Thursday, July 24, 2014

This weeks confessions

Yesterday was a hard day for me.. My daughter and grandson moved out of town. They are not far, but they are certainly not 5 blocks away anymore.

I am still a bit emotional today about the move.  my daughter  and I have a difficult relationship to put it mildly, my grandson and I however are thick as thieves and pretty big pals. So this is stinging a bit. Whoever told these kids they could grow up and move away??

Right now I have the skin of a 16 year old - problem is even at 16 I didn't have bad breakouts WTF.. I am working on finding a foundation that doesn't piss it off. So far I have about 5 tubes to pass on to equally pale friends. I have high hopes for the one I picked out yesterday. I loved the way it went on this morning - lets see how it survives the day.

I have only managed one 5 am workout this week.. Though Tuesday night I went swimming with little man and loved the calorie burn from that - the chlorine in my hair not so much LOL.

My hair is pissing me off - Saturday I have an appointment to cut the back off again. I am going back to my stacked angled bob. I wore that style for years awhile back and loved it, and NO I am not copying a certain fitness blogger - I wore that style years ago, back before she ever got popular.

Thank you for sharing your "weight loss" plan me with, however I am not interested.  Your plan is a recipe for killing your metabolism. It is not sustainable nor is it even feasible for any length of time.  Healthy and strong are my goals, not anorexia and hair loss. Yes you have had "success" and dropped 20 pounds thus far. You will gain it and more back when you stop eating nothing but watermelon for breakfast and lunch and then having a microwave meal for dinner. FYI you have NO energy because you are not fueling your body.

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