Monday, April 29, 2013

Manic Monday

Its been a busy Monday this far. Crossed off several things on my to do list here at the office. So its been a productive busy Monday.

This weekend was pretty low key. Saturday D worked, then when he got off work we headed out to Granite City to grab a quick burger - then down to visit lil man.. I can't believe how big he has gotten or the fact his first birthday is right around the corner. Isn't he just the cutest???

Sunday I just puttered around the house watched TV read a bit.. D took my car to see whats up with the breaks they have been making a screeching noise for a while - but they are not worn out so who knows.. This morning its at the shop to have the back breaks done because I can't deal with the noise any longer.

I probably should have shoveled out the closets over the weekend I just didn't have the motivation to do so the couch was soooo inviting ;-). Oh well theres always next weekend or an evening after work this week.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its Ok Thursday

that I finally got to sleep after 1 am last night/this morning then was up at 6:30
that I stopped at the gas station this morning for energy pills
that I just don't get why Duck Dynasty is popular
that I took a break from working out last night
that I totally want Botox and new boobs
that I really love this performance... and her Bindi

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wham Bam - Random Wednesday

The weather man promised Spring weather after yesterday's snow... WTF its the end of April - you can stick your snow.... yeah you get the picture, winter - over it.

High school cattiness from women never goes away and with the internet its more abundant as they can 'hide" behind silly screen names and an IP address - doesn't matter your still a bitch.

I unknowingly have been living under a rock in blogdom - I had no clue Dooce was getting divorced.. So sad - they seemed to really click and be the perfect lid/pot combo.

Got new specs - why is it the nose pads that always give me grief getting adjusted to.

I need to spring clean and take stuff to Goodwill.

Also thinking about totally revamping the blog.

I would really like to see P!nk when she comes to the Sprint Center in November.

Totally loving this song at the moment....

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Doing a reboot

Sometimes you just have to pull a reboot... Today starts my reboot before things go to out of hand and I have to reset to factory settings :-)

I have gotten off track - there were a few busy days I let things slide, then it was I'll restart Monday, then it was well this coming weekend I have _____ added to I'm too tired/busy/not feeling a workout.. then bam the jeans are starting to fit tighter..

So before this completely derails I am just pulling a restart. I started logging foods on My Fitness Pal again this morning. Tonight I am dusting off 30 day shred... ugg I hate the shred - but its effective and fast AND what your supposed to do before Ripped in 30 so I'll bust a week or so of it out and move to Ripped faster. Sorry Jillian shred just laggggggggggggssssssssssss so bad I want to poke your eyes out..

I really need to get everything coordinated to get the treadmill from my moms - maybe this coming weekend.. I'm also skipping lattes for the next week or two and sticking to just hot tea and water. I also plan to pull some clean eating menus out and see what I need from the store.

Summers coming (on day I freaking hope!!) and I am not hiding in jeans this year...

Starting this May 1st 

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Its Ok Thursday

to be over it.

to hate that in the middle of April instead of being in the mid 60's its freaking 37 degrees out.

to wish adults got a 3 month summer vacation as well.

to want to put a clothes pin on duck lips - come on WHY and HOW do you think that's pretty??

to have people not take things personally when its really not about them.

to think this is beyond awesome and not care how much of a girl nerd it makes me

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Anniversary Honey

9 years and what a ride... I promised you that you'd never be bored!!!

Yes that's me with dark hair Jackie O hair - why I thought that was a good idea for my wedding when I have always been blonde or red is beyond me... 

We have gone through so much over 9 years (12 really). Between us we have had 7 jobs, 4 moves, 4 vehicles, the illness and death of a parent, the death of a grandparent.  We have survived several road trips, the teen years, one seriously batshit crazy relative, we have a beyond gorgeous grandson. There have been several surgeries and major illnesses. We live most days with a smile and laugh. 

One day things maybe a bit calmer (lol whatever...) until then thank you for being the Ricky to my Lucy and always making me laugh. I love you honey.

(Our song for our first dance at the wedding)

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness - paying it forward blogger style

Seems like we could use a few these days... Trying to wrap my head around the bombing at the Boston Marathon - it just isn't happening.. I am relieved to hear that a friend's family who were there is alright.

There are a lot of support movements on Facebook right now - and I couldn't wear a race shirt to the office today what I can do is a run/walk after work for an even called Run for Boston that is taking place virtually over the next few days.

Today Erin at Keep Calm and Sparkle has a post up today that I asked her if I could steal I loved it to much.. In essence its for surprise mail sometime over this year. Who doesn't love something more than bills and junk mail in their mailbox??

