Sunday, March 02, 2014

Hello March

Or better known (around here at least) as my birthday month .. Yep month ..

*disclaimer*  This post it brought to you by late evening ramblings and Whipped Cream vodka and cranberry juice LOL..

March is coming in like a lion - we are in the middle of a winter storm warning and its snowing them some ice mixed in... boo hiss..  I hope this means the end of March goes out like a lamb. I'm flat sick of being cold and bundled up.. I want to paint my toe nails pretty colors and throw on flip flops and maxi skirts and feel the sun warm me up..

I meant to blog Friday and do the usual Friday letters but it was beyond busy at the office and I juggled calls and paperwork all day them came home to log on and finish up so that I was not starting Monday behind the 8 ball.

Later Friday evening I received a call from my daughter and we ended up talking until midnight - that has NEVER happened.. Here's hoping to a better mother/daughter relationship than we have had in the past. She did let me know that even though we have this crappy snow storm coming that my mother is hell bent on going to the dinner theater Sunday night and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her.

At first I said no, I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on and the weather is going to suck. Saturday I find out shes STILL planning on going. My Mother is going to be 72 this month and on her best day her driving is scary as hell, so I told her if it was possible to go and they don't cancel I will go BUT I AM DRIVING HER. I hate to say this but I am praying its cancelled..

I usually don't like KS Wizzard of Oz jokes - honestly most of us here don't LOL but this came across my facebook feed today and I loved it..

Have a great rest of your weekend!! 

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