Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 weeks to go before the 10k

HOLY CRAP!!! I am so not ready.. I have been working out but NOT walking - I have concentrated on yoga, The Shred and weight training.. At the moment I am doing serious bunt kicks to my own ass.  I did go get me a knee brace but that's ALL the prep I have done for this race.

Ok breathe - I have 2 weeks still and can get some walking in during that time.  I already know I won't be setting any PR's for this race - I never expected to.  Those who are walking me can just meet me at the finish line when I drag my ass across it then we can go hydrate and refuel with carbs... Thankfully my sister in law is doing this one with me and she loves me so she won't be out to throttle me! LOL

In other news I have decided to take off my pink & white acrylics and get a get manicure - I will soak them off tonight and get the mani tomorrow. Every since I started taking Biotin and drinking a protein shake every morning for breakfast my own seem to be pretty hearty so we will see. I'll post before's and afters.  I'm looking forward to just relaxing with the TV and soaking these off tonight.  I have worked out every night this week and plan to tomorrow before my nail appt I feel like a night off is earned.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The scales not moving much but the jeans certainly are

So the scale isn't moving a whole lot - but my jeans are! They are loser and a few pairs I can yank off without unbuttoning them!! I was getting discouraged however that the scale wasn't showing a difference - so I did what all fit campers do I tossed up side by side comparison pics - let me tell you it does make a difference to see pictures side by side. That tell me what I need to know - what I am doing IS working and to keep on keeping on. Ultimately my goal is to be toned and fit and to be in a size 8/10. I have ready picked out my present to me when I hit that goal.

Last night I stopped at Target and they had some of Jillian's DVD's on sale so I picked up 2 new ones Ripped in 30 and Extreme Shed & Shred - I think I will try the Extreme Shed & Shred tonight  so we will see how that goes.

Here are the progress picks .. the top set were taken Aug 1st when I started Fit Camp - and the bottom ones were taken Aug 20th when I ramped the Shred back up.

Monday, August 27, 2012

And its the last official week of summer

I am not sure who decided this is labeled the last week of summer, but for the social season it is... I know there are a lot of people who are thrilled - it was a brutally hot summer here this year. I for one am NOT one of those people. I don't yearn for fall. Summer is my favorite - I love jeans and tank tops - you can have your sweaters and boots. According to the actual calendar the first day of fall is September 22.  I will celebrate labor day gleefully (its helps I took an extra vacation day) because I LOVE day's off and get togethers with friends and family but its still summer damnit!! :-)

Weekend redux

Friday night we went to dinner and then hit the couch to read (me) and play video games (the hubs).

Saturday Hubs changed the oil in my car for me - thanks honey Zoomy really needed it.  I went out with friends that night and had a blast - we hit a bar and grill for some really good food. Next was the wine tasting  where I bought a bottle of the sweet wine they were showing - it was some pretty good stuff - I do believe that maybe my labor day drink of choice. Then we hit a patio bar where we sat drank and bs-ed for hours. After which we headed to G-Town to bs for a few more hours.. My head finally hit the pillow about 1 am.

Sunday was the usual errands and grocery shopping followed by comfy clothes on the couch to bitch about whats not on TV until 8 when True Blood comes on :-) - that episode last night was whacked - effing cliff hangers!

I didn't persay watch what I eat this weekend but I did make sure I didn't go bat shit crazy any eat everything that wasn't nailed down. My motto is you still have to enjoy life - if you are not enjoying it then whats the point??

a few pictures from the weekend .. 

 Yummy chocolate martini - I had 2 

The girls

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Hump day!!

WOOT made it to Wednesday!! So hows it going??

I did my first workout in my office last night - it was awesome.. There really was no transition time between work and hitting the gym to come up with 50 reasons why is wasn't going to the gym which was a good thing because its generally in the time it takes to drive home that I lose the desire to go workout and it seems reasonable to say "oh tomorrow will be a better day to work out".  So I packed my gym bag again last night and brought it with me of the office!!

Today was weigh in and despite everything that effin scale didn't move. I really do think its off so I am  buying a new one this weekend. Other goals for this week - call and make the appt for my eye exam - Mama needs new spectacles!! Work out nightly in my office with The Shred - hit the treadmill at least once this weekend.. I really really need to start training for the 10k that is in less than a month (oh holy shit that's coming QUICK - yes I lost all track of time - happens more than I will admit). Time to get my rear in gear!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The beginning of yet another week...

Hello Monday..  The weekend was a pretty good weekend.  Hubby and I had date night Friday which was fab - after that we hung out til 1 am with friends just chilling and chatting.  Saturday I spent the first part of the day relaxing - then went shopping with my Sister-in-Law, then dinner at her house and neighborhood movie night.

