Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness - paying it forward blogger style

Seems like we could use a few these days... Trying to wrap my head around the bombing at the Boston Marathon - it just isn't happening.. I am relieved to hear that a friend's family who were there is alright.

There are a lot of support movements on Facebook right now - and I couldn't wear a race shirt to the office today what I can do is a run/walk after work for an even called Run for Boston that is taking place virtually over the next few days.

Today Erin at Keep Calm and Sparkle has a post up today that I asked her if I could steal I loved it to much.. In essence its for surprise mail sometime over this year. Who doesn't love something more than bills and junk mail in their mailbox??

So for the first 5 people to either comment with their email address OR email it directly to me (kaylynn313@yahoo.com), since I know some do not want to leave any personal info in a comment form - I will over this year randomly send you something fun in the mail!

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