Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Motivated Monday ............ On Tuesday

Yep I know day late dollar short.............

Kelsey @ Random Randts

Last Friday I registered for my favorite 5k of the year - The Diva Dash.. Last year it was the only 5k I did after my back issues. I will confess to being nervous about it this year as I am still plagued by that damn low back pain. I registered anyway. 

This 5k is different from ANY of the others held as it is WOMEN only and we have a damn good time.  This year its on March 28th, and I am hoping for a warmer start than in past years.. This also gives me a little over a month to get prepared.  

I will also be scheduling a physical for March - I think my last one was ummm college - yeah I know, shush. I'm just not a "go to the doctor person" I'll go if I am sick but that is about it.. However I think its time I have health information like thyroid function, cholesterol and the all important base line mammogram. Every year I have the day off for my birthday and I think this is what I will go do on that day.   Remember ladies its more important to mammogram your boobs than to instagram them!!

I need to get more into the mind set of "an once of prevention" than "what if I don't like what he says?

I am finally feeling more like myself again, I have a cough left over from the "respiratory virus from hell" but at least I have my energy back. Which means its really time to start packing!!!  That move is coming up way fast! 

Prepping for the 5k and moving is pretty much going to take up my free time in February. Which is okay by me - just bring SPRING quickly - I am sick of freezing!!

Have a kick ass week folks - and go do something physical!

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  1. Love it!! Mammogram not Instagram your boobs!!!! Thanks for linking up!! ;)



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