Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Current Favorite Things To Watch

I am totally into Leah Remini's Scientology and the Aftermath, I was thrilled that the show won an Emmy for DocuSeries and started the second season. I will admit to being intrigued by Scientology when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch and then started a slow but dynamic meltdown over Brooke Shields book on postpartum depression, therapy and depression medication.

I Googled the same stuff I think most of us did and came to the conclusion what the actual fuck and how do people really get wrapped up into a religion based on science fiction books.  I honestly didn't dig very deep. When Leah - who I loved watching on the King of Queens - very publically broke with Scientology I started watching her reality show and became very interested in her upcoming documentary on the aftermath of breaking with this religion - which frankly is a cult.

The more she and Mike Render dig into and expose the practices of this "church" the more I am just floored at how - one they are getting away with what they are doing and two how they are still able to recruit more "followers" and retain the ones they have.

The other binge watch I have at the moment comes from the few weeks I had such bad insomnia I fell down the Youtube hole and discovered the Lordan Arts channel. He has a few series that he does on his Youtube channel that just capture my interest and before I know it I have watched hours of his episodes.

John Lordan has a few series that he regularly updates - they are all centred around missing people and unsolved mysteries - generally unsolved murders. He occasionally throws in a vlog and what he calls an itchy mystery that are usually paranormal in nature.  All of his episodes are researched very well, with facts and theories explained. He does a wonderful job at being unbiased and presenting all the information he finds.  He will tell you what he thinks, or what parts he doesn't agree with but never sells you on his point of view. He encourages you to look into the case presented, do research and share your theories.

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Monday, October 09, 2017

What A First Week of October!!

I started my new job last Monday - it's been overwhelming with trying to learn everything, but I love it!  I love being back in the medical field in patient care. The people I work with are all so nice and welcoming.  I know it will get easier as I get more comfortable with the instruments and my own growth in learning the pace and routines.  The patients have all been super sweet with my shadowing other techs and slowing down their appointments a bit.  I had a training manager in with me on Friday and she was beyond wonderful and put me at ease. I'm honestly looking forward to going to work this week, which is a HUGE departure in how I felt about my last position working in the automotive industry. *shudder*

Saturday we checked out the Ren Fest - we have one of the biggest in the US and I believe one of the first to be a permanent structure. Its been around since 1977.  I had a great time, logged a tad over 5 miles walked but lost a pair of Nikes in the process.  We'd had a rain off and on for a few days last week and Ren Fest was still a muddy mess. I did wear my oldest pair so I guess I officially have trashy shoes now for when you need that pair of "eh they are screwed up anyway tennis shoes" for doing crap jobs!

The other casualty of the week was the microwave. Friday it decided it had warmed up all the leftovers and popped all the popcorn it was ever going to and just said nope - fuck this I quit. Apparently, the thing has a megatron thingy bobber in it that is pretty much the heart of the whole thing and mine decided to retire.  We went to today to pick a new out and a gorgeous new red model is now sitting on my counter. I felt 48 hours was a proper mourning period for it, I thanked it for 2 years of service and then pulled it off the counter.

I have Monday off this week so I will run a couple of errands, wash up my scrubs for next week and just chill to get ready for the upcoming week.  I may also hit the gym, depending on how sore I still am from carrying my niece quite a bit Saturday.  She was all about her Auntie Saturday and I was more than okay with that. Whats your upcoming week looking like??

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Sunday, October 01, 2017

See Ya September!!!!

I'm not a huge fan of September, so while I am generally sad to see Summer fade away I wave goodbye enthusiastically to September every single year. Most of the major traumatic events of my life happened in September. So good riddance!!  I know I am far from alone - September also begins shorter days, less sunlight and brings with it, for those affected, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Hell, even Greenday dislikes September! Speaking of Greenday someone go wake up Billie Joe Armstrong. The horrid month is over.  By the way, the history behind that song speaks volumes to me I'm not totally poking fun at Billie. I completely understand why he wrote the song and how he felt. Generally, when I say I hate September wake me up when it's over, people think I am trying to be funny.  In reality, I am serious - and am in no way being cheeky about it.

I am looking forward to fresh starts for October - I am starting a new job, one I am very excited about. I was actually relieved that I start October 2nd.  I look forward to getting back to blogging, to the gym. Over the Summer we bought an Instapot - I really need to learn to use it. That desire has lead me back to Pinterest for recipes, I have an entire board to try out including yogart and cheesecakes. Let's hope I hit the gym more than the cheesecake!  I have actually lost weight while quitting smoking, I have NO desire to find it again.

