Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

I confess I am behind yet again... The cold that had started to dissipate the end of last week came back with a vengeance over the weekend and I spent all weekend in bed sleeping. I'm start to feel like I am on the other side of it now, I am hope it stays that way. This has been insane.

I'm sick of that damn hump day camel.

Our move day has been moved up - so my "oh I have time" mind set is now screaming "how MANY days are left".

I have no excitement this year for the Superbowl and I think I would rather stay home than go anywhere. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with being sick and worn out. I am imagining staying home with a book. The weather is supposed to be crappy anyhow. Yeah I know its winter.  I have packing and purging to do anyhow.

I'm still searching for a reclining love-seat for the new apartment. I guess these are harder to find these days and no longer popular??

I have gotten into reading cold cases on the internet when I ran across a Facebook page for Christopher Abeyta. I remember this story well as I was living in Colorado Springs at the time. He was never found.

 In reading up on the case, the family has done a lot of their own investigations and have enough evidence to get the grand jury to hold an investigation. Right now there is a petition circulating to get this case in front of the Grand Jury please take a moment to sign it.  Change.Org petition  So far there are 2,787 signatures with 2,213 more needed.

For more information here is the website for Christopher Find Christopher and the Facebook page  Christopher Abeyta. Please consider signing the petition.  27 years is a long time and this family deserves an outcome. It has always been believed Christopher is alive, now help them find him and the woman it is believed took him as a baby for revenge.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Confessional

I had to stop and think this morning when D asked if it was Thursday - drat nope just Wednesday!

We had out pre-tranfer inspection yesterday that went well - and we signed the final transfer paperwork last night... wheeee - now to pack.

I bought 3 of the 4 Son's of Anarchy sound tracks - 4 has not been released yet and they have been playing almost non stop.

Another song on constant loop is:

The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive (Bonus Track) by Pink on Grooveshark

The house has been really quite without Peep and Lil Man.

I still don't like the redesign on the blog and I am thinking about scrapping the design and trying again.

Shit that people try to pull on Facebook Swap boards crack me up... Then they get pissed when you point it out. FYI an "insurance claim phone is a refurbished phone ie used - no your not going to get 350.00 for it.. The reason you can't sell your XP dual core pc for $400 is because its OLD XP is not even supported any longer and dual core is slow as hell.. Yes your an ass for getting pissed when people ask if you will take less..

For the first time in a LONG time - my nails are not polished dark ....

Shocked the hell out of my nail tech when I asked for a baby pink french mani - she kept asking me if I was sure..

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivated Mondays

Kelsey over at Random Randts has started a new blog link up called Motivated Monday's.  She designed the link up to keep motivation up and everyone on the fitness track. Honestly I could use a little motivation myself so I was thrilled when she asked if I wanted to participate.

Since my back issues last Summer that have dragged on even still I have no worked out in fear of making the pain worse. My weight has held steady but it hasn't done diddy in terms of my goals to get lean muscle. So easing slowly back into working out, lifting and hoping for the best.

My motivation this week is a pair of Rock and Republic skinny jeans that I am in love with, are hanging in my closet and fit just a tich to tight - especially after lunch!  The goal is for them to be comfortable ALL day.

Ultimately my goal before summer is to be toned with some muscles.  This year I want to wear the cute shorts and not just hanging around at the house. Not that I couldn't last year, I just was not totally comfortable in my own skin so I hid, in capri's, maxi skirts and jeans.

 I have retained the muscle I gained in my arms, and this weekend I will say that my 2 year old grandbaby looking at me as we were moving their stuff out and saying "wow Noni's musclued (muscled)"  was a pretty damn good feeling. That adds to the motivation bank right there!

Get out there and make it a kick ass week folks!

Kelsey @ Random Randts

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Almost 10 years

It hit me this morning that I have been blogging for almost 10 years.. I started May 2005. (There are a few years with a blank space where no entries were recorded. I think I blogged on MySpace then.) Way back then it just started as a place to jot down all that shit that was going on my my life. I had no readers but I did have a teenager, an angry teenager. I needed a place to just vent and blogging was just getting started - generally over on Livejournal. Where blogs were really just a digital diary. Friends and family may have checked it but that was about it.

