Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Confess Sess

I can't wear heels anymore so I have turned into a sneakerhead.  My first pair of Adidas are due in today and I am beyond excited. I used the custom design feature on the website almost 3 weeks ago. I am now eagerly waiting for my all blush pink classics to arrive. Yes, they will probably be GLUED to my feet for awhile.

I'm addicted to Feud: Betty and Joan on FX.

I need to go buy out my gym membership and go back to home workouts and the complex gym that needs serious help but is right here. When I worked in the office my gym was convenient it was not far and I would just pop in on my way home and workout. Now that I am working in the salon it's out of the way and my hours are just to unconventional to justify keeping it when I can use the treadmill at the complex and my Jillian videos, which is how I started out in the first place.  Once I start school driving to the gym to workout will be completely impractical.

My insomnia is worse with the time change - I wished that we would just stay on daylight savings time.  It takes me forever to re-adjust each time the tinkering of the clock comes around.

Driving downtown makes me anxious - Monday I have to drive downtown at rush hour for a conference on skin care. I am looking forward to the conference just not the drive there and back!

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