Friday, August 17, 2012

Yay Friday!!!

Been looking forward to you for days now. Its date night with the Hubs - we are trying out a local German restaurant tonight - made reservations and everything!! I'm looking forward to a date again.

Not much for written in stone plans this weekend - we tend to always end up doing something though.  I do have a few bags of clothes that must go to the Goodwill. I'm tired of them being in the corner behind my bedroom door.  We need to take Lil Man's bassinet to a consignment shop as well - its hanging out in the entryway - no wonder I feel cluttered and blocked it!

Worked out Tues and Thursday of this week - will hit the gym tomorrow afternoon.  I am contemplating trying to do some ab stuff or yoga during lunch at work. I rarely leave my office for lunch - I generally eat at my desk and either surf the net or read.  I am fortunate to have both the space and an honest to goodness office with a door that closes! I may test the waters next week and see how it goes - lots of time I end up working but maybe if I shut the door and stick an "at lunch" sign on it.. Hell I may even bring my stuff in here and do my 30 day shred's or yoga after hours when everyone else is gone!!

Anyone else try working out in their office at lunch or after hours??

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