Now blogs are both a journal and big business depending on the time and content and if you have worked to "brand" it.  Mine is pretty much still a digital dear diary so to speak. I do some reviews and some posts are "sponsored"  but mostly its just what is going on in my life or how I feel about something that has happened in the world.

Lately I find myself wondering if I have anything else to say after 10 years. Hence the longer silences between posting. Maybe I just need to stop trying to be so ridged about posting and go back to what it was in the beginning - a digital record of what was going on in my life and my thoughts of what was going on in the world as I saw it. Instead of trying to blog 5 days a week on a regular schedule and feeling like I am either forcing content or reaching for it. I need to find my flow again.

Most blogs find a nitch they fit in. Honestly mine doesn't because I don't. I tried to find one and that felt forced as well.  Its not really a lifestyle blog, or a fitness blog. My teenager has grown up so I am not a mommy blog. I just am.  Yes I talk about make up and fashion, I also talk about fitness and food. There is tech talk in there for good measure. Sprinkle with stories of my life,  stories of my grandson then bake at 350 for 45 minutes, and what you have is this.... my life, my reality and I don't fit in a box with a label.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Its Wednesday???

I have lost the entire beginning of this week being sick. I woke up this morning to it being Wednesday and wondering where the hell the days went. I have been down and out for the count since Sunday.  I am now feeling better, but tired as hell. I needed a nap by the time I got to the office this morning!  Last week I ended up with pink eye.. I swear I am getting a bubble suit.

On the upside - I really don't eat when I am sick so there went 4 pounds!! Downside, I'm exhausted and it shows. Today is a struggle to just keep my eyes opened. Plus I have this wonderful cough that sounds like I'm a life long coal miner and my nose in now peeling after going through a box of Kleenex in just 24 hours..

Before I caught the martian death cold I had gotten some packing started. The donation pile is up to a trash bag and a few items in a box. I have not yet hit my closet yet so the pile will grow.  I also have a metric shit ton of kitchen items that need purged.  I'd really love to toss it ALL out and start over, but that is not feasible so.... However I do have a list of shit that is getting replaced starting with the couch!  The cat has -ahem - modified the upholstery on one leg.. The fabric/unfinished wood look isn't my thing! :-)  

I will say in packing things up I have come across one of the only cards my dad gave me on his own, instead of the traditional mom buys a card for the occasion and signs it from both parents type of card. It is also one of the only times he ever wrote something more than "Love Dad" on anything. I have decided once the move is over and things are settled. I am taking that card to the tattoo shop and that is what is going on my wrist. I love that it will be something he wrote and in HIS hand writing.

That is the kinda stuff I do love finding when going through things. Tax returns from 15 years ago, not so much, a sappy love letter from when you started dating your spouse? Totally!  Unfortunately, more of what I have found so far hit the tax returns of 15 years ago category. My "to shred" pile is HUGE.  I have to go opt out of the pre-screened credit card offers and save a tree or fifteen!

I am trying to view all this as early Spring cleaning! Heads phones in, music on and dancing while I toss, shred and pack!

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Friday, January 09, 2015

Cha Cha Changes

Hey there! Welcome to 2015.. I can NOT stay I'm sorry 2014 is gone!!! Whew fresh air!

Big changes coming around. First D and I are down sizing to a one bedroom apartment.  Peep and Lil Man are moving in with her finance' - yep fiance'. Three huge changes right there!

This ended up happening way before I thought it would. I honestly thought that I had until late this spring.. Nope,  surprise - lease is up late this winter. So we spent last weekend looking for a new place (and wedding dress shopping) and well I hate ALL the apartments. So, we are staying in the same complex just downsizing.

Which means this weekend is a cleaning purging weekend. I have things that I am finally ready to part with so off to Goodwill they go. I am also getting started on deep cleaning the current place so that move out cleaning won't be so bad.  I will miss the place - it has some upgraded features the other building doesn't have, but I am also looking forward to the next chapter.

5 years ago D and I had a one bedroom apartment, and honestly we had the best time. Cleaning was a breeze which freed up time to go hang with friends, play scrabble. Life was a little less rushed and hectic - I am really looking forward to that! It fits right in with one of my goals of simplifying, not being quite so rushed and frazzled.

Now to just get things tossed, donated or packed.. Anyone want to come do the heavy lifting???

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