Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I have had a headache for a week now - which has made me cranky and not fit for human consumption.

I am sick of people calling with nothing nice to say - just a bunch of complaining.

I have the overwhelming desire to slap the next person who whines to me about conditions they have created but have no plans to change.

I am looking forward to having a few days off in May and June. I am not sharing them as I did NOT take vacation to run other peoples errands.

I am honestly trying to learn to deal with all the above without affecting me.

I still need to pull the pics of last weekend off my digital camera. I am working on a post for Friday with them.

I bought skinny cargo pants in every color. They are my fave.

I dropped that "if it fits in my macros" plan 2 weeks after I started when I GAINED 7 lbs on it.

I have gone back to what I was doing before.  Things are slowly moving back down.

I am getting to the point where I kinda like where I am and just want to tone... Yeah I know you've heard it before.....

What are your confessions??

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Hi there Friday - Short Ramblings

Sorry its not a "real" blog post.

I am so looking forward to the weekend...

I have a date with my very favorite Lil Man on Saturday...

Tonight I plan to just sit back and chill, its been a busy busy week. Just this week I have ordered 74 computers and laptops..Now to get them all in and configured..... Send vodka LOL..

We are closing a bit early today - we try to on Fridays, especially Friday's with awesome weather. So I am headed to the nail salon then home! I hope you have a great weekend!

I will leave with with this from my all time favorite band...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

20 Facts

I got tagged in a 20 facts post on instagram - honestly its just easier to do them here so I am :-). (except Camilla - can't stand her never will)

1. I am a huge fan of the Royal Family - always have been. I was living in Germany (Army brat) when Charles and Diana got married and that kicked off my interest. I have a huge rubbermaid tub of books, magazines and memorabilia of all things royal.

2. I have replicas of both Princess Diana's tiara's; the Spencer tiara and the Cambridge Love Knot.  I also have a gorgeous replica of Diana's engagement ring my husband bought me a few years ago for Christmas. Thankfully this one is made of real sapphires and gold and doesn't turn my finger green like the one I had as a teenager lol.

3.   I have a denim jacket I have worn for years. It was my dad's when he was a teenager which makes it 54 years old. I just can't bring myself to pack it away. I am currently wearing it with a maxi skirt.

4. I am 5'11

5. I love the idea of high heels I just can't wear them. I try every once in a while and then wonder what the hell I was thinking.

6. I am a fan of reality tv.

7. Drama queens drive me batty.

8. I took tap and ballet lessons when I was younger.

9. I was a Girl Scout until part way through my freshman year of high school.

10. Despite the above I arbor camping!

11. I am not a patient person.

12. I trust way to easy - until you hurt me, then I never fully trust again.

13. I get annoyed when people ask me to do something for them that they are more than capable of doing for themselves.

14. Laziness makes me ragey.

15. I hate beer, doesn't matter what kind, flavor I hate it.

16. I love to read.

17. I listen to all types of music and don't have a favorite genre but do have a favorite band - Bon Jovi.

18. I can't believe that the music I grew up on is now classified as classic WTF.

19. Don't tell me you are going to do something then just flake out - unless something major has come up that prevents you from following through it just pisses me off.

20. I love a good cheeseburger.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

That Day I Went Hiking

Two weeks ago D and I went hiking and took the camera along. I have been getting more into photography so I wanted to play with the camera a bit.. Here are a few of the pictures I took.  I am finding that I am really enjoying taking pictures and the editing process. I think I have my new hobby!

My all time favorite pictures are in black and white, I am now playing with color photos, but tossing some black and white in there :-). That middle photo may have become my desktop wall paper.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The 10 Year Mark...

This chapel is on the Baker Campus where D went to college. It is as old as the college itself and was flown over from England stone by stone then reassembled. It's my favorite place on campus - its so charming.

Always making me laugh.

You have seen this look and finger point countless times over the years! I am sure I was saying "be careful how far you pull my dress up damnit!