Sunday brought more shopping.  I managed to pick up 5 tops (2 are for Hubs) for $40 bucks - love JCP's clearance and the new pricing structure. I got a new white cardi at Target.  Sunday night we chilled watched some TV and I did some paperwork for the upcoming week at the office.  Hubs is off on vacation this week so he gets to play house husband.  Though the "I'm on vacation happy dance" in the kitchen this morning was a little over kill as I headed out to work..

I did not being my workout stuff in with this morning as I already had hands full with a computer tower I was hauling in, so its treadmill tonight and 30d Shred tomorrow in my office after work.. Lil Man turns 3 months old tomorrow - time flies so quickly. So that may or may not happen tomorrow..

 I am hoping for a quiet but productive week.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yay Friday!!!

Been looking forward to you for days now. Its date night with the Hubs - we are trying out a local German restaurant tonight - made reservations and everything!! I'm looking forward to a date again.

Not much for written in stone plans this weekend - we tend to always end up doing something though.  I do have a few bags of clothes that must go to the Goodwill. I'm tired of them being in the corner behind my bedroom door.  We need to take Lil Man's bassinet to a consignment shop as well - its hanging out in the entryway - no wonder I feel cluttered and blocked it!

Worked out Tues and Thursday of this week - will hit the gym tomorrow afternoon.  I am contemplating trying to do some ab stuff or yoga during lunch at work. I rarely leave my office for lunch - I generally eat at my desk and either surf the net or read.  I am fortunate to have both the space and an honest to goodness office with a door that closes! I may test the waters next week and see how it goes - lots of time I end up working but maybe if I shut the door and stick an "at lunch" sign on it.. Hell I may even bring my stuff in here and do my 30 day shred's or yoga after hours when everyone else is gone!!

Anyone else try working out in their office at lunch or after hours??

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finding my "wa" and breaking old patterns

I'm stressed as can be and feeling out of sorts and drained. Pretty much my "wa" is lost and I need to get it back.  No I'm not drunk blogging - I just need to get a balance again. If your not sure what "wa" is - don't worry, its an inside term for peace & balance.

I need to declutter both my physical world and my mental one. So deep cleaning my house is on the agenda and hitting the gym.   I need to learn to be able to stat what I need and not feel guilty about it. I need to learn when to walk away from those who give guilt trips when you call them on their own crap.  I don't walk on people why should they walk on me? 

I know all this is learned behavior and its picked up over years and years and breaking it is not an easy thing.  I do know that you teach people how to treat you so if you want it to change you have to be the one to start the change and stick to it. Its not easy but if you don't then you are giving people permission to behave as usual.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ladies buy your own jewelry...

Over the weekend my sister-in- aw and I were shopping for Princess Peeps birthday (which was a wonderful evening) and I popped into Zales - lured in by a sales sign the door way - they were out of what was on the poster but I digress.  I did find an absolutely stunning ring on clearance - I loved it so I bought it for myself (I also found something for lil man to give his mama for her birthday which is why i was in there in the first place).

Monday rolled around and ladies who work in my office building noticed it and said wow your hubby is a rockstar - I said uh yes he is but why do you think so - she pointed out my ring.  Then I told her I had actually purchased it for myself and she was stunned.  She actually said "you can buy your OWN jewelry?" I at this point was equally stunned and said "yes, yes you can - and you should!"

Ladies why on earth would you wait for a man to gift you stunning jewelry?? Yes it is nice to get it as a present - its also nice to think your awesome and buy it yourself because you think you are awesome.  Your worth it!

Here is the I bought it myowndamnself ring...

 Yes Honey, you ARE a rockstar - and so am I ;-)

Monday, August 13, 2012

My baby's 21st Birthday

Oh how time flies - seems like just yesterday I was taking her to her first day of school.. Now shes 21 and has her own baby...

Happy Birthday Princess Peep

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

One of my faves - especially for treadmill workouts - language cation here - this is not edited

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Been a busy Tuesday!

Its been so busy today I am looking at 2 Advil sitting on my desk trying to remember if I took 2 and set them down then a few minutes later grabbed 2 more and took those or if I answered the phone and just forgot to take them completely - I know my head still hurts!

I have been looking all over town for a hoodie with thumb holes - I can't tell you why but I love them .. no luck so I finally broke down and ordered this one online.  Totally can't wait for it to get here.

I have gotten into the habit of getting everything that I need for the next day in order the night before - lunch, tomorrow's outfit etc - it really does make the morning a titch easier to deal with - I'll say though sometimes the outfit changes the next morning.  Just doing that little thing has made me feel less stressed and it is easier to plan what I am eating. Planning is key, when I am rushed to get out the door I grab nothing and hit the drive thru's or delivery which makes it harder to keep on the right path.   The last 2 days morning has been a breeze - which is not a bad thing when its a Monday morning! 

