Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Confessions and Happy April 1st!!!

I am sick - just sick of logging calories - good grief is it a pain in the ass ALL the time - yeah yeah I know it helps keep you on track blah blah.. Tired of it!

I get tired of hearing excuses - I couldn't care less why you can't do something or why you are late. Its all the time and I am flat sick of it.. Yes I look less than enthused when you are asking me for yet another favor or why you are late when you do every damn day. You are an adult get your shit together!

I will be glad when Easter candy is off the shelves - Russel Stover and I have become too close lately and I have trouble "quitting them"!

I got my race results and am pretty tickled considering I walked the whole thing!

I can't stand strollers at races... Every single time I get bashed in the ankles and someone will just stop to attend the child in the stroller and they always do it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of everything...

I hate forced adverts on the internet. I don't care how much I wanted to read that article, I will exit out of the page if you force me to watch an advert. If have to option to skip after 5 seconds I'll hang around and hit skip - if not I am outta there.

I hate public restrooms..

If you complain to me that you have tried everything to lose weight and nothing works, then see you not working out and eating crap constantly - I am not going to take you seriously when you repeat the above statement.

Depending on the question you ask me, there is a good chance I will ask if you if Googled it before asking...

What do you confess???

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