I pretty much love all my wedding photos - even the "Jackie O" hair I thought I needed even though most of my life I have been blonde - I was born "toe-head blonde". These pictures here and 4 others that I can't find on this hard drive to post to save my soul are my all time favorites.

When I was little I was a daddy's girl, then the teen years set in and my dad and I rarely say eye to eye, add rebellion and resentment and stir. For years my father and I did not speak. Even during planning my wedding there were moments where I did not think he would come.

Not only was he there, he walked me down the aisle. These are the ONLY pictures that exist of my father and I dancing EVER. Little did we know then he was very sick and this was the beginning of the end. I also did not know at the time that he had put off going to the hospital for treatment stating "My baby is getting married I WILL walk her down the aisle, I will check in the Monday after and that IS how this WILL be" his doctor was pissed. I will say I have some of the best memories of my lifetime from his stubbornness over the matter of being at my wedding.

It will be 5 years in September that we lost dad, I am thankful for these memories and the pictures.

D, its been a hell of a ride over the last 10 years, thank you for choosing to take the ride with me. I look forward to the next 10.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When did awesome customer service become rare??

Have you noticed that in general customer service has gone down hill in the last decade?  So much so that when you get good service your shocked?

I do want to state upfront this is NOT a sponsored post.

I ordered D's anniversary present on line this year from  Kinekt design and from the moment I submitted the order the customer service has been outstanding.  I received an email about 20 minutes after hitting submit on the website. I know its normal to get a confirmation email - however this was a personal email not generated.

The email was to inquire how I found the product, I emailed Rachel back and let her know the web search that brought me to their door and that it was for a 10 year anniversary present. She had emailed me back and gave congrats on our anniversary and a little history of how the company was started and some background  on the designer and the people behind the scenes. She also let me know about the exchange policy and the lifetime warranty.

Yesterday the ring was delivered (I had overnighted it), even though I had selected D's usual size, it was a big tight. The gear ring is wider than usual rings. So at 8:00 pm central time (9 pm their time) I had emailed Rachel and the returns address to let them know I did indeed need to exchange the ring but that D did love it and we were very happy with it.

30 minutes later I had another personal email from Rachael that they were thrilled D loved the ring and all the information that I needed to know in order to process an exchange. I honestly did not expect an answer back until today during normal business hours - I was floored to receive an email back at 8:30 at night and a personal one at that!

This has been one of the most pleasant on line shopping experiences I have had. I also will say its been a way better experience than I have ever had with big companies. One of which doesn't even ship for a full 5 to 10 days after you have ordered!

Kudos Kinekt Designs, I am a huge fan!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

The one with no title

This post is pretty much just going to be random. I have hit a wall with actual things to talk about.

I have been pretty busy - blarg haven't we all.

Saturday was gorgeous out so D and I grabbed the camera and went on a short hike- pics to come later in the week - they are still on the SD Card.

I have noticed lately when drama comes I just start shutting down. There has been so much of it - it's not even really not our drama but I absorb it and feel bad because I am in the middle and feel like the other 2 parties involved expect me to fix it - only I can't. Neither of them "see" anything but their point/position. I hate my phone ringing anymore.

It is time to update the look of the blog again - maybe that will help get things flowing. I have noticed a trend in the blogging community - lots of us have hit a wall recently.

I need a vacation no one knows I took therefor can't find me to bitch or ask favors of me.

I know when the phone rings that all they want is to complain or ask a favor so my response when I answer the phone isn't exactly warm and it shows then the caller is upset.

I have no idea how to change any of it...

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Did you fall down and smack your little head on the pavement?

So this is the newest thing going around the internet these days...

There is a facebook group is urging all gun owners to go outside on April 19th at Noon Eastern and fire their weapons - yeah let that sink in for a moment.

That has "hold my beer and watch this" written all over it. For fucks sake people what goes up MUST come down. You can NOT prove your point about the right to own guns when you are irresponsible about that ownership.