Next weekend I am hoping to get to the Ren Fest. We didn't go last year but I'd like to get there this year. Everything I have gone it has been for an event or to take my Grandbaby. This year will be the first year we just go to go. One of these weekends we also need to go couch shopping, ours has had it and is increasingly more uncomfortable to sit on, so much so I default to sitting on my bed and watching TV or Youtube in my bedroom.  I am hoping to have the new couch before winter. Getting the old one out and the new one in sucks when it is 20 degrees out and snowing!

What is on your agenda for Fall??

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Stuffs

I swear I'm going to get better at blogging again!  I have been busy this week with job interviewing. I was offered a position that I accepted - I am going back into the medical field - and I can NOT wait to get back into scrubs!!!  So that has been the highlight of my week.

I start Monday - so I have been taking the time to do a good cleaning on my house before I start work again. Insomnia has been out of control for the past few weeks so that has not helped any productivity - I am pretty certain though once I am back into the swing of working that will help resolve it, especially since I can't just sleep in!

It's no secret I do not like Fall as it brings winter in on its heels and I am a Spring/Summer kinda gal. However, the ONLY thing I can say positive about Fall is all my favorite shows come back from break!! Well, I typically do not like reboots - I am thrilled Will and Grace is back!!!! Karen Walker is my spirit animal. Now here is hoping it's as amazing as it was in the 1990's.

I am 46 days into being cigarette free. Taste is being way more intense. I discovered eating my favorite lemon yogart holy shit was it amazing! I really liked it before but now it's out of this world!

The last few days I have been straightening up the house going through things and tossing what we don't need and reorganizing. I have the bathroom left to do, then things will be pretty much settled and ready for me to head back to work.

We need a new couch, so the hunt for that begins - maybe this weekend we will swing by Nebraska Furniture Mart and see what they have.

Heres to the weekend!!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Something I Have Been Working On...

So I quit smoking!!  I did start vaping so the urge to smoke isn't there.  My nicotine level is so much lower than when I was smoking cigarettes. I am also not putting thousands of chemicals into my body. 

I'm starting to physically feel better. I have noticed some flavors getting more vivid - like lemon. I love lemon. My favorite yogurt is Noosa Lemon I noticed yesterday how tart it actually was.  I was surprised.  I know people always say smoking dulls your taste buds and I honestly didn't think my tastebuds were bad because I would eat something and think this tastes soooooo good. Then I ate the yogurt yesterday and was floored.

I also love the fact I don't smell anymore, my perfume stays, my hair smells like shampoo, not stale smoke.  I have noticed my skin looking better, healthier - less dry. It doesn't look as aged as it had started too.  That right there is motivation on its own to stay a non-smoker. Yes, I know vanity for the win!  

Now I just need to work on getting back to the gym. I haven't gained weight since I stopped smoking, in fact, I have lost some of the weight I gained when I was working at the salon. I, however, do want to get back to working out and living the best life I can.  I want my muscle tone back!! 

Here is to putting down a horrid habit and picking up the free weights!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I Never Meant to Fall off the Internets

So it's been a hot minute, sorry about that. I never meant to just disappear.  Honestly, a few things happened. It has been a difficult year. I've changed jobs a few times, and currently am looking again. My daughter and grandbabies moved out of state; to be blunt I hit a funk. I also hit a wall and didn't know what to even blog about anymore.

These days I am dealing with insomnia really bad despite taking my medications, which will explain the 2:30am blog post.  I feel like this past year has been one huge lesson in what I DON'T want to do. So I have been a tad lost in direction.

I truly loved working at the salon, but after a few stylists walked out it just wasn't a feasible option. So I accepted a position as a service advisor for an automotive repair shop thinking "hey its an adventure, a new life experience!" Turns out it is not exactly an industry I am cut out for. So I am looking again.  I think I need to go back to what I know, either the Medical field or Corporate America. Unfortunately so are all the recent college graduates!!

As far as the blogging block goes, I just need to get back to putting down whatever comes to mind and not worry "does this fit, or has this already been done"?  I enjoyed blogging the most when I just wrote and didn't attempt to fit a theme or aesthetic. In the beginning, it was just me and my thoughts about whatever. So that is what I strive to achieve again.  I find that I miss my ramblings and Wednesday confessions and some of the plain silliness.

Some posts may be long, some short - some will probably have no rhyme or reason but at least it won't all be stuck in the abyss of my mind any longer.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Confess Sess

I can't wear heels anymore so I have turned into a sneakerhead.  My first pair of Adidas are due in today and I am beyond excited. I used the custom design feature on the website almost 3 weeks ago. I am now eagerly waiting for my all blush pink classics to arrive. Yes, they will probably be GLUED to my feet for awhile.

I'm addicted to Feud: Betty and Joan on FX.

