Thursday, July 24, 2014

This weeks confessions

Yesterday was a hard day for me.. My daughter and grandson moved out of town. They are not far, but they are certainly not 5 blocks away anymore.

I am still a bit emotional today about the move.  my daughter  and I have a difficult relationship to put it mildly, my grandson and I however are thick as thieves and pretty big pals. So this is stinging a bit. Whoever told these kids they could grow up and move away??

Right now I have the skin of a 16 year old - problem is even at 16 I didn't have bad breakouts WTF.. I am working on finding a foundation that doesn't piss it off. So far I have about 5 tubes to pass on to equally pale friends. I have high hopes for the one I picked out yesterday. I loved the way it went on this morning - lets see how it survives the day.

I have only managed one 5 am workout this week.. Though Tuesday night I went swimming with little man and loved the calorie burn from that - the chlorine in my hair not so much LOL.

My hair is pissing me off - Saturday I have an appointment to cut the back off again. I am going back to my stacked angled bob. I wore that style for years awhile back and loved it, and NO I am not copying a certain fitness blogger - I wore that style years ago, back before she ever got popular.

Thank you for sharing your "weight loss" plan me with, however I am not interested.  Your plan is a recipe for killing your metabolism. It is not sustainable nor is it even feasible for any length of time.  Healthy and strong are my goals, not anorexia and hair loss. Yes you have had "success" and dropped 20 pounds thus far. You will gain it and more back when you stop eating nothing but watermelon for breakfast and lunch and then having a microwave meal for dinner. FYI you have NO energy because you are not fueling your body.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Ramblings

Blogging during the summer is pretty much hit or miss for most bloggers. Kids are out of school, vacations, even with more day light it seems you have less time.. You don't really, your just cramming in as much sun fun-time as possible to hold you over in the dark cold winter months..

I don't have small children at home - mine is 22 - but I am still trying to cram it all in there! Winters here while are not as brutal as in some states they are brutal enough for me! Plus Summer is my favorite season, for the most part. I do have some memory triggering issues that Summer brings around, but as far as picking a season Summers it for me.

I love wearing tank tops, shorts and sandals or better yet bare feet as opposed to boots, jeans and sweaters. I love that its still light out at 9 p.m feeling the evening just starting to cool off, the frogs at the pond starting their nightly sing song croaking. I like, no I love, just being.  I love the mist the pavement gives off when a light rain starts, the smell of a storm in the warmer months, the feeling of getting caught out in the rain when its warm and feels like a shower instead of bone chilling rain.

Dinner tossed on the grill real quick, a nice rib eye grilled up to a nice medium tossed on a plate with a salad fresh from the farmers market, strawberry short cake for dessert and drive way conversions with friends as you catch up on life. It always amazes me how Summer is both busy and lazy. Seems there isn't enough time but the best memories are made in lawn chairs and evening conversations with friends watching all the kids run, squeal and play.

Evening drives with the windows down, music playing and taking in what your city has to over. The things you're usually speeding right by not noticing. Wonderful conversations can be found on those drives as well, grab a coffee or tea and your spouse and just take a spin. Crank the tunes or talk about old times and future dreams.

I may not be around blogging much right now, I am out taking it all in and making memories.. I hope you are enjoying your fast, lazy Summer as well!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Confessions

Yay its Friday eve!  Its been a weird week..

This weeks confessions:

I think the mother was in on the plan to leave the toddler in the car and they did NOT forget to take that baby to daycare.

I believe both their asses need locked on a car, restrained and left in the Nevada desert.

I have been so all over the board this week. I don't have ADD but have felt like I do this week. Hell maybe I do, who knows.

I need to get motivated to clean out closets this weekend.

It drives me nuts when people spout off at the mouth without facts to back up what they say.. If you're not sure then hush and hit The Google...

Some days I miss high school - but not the crap and drama.

Some days I feel like I am just spinning wheels..

I still think the 90's when someone says "10 years ago"

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Monday, July 07, 2014

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

Whats that saying, The first 5 days back after a weekend are the hardest?? - Seriously though I did NOT want to climb out of bed when the alarm went off at 6 this morning..

We had a good 4th - just chilling with the family.. Grilling out at my sister in laws seeing friends we hadn't seen for a while and just generally sitting around talking, eating and well blowing shit up ;-).  We got home around 11 and I was not ready to sleep yet so I stayed up with the DVR. About 2 am I was ready and then some asshole pulls the fire alarm for the building. Took 20 minutes to get it shut off. By then thoughts of sleep were long gone and I didn't hit the pillow until almost 4:30 am.

