Monday, August 27, 2012

And its the last official week of summer

I am not sure who decided this is labeled the last week of summer, but for the social season it is... I know there are a lot of people who are thrilled - it was a brutally hot summer here this year. I for one am NOT one of those people. I don't yearn for fall. Summer is my favorite - I love jeans and tank tops - you can have your sweaters and boots. According to the actual calendar the first day of fall is September 22.  I will celebrate labor day gleefully (its helps I took an extra vacation day) because I LOVE day's off and get togethers with friends and family but its still summer damnit!! :-)

Weekend redux

Friday night we went to dinner and then hit the couch to read (me) and play video games (the hubs).

Saturday Hubs changed the oil in my car for me - thanks honey Zoomy really needed it.  I went out with friends that night and had a blast - we hit a bar and grill for some really good food. Next was the wine tasting  where I bought a bottle of the sweet wine they were showing - it was some pretty good stuff - I do believe that maybe my labor day drink of choice. Then we hit a patio bar where we sat drank and bs-ed for hours. After which we headed to G-Town to bs for a few more hours.. My head finally hit the pillow about 1 am.

Sunday was the usual errands and grocery shopping followed by comfy clothes on the couch to bitch about whats not on TV until 8 when True Blood comes on :-) - that episode last night was whacked - effing cliff hangers!

I didn't persay watch what I eat this weekend but I did make sure I didn't go bat shit crazy any eat everything that wasn't nailed down. My motto is you still have to enjoy life - if you are not enjoying it then whats the point??

a few pictures from the weekend .. 

 Yummy chocolate martini - I had 2 

The girls

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