Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday's Confessions and a Few Rants......


I am sick of flat ironing my hair its a process. Its thick, its curly and its wavy. So last night I just didn't, I tamed some of the crazy and then just let it be. No its not as polished as it usually is and right now I don't care...

That whole excuse "I can't because I am washing my hair that night" really isn't an excuse for me, its my reality. It takes hours to fully dry, even when using a hair dryer, because the dryer can only do so much. Then you have to flat iron it which can take another 45 minutes..  Last night I just didn't wanna...

I am sick of the hype over the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Hell even Mashable has an article on how to put together a beginners bondage kit... WTF? Do you seriously need a tutorial on that?  Isn't that what the other you tube-ish site is for?

I am keep a close eye on next weeks weather - the move is next weekend and I'd rather not have shitty weather for it. 

Starbucks you need to get your shit together and design a travel cup that goes IN THE DAMN DISHWASHER.. Who the hell has the time or desire to hand wash dishes these days is IS 2015. Surely you can come up with SOMETHING. 

I have really hot Valentines Day plans - we are getting take out and packing!!! Jealous I know. *wink*

I managed 2 out of 3 of my goals last weekend.. I did NOT make it to the gym. I did pack and get rid of things.

I need a vacation - an actual vacation where we go somewhere, chill and have fun.

The anniversary of my dad's birthday hit me harder this year than usual and I am not exactly sure why.

I'm trying to figure out how I was designated as everyone's "favor doer".

I can't stand whiners - lately the urge to tell them off is getting stronger and stronger..

A friend of mine put this on my Facebook page - it made my day:

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