Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

I confess I am behind yet again... The cold that had started to dissipate the end of last week came back with a vengeance over the weekend and I spent all weekend in bed sleeping. I'm start to feel like I am on the other side of it now, I am hope it stays that way. This has been insane.

I'm sick of that damn hump day camel.

Our move day has been moved up - so my "oh I have time" mind set is now screaming "how MANY days are left".

I have no excitement this year for the Superbowl and I think I would rather stay home than go anywhere. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with being sick and worn out. I am imagining staying home with a book. The weather is supposed to be crappy anyhow. Yeah I know its winter.  I have packing and purging to do anyhow.

I'm still searching for a reclining love-seat for the new apartment. I guess these are harder to find these days and no longer popular??

I have gotten into reading cold cases on the internet when I ran across a Facebook page for Christopher Abeyta. I remember this story well as I was living in Colorado Springs at the time. He was never found.

 In reading up on the case, the family has done a lot of their own investigations and have enough evidence to get the grand jury to hold an investigation. Right now there is a petition circulating to get this case in front of the Grand Jury please take a moment to sign it.  Change.Org petition  So far there are 2,787 signatures with 2,213 more needed.

For more information here is the website for Christopher Find Christopher and the Facebook page  Christopher Abeyta. Please consider signing the petition.  27 years is a long time and this family deserves an outcome. It has always been believed Christopher is alive, now help them find him and the woman it is believed took him as a baby for revenge.

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