Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The evils of Sonic and Predisone

My doctor put me on predisone to chill out my sinuses and get me ready for surgery next week. Predizone makes me PMS no matter if "Aunt Flo" is scheduled to appear or not. Sonic has come out with a new Cookie Dough breeze.

Yesterday, while my darling Banker Boy (my husband) and I were at Sonic I happened to notice this wonderful treat on the ordering board, but not until after I had already attempted to order a Reese peanut buttercup blast and settled for an M&M one. Then and only then do I see the new poster. I decided that right there I must have one and forget the M&M crap.

Enter the problem - I am not the one driving and therefore do not have access the the little push button on the box that summons the faceless voice inside. Banker Boy's first though is no honey you already ordered. To which I smile and replied "But I don't want that one any longer and it won't taste the same". We debate this for a few minutes and watch as everyone else around us gets their orders. After about 5 minutes, Banker Boy decides they have taken this long they can change the order anyhow. (Plus I think aliens return his brain in this short time frame.) He pushes the button and informs another faceless voice that we want to change the order. I think he also remembered in those short minutes that the medication makes me bawl at the drop of a hat and he didn't have any tissues or the desire to sleep on the couch.

I am sure that the faceless woman who has taken the request is cussing me up one side and down the other because it appears that she had finally just made the original order. I didn't feel to bad for to long, I must have my cookie dough.

We get back home (we live 2 minutes from the Sonic) and I stick my spoon in the wonderful looking concoction. Take a bite and it is heavenly. It was worth all of the fuss to make it mine.

The predisone is still evil, between the cravings and the mood swings, but at least I have a Sonic Cookie Dough Blast band aid to make it a bit easier to endure.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

First entry

Wow first post. Often these are like first dates and you never know what to say. Lets see I am 29 (ok thats what I will admit to ;-) ) Married, a mother to a 13 year old girlchild with an attitude. I have 2 cats that I adore.

I am a SPQ (sweet potato queen) and play often on the message board. I am a Paralegal, Hubby is a Bank Manager. The past few weeks I have been hit with some sort of off the wall virus no one can quite figure out. All the doctors can do is pat me on the head hand me a script and charge me a co-pay.

How to spot a bad girl

Bad girls sip only champagne and cocktails - not beer, wine, sherry, mineral water, cafe latte, or Darjeeling tea. Think Martinis, Stingers, Black Russians. Bad girls prefer spandex, halters, high heels, fishnet stockings, silk, suede, leather, or white satin cut on the bias and black satin cut down to here.

Bad girls have blond, raven or flaming tresses, red mouths and nails. Think Mae West, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner. But the baddest girls have mousy brown hair. Bad girls wear capri pants, mules, cashmere or mohair twinsets, silk scarves covering their pin curls and black sunglasses to the grocery store, then don black tuxedos and silver fox boas at night.Bad girls are in touch with their inner bitch because they run with dobermans wearing studded black leather collars.

Bad girls travel to Vegas with their ex's gold card while their own name is still on it. Are passionately loyal to their friends. Have been known to torture those who break the hearts of pals. Bad girls call the psychic friends network. Have their own astrologer. Know a cusp is not an intimately transmitted condition.

Bad girls listen to Billy Holiday. Know the importance of regular waxing. Bad girls exercise muscles the rest of us don't even know we have. Bad girls smell expensive and never leave the house without wearing fabulous earrings. Read Nietzsche. Buy the National Enquirer. Can pronounce Goethe and recite Fleurs du Mal. Bad girls use cigarette holders; really bad girls attend cigar dinners.Bad girls like disguises: they like presenting themselves as perfect moms, ice princesses, and librarians.

Bad girls are passionate while the rest of the world is cool. Prefer gold to silver. Bare their midriffs, never their souls. Bad girls make hay on Ralph Lauren sheets. Bad girls never marry for love which is why they often change their names. Really bad girls have numbered bank accounts. Bad girls know it's not the cards your dealt but how well you play your hand. Bad girls win at blackjack. Vacation at backgammon tournaments in Monaco. Frequent pool halls but shoot billards. Have a bookie, accountant, and lawyer on retainer.

Bad girls send large checks to good causes and never take a tax deduction. Bad girls don't just want to have fun, they make sure they do. Bad girls are committed to the philosophy of personal pleasure.Most of us are only bad girls in our dreams. But there's a pattern in bad-girl lifestyle that deserves contemplation. Bad girls buy what they want to buy, eat what they want to eat, wear what they want to wear, sleep when they want to sleep.

Bad girls do not have therapists because they don't need them. Instead, they have housekeepers and masseuses.Bad girls realize this isn't a dress rehearsal. Real life is what you make of it.You can be bad. You can be good. You just sure as hell better be authentic."

Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...