Thursday, April 30, 2015



Got this playing in the background:

Wishing it was Friday - its been a crazy week.

Looking forward to the end of May when I have a mini vacation of sorts.. add the weekend and Memorial Day in and I am off for 5 days.

I am also looking forward to Grey's tonight.. Last week left me reaching for Kleenex and strangely I am curious to see how they moved forward with Derek gone. I know I'll be on Twitter cussing Shonda though.

This weekend I will probably find us over at my sister in laws helping her paint. The weather is supposed to be nice after 3 plus weeks of rain. That will be a nice change.

This is now playing:

Still waiting on #Royalbaby 2.0

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Confession Sessions

its been a hot minute since I did Wednesday Confessions so I thought I would do them this week:

I am sick of the term "white privilege" being tossed around. I asked this question and oh boy the Internets "told" me:

Why is it when you disagree with riots, looting and all around violence you are accused of showing your "white privilege" why can't it just be that my mommy taught me that violence isn't ever THE answer and is not the way to show anyone your point?

Then the next day I commented on an article about Alice Eve's response to Bruce Jenner's transgender status. Honestly I got Alice's point, however it was the WRONG forum to go off on a women's equality tangent. Alice came off as bitter and when I commented on that fact I was told by some random internet user that Alice was a REAL women and I was a dumb bitch... OOOO LARDY she sure TOLD me.. Whatever. Alice did sound like a bitter party of one and where I am ALL for women's rights - duh I has me a vagina - I think trying to make someone else's journey is the wrong damn platform. Yes, I know I used the phrase "I has me" .

Yes I am watching twitter for the #royalbabywait2.0.

This is a fan parody account but it still cracked me up when I got this on my phone

I saw this today and was blown away - nothing was used except 1 cello and their voices... 

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Renewing Your Humanity

 Read any comments on any article about a controversial person or subject and you are bound to see the gamete of personal beliefs and opinions as well as those who show up just to troll.  I have learned for the most part to not read comments on internet articles. Generally they either make me really angry or very sad. Today is no exception really, except I read some comments. Controversial subject of the day Bruce Jenner and his Transgender status.  

Honestly I am a live and let girl. One of the comments today was about how the commentator just could NOT and would not be accepting. Really? You don't personally know Bruce, I'm pretty sure he is not sitting in his Malibu home thinking "Oh my God if only Princessinternetuser01 would accept me and what I want everything would be okay".. Honey please, get over yourself, furthermore what makes you think how YOU live is the correct and proper way.

Then I read OP ED that struck me so much I shared it on my Facebook page.  To paraphrase the authors point was plain and simple - okay you don't understand, you can't wrap your head around it. GOOD your not supposed to. What you are supposed to do is have empathy, that is the job of EVERY human.  Your not going to agree with everything but when it all comes down to it we are all human with rights. 

You're never going to "get" every journey that someone takes, guess what? No one is going to understand every journey you take either. We all need to be tolerant of each other. Just as you are sitting there judging one persons decision to finally authentically live THEIR life someone maybe looking at yours thinking "Ugh, they have it so wrong and I can never support them as I don't personally believe in their choices."

Always keep two things in mind when you are judging someone. One, the first step off your high horse is a doozey and number two, you do not have all the answers to everything.  The best you can do is to remember we are ALL humans and treat each other as such. That is what will put the human back in humanity. 


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*disclaimer: Bruce Jenner has stated that he is still for now using the name Bruce and male pronouns. Until he states otherwise I have done the same 

Monday, April 20, 2015


The dictionary defines renew(al) as :
 to make (something) new, fresh, or strong again
: to make (a promise, vow, etc.) again
: to begin (something) again especially with more force or enthusiasm

A little over two years ago I started down the road of improving my fitness thus improving my overall health. I did well until a back injury last summer sidelined me. Over the course of a year I have taken notice about how fitness and my outlook on things were closely tied.
When I was working out I actually felt less stress and more confidence. Maybe I just handled it better when I had an outlet.  Now that outlet is gone and I find that I am quick to feel overwhelmed and more apt to go with the flow regardless of what I actually think or what it means to/for me.
As my family is dealing with a hugely stressful event right now and this may sound strange as most people would say “when things calm down then I will____,” but I actually think it is a good time to renew my promise to myself to be kinder to me. Which means getting back into fitness, controlling my stress as much as possible and frankly relearning how to say NO to things that I don’t want to do regardless of who is asking.  Honestly we all have the right to say NO.

What promises do you need to renew to yourself? 
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Odds and Ends

The end of last week threw me into a tailspin so the pic updates and whatnot that I had planned to blog didn't get done.  I am still treading water actually, a lot is going on both personally and professionally so this is just the random shit running round my head today.

