Thursday, April 17, 2014

The 10 Year Mark...

This chapel is on the Baker Campus where D went to college. It is as old as the college itself and was flown over from England stone by stone then reassembled. It's my favorite place on campus - its so charming.

Always making me laugh.

You have seen this look and finger point countless times over the years! I am sure I was saying "be careful how far you pull my dress up damnit!

I pretty much love all my wedding photos - even the "Jackie O" hair I thought I needed even though most of my life I have been blonde - I was born "toe-head blonde". These pictures here and 4 others that I can't find on this hard drive to post to save my soul are my all time favorites.

When I was little I was a daddy's girl, then the teen years set in and my dad and I rarely say eye to eye, add rebellion and resentment and stir. For years my father and I did not speak. Even during planning my wedding there were moments where I did not think he would come.

Not only was he there, he walked me down the aisle. These are the ONLY pictures that exist of my father and I dancing EVER. Little did we know then he was very sick and this was the beginning of the end. I also did not know at the time that he had put off going to the hospital for treatment stating "My baby is getting married I WILL walk her down the aisle, I will check in the Monday after and that IS how this WILL be" his doctor was pissed. I will say I have some of the best memories of my lifetime from his stubbornness over the matter of being at my wedding.

It will be 5 years in September that we lost dad, I am thankful for these memories and the pictures.

D, its been a hell of a ride over the last 10 years, thank you for choosing to take the ride with me. I look forward to the next 10.

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