Monday, March 23, 2015

Annndddddd it's Monday

Really wasn't Friday like 7 minutes ago?? Its also the last full week of March - yeah let that sink in.. Oh and Easter is next weekend.  I'm telling y'all stop blinking!

Friday night was low key grab stay in catch up on some shows and just chill. It was a late night for me, I really need to get better at staying on schedule with my Melatonin on the weekends. It was about 2 am when I decided it was time to go to sleep.  Until then I worked on my genealogy. I have discovered that my ancestors really didn't have much to do but farm and fornicate! So far the biggest of the bunch is a couple with 17 children.  Wow just sayin...

I also have found a cousin - which for me is a HUGE deal.  I grew up with it just being me, mom and my dad. My sisters were all out of the house and being in the military we moved around .... A LOT.  I would not trade the travel for anything, but it did foster the feeling of a very small bubble.  There were no huge family holidays or gatherings. There was not a sense of camaraderie with me and and cousins or brothers and sisters. There was just me. Probably why I am so fiercely independent as an adult.  So the finding of a cousin and extended family thrilled me to no end. I am able to give her the info she needs on the younger generation and she can fill in the holes I have on the later generations.

Saturday was take your mother, her dog and 3 suitcases to the airport day. What a fucking circus. It ended up being a 5 hour ordeal and ending with a migraine. Short story - I had to purchase a different pet carrier from Southwest - even though the one my mom had originally bought DID fit the dimensions list on the website for the airline the agents determined it WOULD never fit under the seat. So now its take your mom 3 suitcases, her dog and and extra carrier to the airport day.

Mom had to have a wheelchair which meant I had to run back to the Southwest counter and get an escort pass so that I could get her and her dog and her carry on through TSA and boarded. Which now meant I had to go through TSA.  They made me take the dog out of the carrier, then picked me for a hand swab and wasn't happy the dog did NOT want shoved back in that tiny ass bag for the 3rd time. Finally get Mom through that and get her situated up front so the attendants will board her first. This little can you drop me off at the airport was a 5 hour long exercise in patience.  Thankfully getting her back on the plane at LAX is my sisters issue!

 Sunday I woke up with the migraine still alive and beating the hell out of my brain. I did a lot of lounging around and catching up on The Voice battle rounds. That afternoon I did a few loads of laundry and cleaned house. Thankfully it was a pretty laid back chill day. Especially with this week gearing up to be a busy balls to the walls week.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites & Weekend Plans

I love Tracy Chapman - I have to confess to watching this over and over. It is simply awesome. Kelly does a freaking fantastic job.

This is the best way to treadmill

This is the pallet I purchased last weekend.. I have used it everyday since.

I am looking forward to not doing much of anything this weekend. There are only two things I have to do take my mom to the airport and laundry.. That's it that's the list. Well three things - I should probably put some groceries in the house.

I want to get my bedroom straightened back up - which honestly is pretty much doing the laundry and running the vacuum cleaner. I did not get the pictures hung last weekend so that is on this weekends list.  Truth be told I am looking forward to lounging, reading, and working on the family tree.

Enjoy the weekend y'all!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


I don't think I have done a currently post before ...

Reading: Night of a Thousand Stars - Deanna Raybourn

Doing/Working on: At work I just finished editing policy and giving employee reviews. At home: I have been working on my genealogy project. Last night I borrowed some old documents from my mom to fill in some dates. She let me use my grandfathers Army discharge papers.

Watching: I am not binge watching anything at the moment. That changes when Orange is the New Black comes back this summer.. Thursday night still remails my fave TV nigh.. Greys then Scandal.

Favorite Show: Scandal and Who Do You Think You Are.

Loving: This new nail polish I got last weekend its OPI Meet me at the Star Ferry. It is one of my new favorites..

It really shimmers in sunlight and had a slight metallic finish.

Pinning: Lately my Pins on Pintrest have all been decorating, healthy eating and of course the British Royals.

Favorite music: These days all the sound tracks from the 7 Son's of Anarchy seasons are on repeat as well as Maroon 5's newest album. Coming from the speakers right now however, on Spotify is Linkin Park In the End.. Yep old schooling it this morning.

What are your currents??

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Apparently my blogging week starts on Wednesday's

Oops. New trend started I guess. Monday's the last few months have just been bonkers. I have every intention of getting my blog entry done early, while I sit and have some coffee. Then I check email and fire off a quick answer to this one or that one and before I know it, it is time to be working and somehow the Monday Blog never gets up.

Then Tuesday rolls around and I am doing some clean up from the day before. So here we are at Wednesday.  I have been asked why I don't just blog on the weekends  and schedule out posts. Sometimes I do - most times though I try really hard not to go near my laptop on the weekends. I sit in front of a PC for about 12 - 14 hours a day for work so on the weekends I have a real hard time hitting the power on button.  I may however rethink at least scheduling a few days out on Sundays.

Last weekend was my birthday weekend. I had a blast. Friday night we ordered Chinese to be delivered and just hung out. I'd had lunch with my mom earlier in the day and then somehow we both ended up at my house working on the genealogy project I started a few months ago. She has gone to her house for a bit to grab pictures and some paperwork to try to fill in the holes I have in the chart. We have plans to work some more on it when she returns from her vacation.

Once of my dearest friends sent me some brightly colored Gerber daisies and Red Velvet cupcakes.  D came home with my absolute favorite pink roses. Saturday we hit the Crepe restaurant downtown - which I originally thought was in Lee's Summit - Nope its in the old Summit theater building.. Oopsie.. I had the best ham and cheese crepe with scrambled eggs and a soy latte.