I have no problem with people owning guns when they have the legal right to do so (no felons, age requirements etc.) I have a HUGE issue with being stupid.  The next headline will be "Mass Unexplained Gunshot Victims Across the United States." In my opinion the ONLY thing will prove is that people do stupid shit with guns and give the left wingers and tea bag party something else to point to when they scream "gun control"!

Don't be an ass and potentially harm or kill someone in your desire to prove a point. Hold your own damn beer and put your gun in your gun safe were it belongs. At the very least if you want to participate in this "call to arms" take your ass to the shooting range.

Before I get a metric shit ton of hate mail, let me just say I don't care if you own a gun or not - I do care if your dumb ass shoots me or one of mine.

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Monday, April 07, 2014

WOOOHOOO Its Monday!!!

Yes that is how I greet Mondays when I cam coming off of being on call!  Its not that being on call is a really major. It just stresses me out and you can't really do anything that week. I have stay near my phone at all times and near an internet connection within 10 minutes.  I did grab my laptop and head to a friends Saturday evening for awhile.

Anyone watch the ACM's last night?? I started to about an hour into the show and then my AT&T uverse box muted itself.  The only way to fix that is to reboot the damn thing and I couldn't do that while it was recording. So D played GTA5 and I read. Nothing like the sound of automatic weapons on a Sunday night LOL.

I have recently started a new eating plan, or method - that just sounds strange- called If It Fits in Your Macros. Good lord talk about turning everything you eat into a science fair presentation before you eat it LOL..  Its basically a break down of carbs, fat, and protein you eat anything you want as long as it fits into your macros.  Its the formula that a lot of the body builders use to tone up and lean out.

Honestly that is why I started looking into it. I want to focus on toning up.  I am not looking to get bulked up but toned. So I am trying this out along with lifting and shredding workouts. I connected with a IIFYM group for women and the lady who runs it gave me a break down on what I need to do, what I need to eat and a plan. So here goes!!

I did find out that I wasn't eating enough daily which is why nothing is really changing. WOW talk about an eye opener, generally you hear eat less move more.... Except if you are eating right around what your body burns daily just to function - then you add activity well you eff up your metabolism.  I never thought I would actually say this, but its not easy trying to eat all that daily!!! Sure if I go have a burger and fries I have hit my calorie goal but my macros are all screwed and later I will be hungry. The goal is to eat healthy nutritional foods - when you start doing that it feels like you're eating 24 7.

Goals for this week -

Get a better handle on the macro eating
Workout 4 times this week

What are YOUR goals for the week???

Not that this really fits todays post, except I did mention the ACM's - but I just saw this on line and I love it!!

Have a GREAT Monday!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Confessions and Happy April 1st!!!

I am sick - just sick of logging calories - good grief is it a pain in the ass ALL the time - yeah yeah I know it helps keep you on track blah blah.. Tired of it!

I get tired of hearing excuses - I couldn't care less why you can't do something or why you are late. Its all the time and I am flat sick of it.. Yes I look less than enthused when you are asking me for yet another favor or why you are late when you do every damn day. You are an adult get your shit together!

I will be glad when Easter candy is off the shelves - Russel Stover and I have become too close lately and I have trouble "quitting them"!

I got my race results and am pretty tickled considering I walked the whole thing!

I can't stand strollers at races... Every single time I get bashed in the ankles and someone will just stop to attend the child in the stroller and they always do it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of everything...

I hate forced adverts on the internet. I don't care how much I wanted to read that article, I will exit out of the page if you force me to watch an advert. If have to option to skip after 5 seconds I'll hang around and hit skip - if not I am outta there.

I hate public restrooms..

If you complain to me that you have tried everything to lose weight and nothing works, then see you not working out and eating crap constantly - I am not going to take you seriously when you repeat the above statement.

Depending on the question you ask me, there is a good chance I will ask if you if Googled it before asking...

What do you confess???

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Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

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