Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ladies buy your own jewelry...

Over the weekend my sister-in- aw and I were shopping for Princess Peeps birthday (which was a wonderful evening) and I popped into Zales - lured in by a sales sign the door way - they were out of what was on the poster but I digress.  I did find an absolutely stunning ring on clearance - I loved it so I bought it for myself (I also found something for lil man to give his mama for her birthday which is why i was in there in the first place).

Monday rolled around and ladies who work in my office building noticed it and said wow your hubby is a rockstar - I said uh yes he is but why do you think so - she pointed out my ring.  Then I told her I had actually purchased it for myself and she was stunned.  She actually said "you can buy your OWN jewelry?" I at this point was equally stunned and said "yes, yes you can - and you should!"

Ladies why on earth would you wait for a man to gift you stunning jewelry?? Yes it is nice to get it as a present - its also nice to think your awesome and buy it yourself because you think you are awesome.  Your worth it!

Here is the I bought it myowndamnself ring...

 Yes Honey, you ARE a rockstar - and so am I ;-)

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