Then we hit Walmart and picked up the organizers that I wanted for the bathroom and rugs from Homegoods. Dinner was low key - bacon and egg sandwiches - was supposed to BLT's but umm someone got distracted when chili was mentioned and forgot to grab both the L and the T. I'm claiming a blonde affliction *wink*.

Sunday I did finally get to meet up with a few friends that I had not seen in awhile due to scheduling and illness. We grabbed lunch at a BBQ joint in the Northland then headed to Ulta and Sephora for a little shopping. Yes, I came home with more make up! TooFaced released an all matte version of my favorite pallet and it had to come home with me.  That evening we headed to my sister-in-laws where D installed a new dishwasher for her and she made me my favorite grilled chicken salad for dinner.

I finally have the house put together, the last box was stashed in the closet to be gone through later. The bathroom is now organized and things are within reach and convenient plus its cute! I love the new rugs and the 2 shelf units we bought. Next on the list is new dishes (all our small plates have now been broken) and a few things for the kitchen. I do believe a Kuerig is next on the list for a joint anniversary present. An area rug may also make its way home!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friday on Thursday ~ Talking Decorating & Weekend Plans

Bring on the 3 day weekend! I am so ready. Especially since I feel cheated out of last weekend !!

It does look like it will be a busy one however. Friday I have lunch with my mom and I want to pop into the nail salon. Saturday D and I are headed over to Missouri to hit a crepe restaurant for lunch and just to see what we can find over that way. Sunday is lunch with the girls. Fingers crossed on that one - last 3 times we had to postpone.

I also want to go see if I can find something for the bathroom to maximize the tiny space in there.  I am thinking of a ladder shelf - easiest way to expand without a huge foot print. I am however going to need someone to explain to me why they are so freaking expensive! It's less wood than a traditional book shelf yet the price is like Bob Vila made the damn thing himself!  I also have space to hang some shelving above the toilet, I am just not sure I want to do that yet. Visions of things falling in the potty and all.

I also want to get pictures up on the walls so it won't echo anymore. I want to do a gallery wall for those.  The kitchen is where I am having issues. I have typical kitchen type things to put up, however the new place is an open concept so the wall is shared with the living room. There is a bar that separates the two rooms, but since it is not closed off and you can see right into the kitchen I am debating on if putting something up that is so "kitcheny" is the way to go. I may just go get something neutral for that wall.

I have two more boxes that are sitting in the living room I need to figure out what to do with.  At that point everything will be put away or have been re-homed. WHEW I will be glad to not see another box for a long time!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

I've been sick since Friday - spent all weekend in bed. Monday I tried to work and only made in in the office a half day. Yesterday I worked at home.

Doctor's will no longer give you antibiotics for a sinus infection until you have been infected for 7 days, apparently sinus infections are "self-resolving" as are ear infections.

It's 75 degrees out today, so I pulled the sandals and maxi skirts out of the closet.

I have been busy at work - it is the time of year when I rewrite the employee policy book and its employee review time.

I threw my back out again - I had just about thought I had gotten past those issues. I am extremely pissed over it.

 I have watched this more than once today:

The no Facebook at night has been great - I did however put it back on my phone because one of my games stopped working without it WHOMP WHOMP.

My Sons of Anarchy Volume 4 CD finally came... LOVE IT.

I am looking forward to being off Friday for my birthday. I love that my company considers your birthday a personal holiday.  I am having lunch with my mom and I am hoping to grab a nail appointment.

One of my employees gave me this today as an early birthday present. Can't wait to put batteries in it and give it a whirl.  

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

March Goals

Generally first on the list would be Spring cleaning and decluttering, but since we just moved that is done ... silver linings y'all!

I am working on unplugging - seems to me that I am to plugged into Facebook these days.  I'm not ditching it all together, but I do think that I may remove it from my phone thus cutting my constant checking of it.

I seem to remember a time when I only checked Facebook every few days when I got on the computer. My time used to be spent reading, working on projects and connecting with people on a 3D basis. The internet is nice to keep in touch with people who no longer live near you but it shouldn't be a substitute for ALL interactions.

My goal is to reconnect with people in real time in real life and not just on the internet. I want to read and craft. I want to get back to working out. I need to refocus on my career, sharpen my skills, develop new ones.  Be a better employee, be a better boss.

I want to work on my organization. Both at work and at home. Not having to search for things leads to more time to do other things. Besides, mentally you feel better when you have all of your shit together.  Stress levels are down when you know where things are and don't have a last minute panic when you need a particular item.

As cliche' as it is you only have one life to live people, are you living it or are you living to die??


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Monday, March 02, 2015

Happy March!!!

Spring is in 17 days!!!!!!!!!! Daylight savings starts Sunday and warm up is soon after! Thank you, I am SICK of being cold. I want my shorts and flip flops back. Tank tops and maxi dresses. Warm breezes and bright flowers.

The Diva Dash is the last weekend this month, which is later than previous years. I am hoping that means I won't freeze my ass off waiting for it to start this year. This is my favorite 5k of the year; last year it was the only one I did. I am hoping to do more this year provided my back issues stay in check.

I just about have the house unpacked, things put away and organized. I started hanging pictures this weekend.  Then I need to start looking at storage ideas, especially in the bathroom. That's the space where we lost the most storage.

Ironically even though we downsized, this space feels homier.  It is certainly warmer now that we no longer had sliding glass and a deck! I love that I sit in my living room and I don't have to be bundled up in sweats and a huge blanket. I'd rather be in sweats and a tank top with bare feet!!

Its going to be a busy week at work. I have a few deadlines to meet at the end of the week. Should be a productive week!

Go have a great Monday!

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