Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Getting back to normal

Trying to get back to normal here ... Last Wednesday I had either a stomach bug or food poisoning - the jury is still out on which.  I woke up just fine but 2 hours after I had lunch I started feeling a little off. So I left the office to go home and lay down things I was just tired and worn down.

Cue 3 hours after lunch and I was throwing up everything I have EVER eaten and continued to do so for the next 8 hours. About 10:30 that night we venture to the ER as not even sips of water are staying down and the muscle cramps have kicked in. At this point I have thrown up so much I now have a migraine and my ribs hurt. At that point I thought food poisoning and the doc agreed, gave me fluids and meds then sent me home.

Then the next 4 days happened where I was still nauseous, unable to eat much of anything and just exhausted so now I am not so sure it wasn't a stomach bug. My stomach isn't quite a 100% back to normal. On the upside I lost 7 pounds!  I just need to slowly work back into my workouts.

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  1. Blech, stomach bugs are noooo fun. Food poisoning isn't either, but it usually runs its course pretty quickly.



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