So for the first 5 people to either comment with their email address OR email it directly to me (, since I know some do not want to leave any personal info in a comment form - I will over this year randomly send you something fun in the mail!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

WOW what a weekend! I was off Friday and got a few errands done with the Hubs who was also off. We picked up somethings to put my home off/gym back together.  I also went and picked out new glasses - Got red ones with bling this time.. Can't wait to get them in about 10 days..

Saturday we went and hung out with Lil Man.. I can't believe how quickly he has changed from looking like a baby to looking like a toddler, I'm equally floored he will be a year old next month where did the year go?

We had these taken the end of March - he is the cutest lil guy!!

then Saturday night was the Bon Jovi concert OMG awesome show!!! I have been wanting to see him in concert since I was 15.. He played for almost 3 hours.. I had almost no voice left by the end of the night. I think the Hubs is still a little in shock that I paid $45 for a t-shirt without blinking an eye LOL. 

Will definitely be getting tickets for his next concert in KC. It was a great time.  

After the show we went to Snow & Co for some adult slushies and food. We hung out there until right before they closed. Got home about 1:30 am.

Sunday I slept in til 10:30 ish and chilled til early afternoon when we left for a few more errands. I needed to return a tech gadget that didn't do what I needed it to.  Stopped at the office and printed off the billing to review so it would be ready to go to the accountant. Then off to get the weeks groceries.   Taxes got tossed into the nights activities as well... 

Thank goodness I also have tomorrow off to recover!!! 

How was your weekend?

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Glam Bag

Received my Glam Bag last night - I kinda meh on it this month.. it just seemed tossed together this round. I did get the Soy Renewal Moroccan Argan Oil I was hoping for so there's something!

The blush maybe a tad on the pink side but you never know until you try it. The nail polish will find a home at my mom's its so NOT my color - its to light of a pink.

The shimmer powder I'll take a whirl at when I am not going anywhere - shimmers and I end up looking like a 4th grader in her mommy's makeup..

I have my fingers crossed that once I get a chance to play with the products I will be more excited about them.

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fitbit and Earnedit

At Christmas The Hubs gave me a fitbit One - LOVE LOVE that thing.. Shortly after I received the fitbit heard about Earnedit and signed up linking my Fitbit to my Earnedit account.

Earnedit gives you points for working out which can be redeemed for fitness type stuff OR you can redeem the points for Charities.  Which is what I used mine for - since Christmas I have sent care packages to the Troops who are deployed and given 2 girls in Kenya 3 months of vocational training.. All from just working out with my fitbit on.

If you have a fitbit I urge you to check out Earnedit

In 128 more points I'll be sending more care packages to the troops - such an easy way to pay it forward...

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Wow what a weekend - I don't understand why the weekdays don't go as fast!! Friday night was a chill night with the TV and Chinese delivery..

Saturday I got up and took mama to have her hair done and got my roots touched up as well - that was a tich over 4 hours. Then we grabbed lunch and hit Costco - I needed a chocolate cake for a dinner party that night since I was out of time to make anything. FYI Costco makes a fricken awesome 4 later chocolate cake!

We hit the dinner party Saturday night hung out with friends and played Things until after midnight.

Sunday we attempted to grab a hot dog in town to discover Franks is closed on Sundays - so we hit up Grinders... yummmmmm sorry for the drool Grinders is a fat girls dream! Then I returned some white jeggings (just say no) at Kohl's and then knocked out the weeks grocery shopping.

The rest of Sunday went by in a nap then the AMC awards.

How was your weekend???

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Its Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok Thursday.....

to be wishing it was Friday

to be glad warmer weather is finally on it way

to be looking forward to next Thursday and the start of a 4 day weekend

to hate that I put off doing our taxes so long

to be so excited that next Saturday is the Bon Jovi concert (squeal!)

to already want a nap at 8 am.....

to skip working out tonight - my abs and shoulders are so sore from the last 2 nights of working out.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Getting back to normal

Trying to get back to normal here ... Last Wednesday I had either a stomach bug or food poisoning - the jury is still out on which.  I woke up just fine but 2 hours after I had lunch I started feeling a little off. So I left the office to go home and lay down things I was just tired and worn down.

Cue 3 hours after lunch and I was throwing up everything I have EVER eaten and continued to do so for the next 8 hours. About 10:30 that night we venture to the ER as not even sips of water are staying down and the muscle cramps have kicked in. At this point I have thrown up so much I now have a migraine and my ribs hurt. At that point I thought food poisoning and the doc agreed, gave me fluids and meds then sent me home.

Then the next 4 days happened where I was still nauseous, unable to eat much of anything and just exhausted so now I am not so sure it wasn't a stomach bug. My stomach isn't quite a 100% back to normal. On the upside I lost 7 pounds!  I just need to slowly work back into my workouts.

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Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

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