contemplated taking up a collection to buy those poor girls some panties and wondered where their panties had gone.. is this now the new norm commando all the time and pairing that with short see through outfits?? I'd like to say that it was an isolated incident but it was more the normal than the exception. There were a lot of people showing it all off. More than a few times someone would run up to the dance floor and pull some girls skirt back down because she was flashing the whole club.

Do we need to take up a collection for all these poor girls and get them some drawers??

A couple of pics from Saturday night..

Those pants are "goal" pants - they are the skinny cargo I have been wanting for a long time and just did NOT look good when I was heavier... I MAY have squealed in the dressing room when I put them on and they fit.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last Day of My 30's

Wow that just seems surreal... I'm not sure where they went.  I know I used to think I was never going to finally be 18, then it was 21. Those ages just seemed so far away.  I did notice after 21 however time started to fly.

I hear that everything is better once you hit your 40's your more self aware and comfortable in your skin. No longer worried about what people think of you and you tell it like it is more.  This should be interesting - at least the tell it like it is part. I pretty much do that now. I have been accused of not having much of a filter so if the rest of it comes off........... yeah let that sink in.

I do feel like I am in better shape than I was in my 20's and early 30's. I have started to take better care of myself. I feel like I have a better grasp on life and that I am finally in my career path.  I "tried" out different jobs in my 20's and 30's one I did stay at for a long time and even felt that I wanted to go to law school - glad now that I didn't.

I think I deal a little bit better with stress than I did back then, I do still have huge triggers but I am working on those as well. I am less likely to fly off the handle now, but when I do get mad well its still "seek shelter".

I am looking forward to some of the changes that I am told come with your 40's - not that whole looking old stuff though I am fighting that shit! LOL..  Every single woman in her 40's says that you feel even more confidence, more assured and generally just happier. That I will embrace..

Fair well 30... here's looking at you 40...

(Thank goodness I have appointment to ditch the roots Saturday)

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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Newest Spam is cracking me up... A techie note...

Generally all my spam filters in the spam folder and I never see it. Occasionally I will go through it to see what is there especially if I am looking for a shipping notice or an answer to a question to an eBay seller I have emailed.

The trend of attaching malware and viruses to emails is on a sharp uptake recently and the emails that contain the attachments have taken a trickier tactic. In the past week I have received "funeral" notices for dear friends - though the friend is never named - from a funeral home and several "eviction" notices.

While I am sure there are some that would click the links or open the attachments contained in both emails - you need to look at the emails with a skeptical  eye before clicking anything in ANY email you receive and apply a little knowledge. Two things come to mind first when looking these over. One if a dear friend of your has passed I am certain that you would be notified by family or friends not a generic email. Two eviction notices are NEVER served by email from a real estate agent. They are posted to your door by the local sheriff or police department.

Here is the wording of the "eviction" notice, note the misspelling and the fact there is not a definite date on it for leaving the property. Judges sign eviction notices not your local Realtor.

Notice to vacate,

You are hereby notified that you must vacate your home within
a ten-days period since the date when this notice is received.
The bank has already foreclosed on your residential
property and you are a trespasser now.

In our turn we are kindly asking you
to contact us without delay and:
- To move out timely;
- Not to leave any of your belongings and trash;
- Not to leave the property dirty.

We hope for your cooperation. 
Please find out contact information
and the bank statement attached to this notice.

Real estate agency,
Alena Smith

Practice safe computing folks viruses are nasty and I have seen them take out an entire computer rendering it useless and nonfunctional requiring the user to purchase a new system as the old one ended up being badly damaged to the point where the motherboard was blown.

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Hello March

Or better known (around here at least) as my birthday month .. Yep month ..

*disclaimer*  This post it brought to you by late evening ramblings and Whipped Cream vodka and cranberry juice LOL..

March is coming in like a lion - we are in the middle of a winter storm warning and its snowing them some ice mixed in... boo hiss..  I hope this means the end of March goes out like a lamb. I'm flat sick of being cold and bundled up.. I want to paint my toe nails pretty colors and throw on flip flops and maxi skirts and feel the sun warm me up..

I meant to blog Friday and do the usual Friday letters but it was beyond busy at the office and I juggled calls and paperwork all day them came home to log on and finish up so that I was not starting Monday behind the 8 ball.

Later Friday evening I received a call from my daughter and we ended up talking until midnight - that has NEVER happened.. Here's hoping to a better mother/daughter relationship than we have had in the past. She did let me know that even though we have this crappy snow storm coming that my mother is hell bent on going to the dinner theater Sunday night and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her.

At first I said no, I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on and the weather is going to suck. Saturday I find out shes STILL planning on going. My Mother is going to be 72 this month and on her best day her driving is scary as hell, so I told her if it was possible to go and they don't cancel I will go BUT I AM DRIVING HER. I hate to say this but I am praying its cancelled..

I usually don't like KS Wizzard of Oz jokes - honestly most of us here don't LOL but this came across my facebook feed today and I loved it..

Have a great rest of your weekend!! 

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Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...