Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Know Part of This is My Fault Since I Read it but..........

I seriously need to stop reading E! News and Kim & Kayne seriously need to get married already.. Now I love watching the Kardashians but for fuck sake this is getting stupid.

Headlines from Monday morning:

Kim and Kayne step out for Ice Cream ahead of the wedding..... WTF really?? Who cares OMG they are eating ice cream.

Kim shows side boob - AS IF ... No shit the sun came up today right.. Notify me when she DOESN'T.

Kayne opens up  on how North was conceived in Italy - who cares? You had a baby OMG how ground breaking, she was conceived somewhere.

My allergies are killing me and I am a tad cranky - I know you can't tell ;-) and the headlines are just going to get worse considering the reports are those two are not getting married until this weekend. I may have to stop reading online news for a week. I just want to see the after pics -  I don't give a damn about her ice cream and sideboob - face it the public is more shocked when her boobs are COVERED.

Just in: Inside Kim and Kayne's gym date...  Kayne goes the the gym?????? say whaaaaaaa.. I just can't anymore..

Kim and Kanye's $8,120 pre wedding shopping trip .... Uggg just get married already - I just want to see pictures of the dress... and E! SHUT UP

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  1. I seriously HATE Kanye like have hated him since Jesus Walks song...UGH those 2 annoy me to death!

  2. As much as I love reality TV I am sick of the elevanty billion headlines about these two already... I just want to see the wedding pictures! LOL

  3. LOL - you're better than me because I don't even want to see the wedding pictures!

  4. I'm a sucker for a good wedding photo! LOL


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