Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

Wow its midweek already!

Wednesday confessions:

I am thrilled January is over - it was an emotionally rough month for several people I care deeply about - I am glad its over.

February is a month I both love and hate... I hate it because its still cold but love, love that its only 28 days long.. BRING ON MARCH!  That statement never fails to crack my mother up.

Peep and little man have moved back up this way and in with her ex. All this back and forth is making me nervous. Though I do hope that Little Man is happier being back this way. Apparently he was NOT out at the farm and let his mother know loudly and often.  He told her he wanted to go HOME. Poor lil guy missed his people.  We missed him as well.

Monday night we lit the fireplace for the first time this winter - and possibly the last before we move.  It was the first because we didn't want to light it with Lil Man running around. The last because I have traded a fireplace for a walk in closet LOL.. The new place doesn't have a fire place.. I'll miss yet I will LOVE having more space in the closet.

Hands down the BEST part of the Super Bowl last Sunday was Missy Elliot. Second - the fight at the end.. NFL went MMA!!! I will say having to explain the the tweens there just WHO Missy was a little off putting - geesh kids. The words "oh so like the first Iggy" made my eyes roll really hard.. Um NO - just NO.

I'm looking forward to Friday and getting together with the 'Mafia Girls for dinner - its been freaking ages since we have all been together.

I wore TOMS yesterday because it was 50 degree and I am sick of boots.  Snow is expected today.

I abhor the term BAE and really wished people knew its Danish for poop - so you're actually calling your loved one poop ... way to go!

My favorite meme from Sundays game:

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