This weekend was spent chillin with the Lil Man we took him to lunch and the park Saturday. We spent all afternoon playing and running around.  I didn't straighten my hair that morning I had opted to stay curly and go a day without heat styling my hair. Lil Man was not impressed. He came over to hug me, stopped in his tracks and said "hey wait why are you curly, how did you do that and I don't like it.  I realized that he hasn't ever seen it not straightened. Poor dude.  No matter how much we tried to explain that WAS my hair and it was curly naturally - he wan't buying it. Save to say he's NOT a fan. Meh, its okay neither am I!!

Sunday afternoon was paperwork hell for me. I had personal taxes to get done then my normal paperwork for the week for work. I spent the evening melted into a puddle on the bed watching Long Island Medium and wondering where the hell the weekend went.  Next weekend I have scheduled in a weekend of JACK SHIT. After 3 weeks I'll be able to sleep in!!

I am still researching Whole30 and I wondering if I bumped my head LOL. No sugar, no bread, no cheese, no chocolate.....

I read an article last week about approaching work clothes as an uniform and how men do this all the time and no one thinks twice about seeing them in the same thing day after day. No one ever wonders is that the "exact same shirt and pants" let a woman do that though and the water cooler bitch brigade begins with the whispers.

Honestly I am thinking about embracing this way of thinking - last week I ended up changing clothes 4 times and leaving the house late because I just didn't like what I was wearing. If you have a standard so to speak boom time saved! Que the black pants, or dark washed jeans and all black tops add color with accessories.  Yes I really DO like dressing in all black - created a darker color and I'll stop wearing all black! To me its just classic, especially being blonde. My opinion is that its polished and looks put together.

Kohl's here I come ........................................
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Wednesday, April 08, 2015


As part of my renew goals for April I have been looking into the Whole30 plan. In essence its basically a reset of your eating habits. I have spoken to friends who have completed the plan and joined a facebook group for newbies to Whole30. The people I have spoken to who have completed the plan say that its not all hype. It has really helped them the way they were promised. Several friends have experienced a lot of their health issues lessen or dissipate completely. That alone has my interest. 

I am still in the research phase. .  Everyone I have talked to has said this is key to success.  The plan is very restrictive cutting out all added sugars, grains, coffee creamer, soy etc. So planning is a MUST. The process behind the plan is to cut out all the things that are common triggers for allergies or causes intolerance for most people. Clear up your diet, even it out and after the 30 days slowing reintroduce the foods to see what bothers you personally. 

While most people who complete the 30 days report weight loss this is not my goal. Yes it will be nice but my goals for this are to simply get a few issues under control. I'd like to get a handle on my IBD, headaches, and the cystic acne that reared its head when I turned 40. Gaining back some energy will be nice as well. 

I think my biggest mental struggles will be sugar - I love me some baked goods! Creamer is also a huge thing for me - even my beloved vanilla soy creamer is a no-no.  There will be a lot of label reading and researching recipes and finding approved substitutes. I will be picking up the Whole30 book this weekend to start the prep process and figure out when I will be starting the 30 days. 

Anyone completed the Whole30 plan? Any tips to share? Hit me up in comments or email! I could use tips and words of wisdom. 

Monday, April 06, 2015

What's New??

Hey y'all whats new with you?? 

Things here have been steady with a few major changes at the office. My partner and "work husband" is relocating which means onsite management will just be me.. EEK.   We are also changing things up a bit so it will be exciting to see how things level out. 

I finally got all my pictures hung in the new place. I also got wedding pictures printed and up on the walls. Eleven years later.. oops! It took me awhile to get the family photos up as I wasn't quite sure #1 where I wanted them and #2 I knew I wanted to do gallery walls but wasn't sure which ones I wanted grouped together and if I wanted everything in the same style frames so I waited. I think they turned out pretty well even if I didn't exactly follow directions and measure all that shit out.  The picture I have on my phone isn't the best and I have changed some of the photos in the frames - I will do a pic update later.

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner and a game night. Let me just say that a bunch of adults sitting around playing go fish (yes we really played go fish) is a LOT more fun than playing go fish as a 6 or 7 year year old. I would have played more as a child had I been able to cuss and trash talk!  I have not laughed that hard in ages. My sides ached by the time the night was over.

Sunday was a low key day - Yep I know it was a holiday but we really didn't do much of anything. Lil man and his mama were over late in the afternoon for about 2 hours then we caught dinner and that was it.  The Easter Bunny had left Lil Man a Thomas the train set at our house for him.  He was thrilled and immediately wanted the track set up so he could watch Thomas go around the track .. 

Lil dude is super cute in dress clothes! 

Last bit of news I have is that I am the blogger of the month over at the Kansas Women Bloggers Association. My first post is slated to be published in the next few days.  I will be tying some of my posts here with the theme of the month which is Renew. I thought that was a perfect theme for April. 

Later this week I will get a picture up date posted while I was not blogging for a week I did do a 5k, put up the gallery wall and got back into some fitness type stuff!! 

Have a great Monday! 

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