Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 weeks to go before the 10k

HOLY CRAP!!! I am so not ready.. I have been working out but NOT walking - I have concentrated on yoga, The Shred and weight training.. At the moment I am doing serious bunt kicks to my own ass.  I did go get me a knee brace but that's ALL the prep I have done for this race.

Ok breathe - I have 2 weeks still and can get some walking in during that time.  I already know I won't be setting any PR's for this race - I never expected to.  Those who are walking me can just meet me at the finish line when I drag my ass across it then we can go hydrate and refuel with carbs... Thankfully my sister in law is doing this one with me and she loves me so she won't be out to throttle me! LOL

In other news I have decided to take off my pink & white acrylics and get a get manicure - I will soak them off tonight and get the mani tomorrow. Every since I started taking Biotin and drinking a protein shake every morning for breakfast my own seem to be pretty hearty so we will see. I'll post before's and afters.  I'm looking forward to just relaxing with the TV and soaking these off tonight.  I have worked out every night this week and plan to tomorrow before my nail appt I feel like a night off is earned.

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  1. Good luck on your 10 K it is coming up fast but you will rock it for sure :)


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