Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Confessions

Yay its Friday eve!  Its been a weird week..

This weeks confessions:

I think the mother was in on the plan to leave the toddler in the car and they did NOT forget to take that baby to daycare.

I believe both their asses need locked on a car, restrained and left in the Nevada desert.

I have been so all over the board this week. I don't have ADD but have felt like I do this week. Hell maybe I do, who knows.

I need to get motivated to clean out closets this weekend.

It drives me nuts when people spout off at the mouth without facts to back up what they say.. If you're not sure then hush and hit The Google...

Some days I miss high school - but not the crap and drama.

Some days I feel like I am just spinning wheels..

I still think the 90's when someone says "10 years ago"

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