Thursday, May 29, 2014

One Day I'll Get it All Together ............ maybe!

Why is it so hard to get everything caught up when you have been gone for four days??  My inbox at work looks like I took a six week sabbatical!

Friday was my dental appointment in which I found out that despite the dental surgery and prep the implants were gonna be a no go. There is not enough depth for it. I won't do a sinus lift. I have to many issues in that department to entertain that though. If a sinus lift goes wrong it goes very wrong. So I am now looking at a bridge and all that $$ down the tubes womp womp..

Saturday Lil Man's mama had his 2nd birthday party... I still have a hard time processing the fact he is two now..

Tuesday we went to the zoo - he had a blast there.

Honestly I was a little glad to be back to the office on Wednesday, even with the overflowing email inbox, to get a chance to sit still for awhile LOL.I am looking forward to this Saturday night when the Cher concert is finally here!

Next week I am off to South Dakota for a work trip the beginning of the week and then the end of the week is a long weekend in which I am doing NOTHING but chilling at home watching Hulu and maybe getting a massage that is LONG over due.

And because I have not done this in a while...

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The One Before I take a Pseudo Vacation

I am off starting tomorrow until Next Wednesday. I am looking forward to a few days away from my office..  It won't exactly be downtime however. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment for the impressions for my implants - again so NOT the implants I wanted but that's how it goes woomp woomp.

Then this weekend Lil Man's paternal grandmother will be coming into town - its the first time she will have met him and he turned two yesterday - I am not even going to get started on all that..

 I can't believe that lil guy is TWO.  Seems like just yesterday we were meeting the little guy.  His party is Saturday and I believe Sunday is planned for a trip to the zoo.  I have to remember to charge the camera battery - though my phone has a better camera LOL!

Its shaping up to be a busy two weeks. I come back to the office Wednesday then the following Monday I am out of town for work. I am headed up to South Dakota to our North office to meet a new hire/summer intern and get  some new procedures established as we reconfigure some of the ways we operate. I'll get back Wednesday night then have a for day weekend.

When that's all said and done I am sure getting back into a 5 day week is gonna seem like a long ass week LOL. I know I always feel that way at the end of the year when you have a short week for Christmas and then one for New Years.  It IS my favorite time of year though and I love adding a day off to a weekend and extending my time off.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and holiday weekend!!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Know Part of This is My Fault Since I Read it but..........

I seriously need to stop reading E! News and Kim & Kayne seriously need to get married already.. Now I love watching the Kardashians but for fuck sake this is getting stupid.

Headlines from Monday morning:

Kim and Kayne step out for Ice Cream ahead of the wedding..... WTF really?? Who cares OMG they are eating ice cream.

Kim shows side boob - AS IF ... No shit the sun came up today right.. Notify me when she DOESN'T.

Kayne opens up  on how North was conceived in Italy - who cares? You had a baby OMG how ground breaking, she was conceived somewhere.

My allergies are killing me and I am a tad cranky - I know you can't tell ;-) and the headlines are just going to get worse considering the reports are those two are not getting married until this weekend. I may have to stop reading online news for a week. I just want to see the after pics -  I don't give a damn about her ice cream and sideboob - face it the public is more shocked when her boobs are COVERED.

Just in: Inside Kim and Kayne's gym date...  Kayne goes the the gym?????? say whaaaaaaa.. I just can't anymore..

Kim and Kanye's $8,120 pre wedding shopping trip .... Uggg just get married already - I just want to see pictures of the dress... and E! SHUT UP

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Odds and Ends ....

Hi there Sunday evening. Now that my stress level is coming back down to normal I don't dread Sunday nights as much.  Work is still uber busy however somethings have been rearranged so that I am no longer pulling oncall. That right there is a HUGE relief to me. Honestly the extra funds were nice but the stress I felt was not. So I have pulled back.

Friday night was a low key order pizza and play video games until 1 am. Its been awhile since I played Alice The Madness Returns - like almost a year - awhile. It was nice to eat to much and then go around breaking shit and killing bad guys. I need to play more often. Maybe then I can justify buying a pink controller ;-)

Saturday we pretty much just hung out at home until the evening when we headed out to friends to chill. Just about there when I get a text that my Lil Man wants his Nini - so my Daughter and grandbaby joined us. Our friends live across the street from my sister in law who happens to have a trampoline in her back yard. In an effort to entertain Lil Man I took him over there. Wanna feel old - jump with a 2 year old on the trampoline for an hour - shit you did NOT know you had will hurt when you climb down. I however had a freakin blast and he loved it. I have now decided he needs his own in my mothers back yard - she has one I don't or it would be in mine.

Sunday afternoon D and I hit 5 Guys Burgers and had the last over the top meal for awhile - Tomorrow its back to clean eating - actually Sunday's dinner was clean so there's that. I also had to run over to Ulta and get a new flat iron. My beloved Chi died. One of the heating elements in one plate went out. Apparently I have had mine longer than most. Its been 4 years and I guess they generally last 2 maybe 3.

