Monday, March 31, 2014

So its been a hot minute - Lets catch up

lately things have been super busy. I got a promotion at work and some of my job details have changed. So I have been real busy at the office.  I also started talking on call weeks - that's been may biggest adjustment. When I am on call I have to be with 15 minutes of a stable internet connection, so I don't really go anywhere for that week, including the weekends.  I was on call week before last week, off this past week and getting ready to go back on call. I had traded with one of my employees for this coming week. Whatcha gonna do lol.

So being off this past weekend I got my first 5k of the season in.. It was Diva Dash weekend. The Diva Dash is hands down my favorite 5k. I have only missed 1 and that was the 1st year as I didn't know anything about it then LOL.  I have a few pics - as soon as I am able to get a chance to sit down and download the official race pics I will have more.

Diva Dash is part of the Girls on the Run organization - which hands down is an awesome group. They are all about empowering young girls and trying to set healthy mind sets BEFORE peers and society get a hold of them and undermine them. This past week one of the board members, was called out in a magazine - who supposedly has the same motto. Though after reading the article I did, I can't image that to be true.

The board member is battling cancer, and ran a marathon in the middle of fucking chemo no less only to get made fun of in the magazine for wearing a tutu during the race. Umm so fucking what?? LOTS of female runners do so in a tutu - I guess that is what they got their tulle in a bunch over, declaring it tacky. The race community has flipped its shit over this.  Its a well known women's fitness magazine who's behavior does not model its mission statement.  The apology was horrid.

I was thrilled to see a whole sea of tutu's at Saturday's race. I had pulled out my own, grabbed a tiara and hit the starting line. I will say I had a blast in that outfit. I stopped at Quick Trip before the race.. gotta have coffee ... and the reactions were awesome. After the race I went through the Starbucks drive thru - yes more coffee - and that reaction was positive as well... Makes me think everyone needs a tiara and tutu in their life!!

Later Saturday afternoon I hit the nail salon and had Spring on the brain so I had to get Spring nails.. The Fitbit stats are after all day.. Its the first time ALL goal for the day were lit up green.. That tickled me. 

I will admit to not doing a whole lotta jack shit Sunday LMAO.. I relaxed most of the day, then did some paperwork to get ready for the next week and called that good!  My shins are sore - as is usual- but not nearly as much as the past years after the 1st race of the season so I'll call that a score! 

Have a great Monday!!! 

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