Tonight after work I am heading to the gym - D is cooking dinner so I don't have that to deal with (nor do I know what we are having), then he is taking Ms Peep out driving while I watch lil man.  She was unable to get her license in high school due to a seizure disorder and now that she can get it shes gung ho! 

Tomorrow is weigh in day - MyFitnessPal keeps yelling at me that I am not eating enough - well 3 days last week it did - I was only barely under the 1200 calories that you are supposed to have every day - so hopefully that hasn't got me caught in a "hang on to every calorie we are starving" mode here - we shall see! 

Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday Monday Monday

I'm sorry your just NOT my favorite day of the week - really its not you its me. Ok wait yeah its you, I'd really like you better if you were the 2nd Sunday in the week, but lets face it I can't make you what your not and you can't make me like you..

I usually take the weekends off from blogging & Facebook, other than mobile uploads or checks ins on FB. I look at a computer for about 10 hours a day everyday through the week so I try to not get on my laptop when I am off for the weekend. Which makes that photo a day thing hard to do because I am now 2 days behind and today's is due. I am thinking about just doing them randomly this way I like what I am doing and not making it a chore - so that's where today's picture is...

This weekend was a combination of rest and errands - it was a pretty good mix of the two so I felt like I accomplished things and got some R & R.  I like that mix - its when it goes to far one way or the other I feel bad about the weekend.

Sat I went and got a trim and then hit Kohl's for a few things I needed as I have already lost enough weight that some new things were warranted. My bra's had gotten to big - I was hoping to keep the girls as they were but reality snuck in there and it was not to be.  I am not a fan of gravity so in order to attempt to defie it  I try to make sure I have the proper fitting bras at all times.

Sunday I just really chilled around the house - watched some trash tv and worked out while D was out and Ms Peep and the baby were napping. I did attempt to make Pad Thai for dinner - it wasn't bad, but it wasn't anywhere near as good as when you go to a Thai place.  So maybe one of these cheat days we will hit the Thai place and I can get that out of my system...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

TGI Thursday ....

Almost to Friday - its Friday eve ... Lordy am I tired today. All week I have not been in bed by my usual bedtime and it is catching up to me.  I'm shooting for 10 pm tonight.  Problem is 10 rolls around and I am thinking huh I'm not tired and I am a big girl now I can stay up.. The next day I become afflicted with the  disease Draggin ass! I need to remember that yes I am a grown up now which means I don't HAVE to try to stay up later I am ALLOWED to go to bed!

Last night I went home and got part of a Shred work out in before my body decided it was done.  Then threw some dinner together and got the call that a friend we have not seen in awhile was back in town, so we ate and left for awhile to catch up. Had a blast just standing in the driveway chatting away. Before we knew it 9:15 had come around and it was time to go home and get ready for another day.

Woke up late this morning and had to rush - man I had rushing. Threw my protein shake together and headed out the door for the office.  I used almond milk this morning - and let me tell you I am not a fan. I know it has way less calories in it than the Lacaide milk but it tastes off and I got hungry way before lunch. So I think I will just make it with the Lacaide even with the extra calories because it holds me until lunch which actually means the calories balance out or I consume less because I did not snack midway.

Tonight I need to get my workout in and relax some. I am looking forward to the weekend and some downtime..

Photo of the Day (Aug 2)

Today's photo is one. This can be anything. The number 1. The word one. A single item

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Need motivation??

Vixen just sent this to me - its all kinds of AWESOME..


60 day Fit Challenge - Day 1

August 1st already - WOW

Last night I bought a new water bottle that is awesome and has been causing nerd envy all around. I find it easier to keep track of how much water I am drinking because I only need to count refills - this baby hold 25 oz per fill.

I also picked up an actual "bucket" of protein power and a blender bottle. Huge difference there as well from the Special K drinks.  This has a little over double the grams of protein in it, less sugar. The biggest difference - it kept me fuller!! I missed my morning snack because I didn't become hungry until noon - which is even a hour past when I eat lunch..

Tonight I will be hitting the 30 day shred as part of the 60 day challenge.  So I need to get measurements and new before pictures. I am thinking of printing out my motivation picture as well so I see it all the time..

Photo of the Day (Aug 1)

In addition to my regular blog entries I am trying the photo of the day.. Today is outside ...

This was taken at the vacation house we rented last October in Hawaii. It is the view from the picture window into the backyard. That is my family on the far left..

Regular blog post coming up ...

Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...