Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hey you, yeah you behind me...

Turn your fucking radio down. If my car, yep the one 2 cars in front of your piece of shit, is vibrating then your music is to loud.

By the way your sound system SUCKS! The bass is supposed to sound like something more than a pissed off jackhammer at 3 am in suburbia, dumb ass. Further more if I really wanted to hear that wannabe music I'd be in your car sitting next to you.

I give less than a damn if its the latest by rapper Dz doesn'tmakealickofsencecouldn'tmakeitonyaMTVrapsifheblewthevj, it SUCKS ASS. Learn what real music is then crank up the volume.

By the way I don't think you qualify for the Senior discount on the latest hearing aid at 23.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Come on down...and get bitchslapped??

Rosie as a replacement for Bob Barker?? Is CBS smoking crack?

Apparently Bob Barker is endorsing his friend Rosie as a possible replacement for him on his game show. Now as a acquaintance of mine pointed out "why not, shes big, loud and larger than life." And he says there is not much room for politics to be brought into it. Ok point taken. However, after the talk shows and being able to say what she wanted when she wanted as long as it did not violate FCC regulations.

Personally, not that what I think matters one bit, I think the game show would bore her. I feel that she thrived on being controversial and under that making people think. No matter how you feel about Rosie, you have to give her the kudos for being passionate about her views, whether or not you agree.

I don't agree with most of her views on assorted topics, I liked the "Queen of Nice" myself and don't really know what to think of this angry Rosie. Which Rosie is the real Rosie? Or she she a combination of both, and the pendulum has just swung to far to one side at the moment and she needs to find her middle ground.

On the other hand maybe the game show would bring some of the nice back.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trying to find old friends

On a whim I googled a old friend of mine from my early childhood. I came across several articles which mentioned her. I read about her high school reunion and found some recent schedules for a local school where we (ok mostly she as I was busy moving around the world) grew up.

I also came across several email addresses for her, or at least they could be her. So I shot off a quick email - one bounced back almost instantly. The other appears to be sent - Fingers crossed! If nothing else I did find an email address for her mother, I can always try that one.

Wow it would be so cool to reconnect with her. Its been years since I have had contact with her. I was married to the anti-christ and Peep was a small child. She had just had her first baby and was having a ball being a new mom. Then I left the aforementioned anti-christ and lost contact. Oh the things that have changed since those days. Peep is almost 16 I am remarried and have changed my name.

I hope its her and we reconnect. If for nothing else because we used to be inseparable and have over a decade to catch up on.

Monday, June 11, 2007

NEW PC!!!!

Well the new baby is here. She's a blazing fast machine and already a beloved member of the family. She was delivered June 10th at 11:42 am. We are still getting used to the little things and fine tuning other things. It took me forever to sign on to blogger - something about a cookie issue that I did fix yet blogger was still not a happy camper about it. It is a fluke that I am here and typing this out! We are looking forward to years of enjoyment and entertainment..

Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

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