Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Been a busy Tuesday!

Its been so busy today I am looking at 2 Advil sitting on my desk trying to remember if I took 2 and set them down then a few minutes later grabbed 2 more and took those or if I answered the phone and just forgot to take them completely - I know my head still hurts!

I have been looking all over town for a hoodie with thumb holes - I can't tell you why but I love them .. no luck so I finally broke down and ordered this one online.  Totally can't wait for it to get here.

I have gotten into the habit of getting everything that I need for the next day in order the night before - lunch, tomorrow's outfit etc - it really does make the morning a titch easier to deal with - I'll say though sometimes the outfit changes the next morning.  Just doing that little thing has made me feel less stressed and it is easier to plan what I am eating. Planning is key, when I am rushed to get out the door I grab nothing and hit the drive thru's or delivery which makes it harder to keep on the right path.   The last 2 days morning has been a breeze - which is not a bad thing when its a Monday morning! 

Tonight after work I am heading to the gym - D is cooking dinner so I don't have that to deal with (nor do I know what we are having), then he is taking Ms Peep out driving while I watch lil man.  She was unable to get her license in high school due to a seizure disorder and now that she can get it shes gung ho! 

Tomorrow is weigh in day - MyFitnessPal keeps yelling at me that I am not eating enough - well 3 days last week it did - I was only barely under the 1200 calories that you are supposed to have every day - so hopefully that hasn't got me caught in a "hang on to every calorie we are starving" mode here - we shall see! 

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