Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finding my "wa" and breaking old patterns

I'm stressed as can be and feeling out of sorts and drained. Pretty much my "wa" is lost and I need to get it back.  No I'm not drunk blogging - I just need to get a balance again. If your not sure what "wa" is - don't worry, its an inside term for peace & balance.

I need to declutter both my physical world and my mental one. So deep cleaning my house is on the agenda and hitting the gym.   I need to learn to be able to stat what I need and not feel guilty about it. I need to learn when to walk away from those who give guilt trips when you call them on their own crap.  I don't walk on people why should they walk on me? 

I know all this is learned behavior and its picked up over years and years and breaking it is not an easy thing.  I do know that you teach people how to treat you so if you want it to change you have to be the one to start the change and stick to it. Its not easy but if you don't then you are giving people permission to behave as usual.

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