I need to go buy out my gym membership and go back to home workouts and the complex gym that needs serious help but is right here. When I worked in the office my gym was convenient it was not far and I would just pop in on my way home and workout. Now that I am working in the salon it's out of the way and my hours are just to unconventional to justify keeping it when I can use the treadmill at the complex and my Jillian videos, which is how I started out in the first place.  Once I start school driving to the gym to workout will be completely impractical.

My insomnia is worse with the time change - I wished that we would just stay on daylight savings time.  It takes me forever to re-adjust each time the tinkering of the clock comes around.

Driving downtown makes me anxious - Monday I have to drive downtown at rush hour for a conference on skin care. I am looking forward to the conference just not the drive there and back!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Skin Care Mistakes I Made in my Teens and Twenties..

The things I wished I could go back and tell myself in my teens and twenties. Things I am now preaching to my daughter and nieces..

I was always hunting the tan - pasty, porcelain very skinned blonde (was natural back then) wanting to always be a bronzed goddess.  Which let's face it was NEVER in the cards - though I did achieve nice a nice bronze color when tanning beds hit the scene. Now I wished I'd never done either. I still want the glow but these days I am hitting the self-tanner and sunscreen. Yep at times, I look streaky but it is better to be streaky than missing skin patches due to melanoma.

I used straight up soap to wash my face in my preteen years.  Then the clear glycerine bar as a teen and noxzema, and some Seabreeze toner - loved the burn. No moisturizer in sight.  Looking back my skin was most likely horrible dehydrated.

In my twenties, I slept in my makeup - heavy stage makeup to boot. I washed my face when I showered using my body wash. I used regular lotion as moisturizer, if I bothered at all. Eye-cream was a word I didn't know.  if I had a breakout I would attempt to dry it out with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or a mixture of baking soda and peroxide.  The makeup artist in my shudders to even read those words now.

I am always telling my daughter to start an anti-aging skin care routine NOW while she is in her twenties and her 40 something self will thank me. True to fashion she doesn't listen.  I have also started preaching this to my best friend's daughter - whom I consider my niece.  I have access to amazing skin care of which I am without shame, putting in her hands and lecturing her on the evils of sleeping in makeup - even if "it is just eyeliner".  Sleeping in makeup will cause premature aging of your skin as well as a whole slew of skin issues.

Take care of your face - you only get one. Your skin is your foundation for everything. Treat it right, pamper it. Drink tons of water, eat healthy and use the best skincare your budget allows.  It doesn't make a damn bit of difference if you use high-end makeup if the skin you are putting it on isn't treated well. If your foundation is cracked its just a matter of time before it all crumbles.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life Currently

So it is no secret I stepped away from blogging for awhile.  I had a few life changes that I didn't discuss here, well anywhere.  I changed jobs, and more so accurately completely changed career fields. I didn't really ever discuss what I did for a living or where I worked. I was working in the IT field as a business manager. In September my almost 7-year career ended in IT.  It was not expected, but frankly, it was time to move on. I had reached burnout status.

I took some time to figure out what and where I wanted to go.  I worked very briefly in retail at the start of the Christmas season. Then I took a position at a salon working in Customer Service Management.  I have also started the steps to take my Makeup Artistry course for my certificate from MUD.  Through the salon, I am working on my retail certification from Dermatological. I have an all day seminar and workshop coming up at the beginning of April.  I am waiting to hear back from the school on the newly restructured MUD program so that I can enroll and start.  Classes are all day Sunday and Monday.  The salon is closed both days so this works out perfectly.

In with all of these changes my daughter also moved out of state. I am used to seeing my grandbabies every few days. I was there when both of them were born and are very attached to both. This has been a hard transition for me.  I was cleaning today and came across a few hidden rocks that were not in my basket and had a moment.. My grandson is who would bring me rocks from all his adventures.  I have saved them all. He started this when he was about two. I treasure them all and miss him flying through my door yelling NONI check out what I have for you! His fifth birthday is in a few months, it will be the first one I have not been there for.  My granddaughter turns one in August, I am hoping to be able to get there for that.

With all this going on, I lost my passion for blogging, and since I changed the focus of the blog to a beauty blog I didn't feel that most of this fit that aesthetic.  However, the fact is this blog was always my outlet and I lost sight of that.  It's mine and I can mix it all up and not attempt to just fit in one basket.  I always said nitch blogging wasn't my thing, why I tried is beyond me. So I am going back to my roots, it will be simply my blog with everything thrown in. Whatever I am feeling or into at the moment may show up.  Be it a makeup review, favorites of the season, my journey to becoming a makeup artist or Wednesday confessional with an occasional bitch session thrown in.  

I hope to see y'all back and interacting - I've missed you.

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