This time I picked up a Hot Tools titanium iron that I have fallen in love with - I can control the heat and adjust as necessary. This thing gets up to 450 degrees. My Chi topped out at 392 and that was the set temp no matter what your hair texture is. It now makes sense to me why thin haired ladies do not like. My thick coarse curly hair needs the high temp. Though my stylist did inform me I was NOT to crank that bad boy up to 450. She will be happy to know that 400 does the job just fine..

Now to relax with some ice tea and a little reading...

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things That Make Me Shake My Head

Beyonce' not stopping her sister from waling on her husband.. WTF girl? I don't care who you are, you don't hit my husband.

The continuing media coverage of Donald Sterling - the man is a bigot and a colossal ass - STOP giving him air time, you are only allowing him to run his agenda further. He gave an initial statement, which sucked air by the way, now stop allowing him press time.

Miley Cyrus - just go away.

Vaguebooking - either say it or don't. Though if you are tossing it out there as a facebook status maybe you should take a second to ask yourself "self, is this really a mature way to handle whatever has upset me"? Generally the answer is NO, grow up and learn to handle your shit like the adult you say you are.

Bloggers who implode after becoming "internet" famous. Be who you ARE, if you can't figure out who that is anymore then back away from social media and regroup. Trying to pass yourself off as anything other than who you are will come back to haunt you.  Granted you don't have to put everything ALL out there, but stay true to who you were when you started.

Some Bloggers "fangirls" WTF get a grip. While you are at it stop being offensive just because someone else has a difference of opinion on your blogging "hero". News flash pumpkin - they are allowed to not agree with everything that blogger says, does or thinks.

It doesn't make them a "totes fat jelly hater" it means they have their own brain. Once you master that concept start eliminating the words "retard" and "gay" from your vocally. They are, by the way, extremely offensive and used by 4th graders who has not yet mastered the concept of verbalizing their thoughts and feelings in an adult manner.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap up

Then we blinked and it was Monday again LOL... The weekend goes by so fast anymore.

Friday night we did dinner with my in-laws as an early Mothers Day with mom. We hit our favorite Mexican joint and had an nice time just catching up.  My Mother in Law is a little hard to buy for so I was thrilled she liked her Vera Bradley quilted tote and matching wallet.  It helps is was purple - her favorite color!!

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands while D worked. I had a purse to return that I bought online and when it came it was way to small for anything. I also did some shopping. Last week I won a gift card from a fitness challenge from Earnd It. It was a first for me.  I picked up a few clothing items from Kohl's and then picked an item I would always have as a reminder.

I love this ring - photos do not do it justice.  I also dropped by the nail salon and did something I rarely do, I cut off my nails and went for a light polish.. I'm having a heck of a time dealing with my nails being this short! It will be awhile before I get that urge again!  I'm loving the light pink polish though.

Sunday I took my mom out for Mother's Day. She wanted to go to lunch and a movie. We went to see The Other Woman. It was a pretty good movie, perfect girls night out flick. I opted for the Fork and Screen option as Mom hadn't really done that. I was hoping for the deluxe Cinema Suits viewing but the movie she requested wasn't showing in that set. I thought she would have really liked the recliners.

Her reaction to what I had put together for her gift was priceless. Since all the photos everyone has of little man are all digital she had been complaining she did not have any physical photos of her great grand baby. At 72 shes not impressed with showing them off on a device, she wants prints!! So prints she got. 

I printed off a ton of photos from birth to two weeks ago when Papaw and I took him to the Aquarium and put them in a album for her. She was beyond thrilled and proceeded to show them off to anyone around her at the theater..  

After the movie I headed over to the shoe store in search of dressy sandals. I cam home with these babies - totally in love. They are beyond comfortable and have a wedge heel that is not insane but higher than young girl "starter heels" as I call them.

How was your weekend? 

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Friday, May 02, 2014

Finally Friday - Faves and Funnies

and probably a few complaints too..

This week has been insane - If it could go wrong or break it did... That's about all I can say about that.  This week leaves behind a huge mass destruction of electronics..

On too favorite things.... I purchased the Pop Sugar must have box for April for one item only - ok the rest of the box ended up kickin ass too but I wanted one item and had a 50% off code for the box which made the whole box cheaper than purchasing the item...

This is the Two Face Natural Eyes pallet - I freaking LOVE this thing. All the colors are super pigmented and are interchangeable - you don't have to stick with the rows from left to right.  I pretty much stick to just neutral shades so this was a perfect addition to my makeup bag.

I am looking forward to the end of the month - we have Cher concert tickets - and apparently Cyndi Lauper is also performing... !!!! Insert middle school girl squeal here.

Here is my fave picture of the aquarium trip from last Saturday..

 Lil man loves "fishies" and had a blast. Almost to the point over being overwhelmed. We are planning another trip back when he is a bit older and its not so much for him to take in. 

Some funnies - which I am sure some have been on here before but this morning has gone bit a nuts so I haven't had the time to double check...

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Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...