Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Skin Care Grows Up

*Disclaimer - this is NOT a sponsored post I paid for this with my own money and have since repurchased full sized items* 

So a few weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram..

Then a few days later this picture - which prompted a lot of direct messages asking if the system really works that well.. IT DOES. 

I hit 40 and cystic acne hit. I had never really had acne as a teen sure a few pimples here and there but nothing major. So when I got adult acne, or cystic acne I was thrown for a loop. Number one it hits like hell. Cystic acne is deep bigger than a pimple and in never really comes to a head to pop. Its deep its generally a large knot and if you pick enough all you get is clear fluid and an even bigger sore. Number two nothing geared for teens works. I know, I bought it all. The spots last for weeks and when you finally feel that it is starting to go away another one takes its place.

I starting searching for something over the counter to alleviate the acne I really didn't want to go to the dermatologist and take medications and use harsh topicals. That was painful and expensive to boot. A friend of mine went and her face wash and treatment alone was over $200. Yes it worked but $200 a month and then to end up with red, dry skin wasn't what I wanted. What I did find was one of my favorite Youtubbers talking about this new skin care she was trying out and it was working and working fast. I didn't even finish the video before heading to purchase the starter kit.

What I found when the kit arrived and I started using it was pure magic - at least to me- I had some spots on my chin that had started to heal and one between my eyes that had just appeared, in fact you can still see that one in the photo. Within days the spots on my chin were gone and the hard knots they generally leave behind were greatly diminished. The spot between my eyes was healing faster than any of them ever had. In fact in just the two weeks since that photo they are all gone and nothing has replaced them as of yet. The only thing I replaced was the starter kit with full sized products!

This is photo was taken almost 3 weeks after starting the system. No acne or spots - the one on my chin is a scar from a burn. That never stays covered all day no matter what makeup I use.

My other favorite aspect of this line?? Its an anti aging line. I have always said it sucks to have acne AND wrinkles - so NOT fair. Murad is the only line I have found thus far to address BOTH aging and acne. Kudos Murad!!! 

Honestly once you hit a certain age your skin care has to grow up with you. Learning that has actually been a frustrating experience for me. Teenage skin care just does not address the needs and issues of adult skin. If you are having cystic adult acne issues I highly recommend this Murad system.

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Thursday Throwback - Shit I don't understand

I have not done one of these "Shit I Don't Understand" posts in a long time - so that is my throwback Thursday..

Ariana Grande - seriously? Bitch whats your issue? I actually am not as worked up over her "I hate American's I hate America" comments. It is a free Country and people have given their life for her to have the right to talk out of her ass if she so desires.  My issue - Bitch licked a donut and PUT IT BACK. What the hell?

Okay Princess, you have the right to say what you like - you do NOT have the right to lick food you did not or are not going to purchase.  Just like I have the right to take my Fatty Mcfatterson ass to the donut shop and purchase and consume an UNprelicked donut.

Oh and your "explanation" yep Rob Lowe is correct it is #LAME. You would have been so much better off saying. I was hungry, because of the standards places on people in the public eye I have no been allowed sugar, fat or fried anything in 5 years. That we would have understood and said "oh shes hangry".

Nope she had to go talk about the foods that are consumed in America. News flash for ya, there are baked goods in ALL countries. Pull your head out of your ass stop bad mouthing people and countries. Learn that all things in moderation are fine and for goodness sake learn some tact, some manners and stop licking food you have no intentions of purchasing. I'll lick my own damn donuts!!

PS: you have the money to find a new home country if we are really that bad, we'd hate for you to be so miserable. Have your people check on that!

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Just Finished - Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

Ever have a book that once you finish it you have no idea what to read next because nothing sounds good after the world you just finished. ...