Saturday was a lazy day  D went to a friends that evening for the UFC fight and I watched the rest of the stored programs on the DVR and read.

Sunday Peep and her boyfriend came over for dinner - I honestly wanted a LOT more info about them moving in together.. Yep shes an adult I do not care - I am gonna ask what I want to ask until I am satisfied with the answer. She may do the same with her child..

I have pretty much come to the conclusion this will be a culture shock for her. She thinks shes got small town living down from when she was in ND. This tiny town's total populous sits at 300. TOTAL! Should be interesting.

Lil Man is sporting a new hair cut - I can't get over how grown up he looks..

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Friday, July 04, 2014

The Shit that Made Me Laugh this Week.

and laughs were hard to come by this week! Hope y'all have a great 4th of July weekend!

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday Confessions

This weeks confessions;

I am so ready for a 3 day weekend I would have loved to take Monday off as well but I have to much going on at work Monday.

I am so tired of stupid. Stop and use your brain for a just a second.

I am sick of hearing about how wonderful the Affordable Health Care Act is, if it helped your family great.. It's doing shit for me and I am allowed to be pissed off over it, just as your allowed to be over the moon about it. I will admit that you may not like me much longer if you keep telling my how wrong I am in my opinion of it is, so just shush.

I'm in a funk.

My daughter is moving soon and I have mixed feelings about it. Yep it could be worse she's only going an hour and a half away, but right now shes 5 blocks away. I am also very worried about the entire situation but wondering if the drama will become less or get more ramped up.

While I am not looking forward to my 3 sisters coming to town in August, part of me hopes they will keep the attitudes in check and actually try to help their mother instead of pointing to how I am not doing shit correctly... Live here bitches then you can criticize, until then shut the fuck up - you are clueless. Remember a pancake no matter how flat has two sides.

I am nervous the sisters are coming - I have not spoke to one of them since 1997, another since 2004 and the third since 2009. That is a whole other blog post.

 I cleaned out my work email yesterday and yet I still have 17,82 emails. It is down from 23,000 so there is progress.

I am loving the new Samsung 10 tablet my bosses bought me for work - that thing is cool as hell.

I need to work on a better frame of mind - I hate when I am all bummed and seeing life as Eyor. Shit happens I know this, it just seems like a lot of it has happened in my direction in the last 6 weeks.

I finally got the contact lens thing figured out - new glasses will be here in 10 days LOL! My eyes are just not hospitable to having some foreign object on them, pushing the matter is just making me miserable so UNCLE.

I am no longer blonde. This takes getting use to! I'm getting a lot of positive feedback on it and a lot of my friends like the darker color better.

I Need You Now by Lady Antibellum on Grooveshark

What do you confess this week??

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Titles are Over Rated

Better known as I don't have one!

The last 24 hours have been interesting to say the least. I am playing enney meany miney moe with my contacts.  I am not totally convinced I am even going to be able to wear them. Thankfully I am in trial "see if you can do this" phase right now and nothing has been ordered so I can apply my $$ to lenses in my glasses.

The axis needed changed on the first set I tried. I have astigmatism so contacts floating around in my eye is a big deal. It totally effs what I am seeing.  So we adjusted for that, then adjusted for the fact I was having issues seeing close up, then played with the brands to deal with the "I can feel these things ALL the time" apparently I need dailies so cha ching there...

I will say there is a huge learning curve with these things and computer work. Since I use a computer about 12 to 14 hours a day this is a big part of my life and could be a huge issue. Problem is I do really want to ditch my glasses!

Last night as I was sitting in the exam room with the eye doctor my mother attempted to call me. Since my mother will call me to tell me a pretty bird flew by I sent the call to voicemail and figured I would call her back. I thought it rude to interrupt the middle of an exam with a phone call.  Yeah thats the one time she was calling to tell me something urgent. She called D and apparently Peep was having issues breathing and chest pain..

Off to the ER we go freaked out as all hell. Thankfully it turned out to be muscle spasms and inflammation of the pissed off muscles. Her heart and lungs are fine. I will say it was a freaky few hours though as when we first get there they think shes got a collapsed lung.

I have a few more grey hairs this morning...

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