Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Hump day!!

WOOT made it to Wednesday!! So hows it going??

I did my first workout in my office last night - it was awesome.. There really was no transition time between work and hitting the gym to come up with 50 reasons why is wasn't going to the gym which was a good thing because its generally in the time it takes to drive home that I lose the desire to go workout and it seems reasonable to say "oh tomorrow will be a better day to work out".  So I packed my gym bag again last night and brought it with me of the office!!

Today was weigh in and despite everything that effin scale didn't move. I really do think its off so I am  buying a new one this weekend. Other goals for this week - call and make the appt for my eye exam - Mama needs new spectacles!! Work out nightly in my office with The Shred - hit the treadmill at least once this weekend.. I really really need to start training for the 10k that is in less than a month (oh holy shit that's coming QUICK - yes I lost all track of time - happens more than I will admit). Time to get my rear in gear!!

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