Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Titles are Over Rated

Better known as I don't have one!

The last 24 hours have been interesting to say the least. I am playing enney meany miney moe with my contacts.  I am not totally convinced I am even going to be able to wear them. Thankfully I am in trial "see if you can do this" phase right now and nothing has been ordered so I can apply my $$ to lenses in my glasses.

The axis needed changed on the first set I tried. I have astigmatism so contacts floating around in my eye is a big deal. It totally effs what I am seeing.  So we adjusted for that, then adjusted for the fact I was having issues seeing close up, then played with the brands to deal with the "I can feel these things ALL the time" apparently I need dailies so cha ching there...

I will say there is a huge learning curve with these things and computer work. Since I use a computer about 12 to 14 hours a day this is a big part of my life and could be a huge issue. Problem is I do really want to ditch my glasses!

Last night as I was sitting in the exam room with the eye doctor my mother attempted to call me. Since my mother will call me to tell me a pretty bird flew by I sent the call to voicemail and figured I would call her back. I thought it rude to interrupt the middle of an exam with a phone call.  Yeah thats the one time she was calling to tell me something urgent. She called D and apparently Peep was having issues breathing and chest pain..

Off to the ER we go freaked out as all hell. Thankfully it turned out to be muscle spasms and inflammation of the pissed off muscles. Her heart and lungs are fine. I will say it was a freaky few hours though as when we first get there they think shes got a collapsed lung.

I have a few more grey hairs this morning...

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