Monday, August 20, 2012

The beginning of yet another week...

Hello Monday..  The weekend was a pretty good weekend.  Hubby and I had date night Friday which was fab - after that we hung out til 1 am with friends just chilling and chatting.  Saturday I spent the first part of the day relaxing - then went shopping with my Sister-in-Law, then dinner at her house and neighborhood movie night.

Sunday brought more shopping.  I managed to pick up 5 tops (2 are for Hubs) for $40 bucks - love JCP's clearance and the new pricing structure. I got a new white cardi at Target.  Sunday night we chilled watched some TV and I did some paperwork for the upcoming week at the office.  Hubs is off on vacation this week so he gets to play house husband.  Though the "I'm on vacation happy dance" in the kitchen this morning was a little over kill as I headed out to work..

I did not being my workout stuff in with this morning as I already had hands full with a computer tower I was hauling in, so its treadmill tonight and 30d Shred tomorrow in my office after work.. Lil Man turns 3 months old tomorrow - time flies so quickly. So that may or may not happen tomorrow..

 I am hoping for a quiet but productive week.

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