Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Confession Sessions

its been a hot minute since I did Wednesday Confessions so I thought I would do them this week:

I am sick of the term "white privilege" being tossed around. I asked this question and oh boy the Internets "told" me:

Why is it when you disagree with riots, looting and all around violence you are accused of showing your "white privilege" why can't it just be that my mommy taught me that violence isn't ever THE answer and is not the way to show anyone your point?

Then the next day I commented on an article about Alice Eve's response to Bruce Jenner's transgender status. Honestly I got Alice's point, however it was the WRONG forum to go off on a women's equality tangent. Alice came off as bitter and when I commented on that fact I was told by some random internet user that Alice was a REAL women and I was a dumb bitch... OOOO LARDY she sure TOLD me.. Whatever. Alice did sound like a bitter party of one and where I am ALL for women's rights - duh I has me a vagina - I think trying to make someone else's journey is the wrong damn platform. Yes, I know I used the phrase "I has me" .

Yes I am watching twitter for the #royalbabywait2.0.

This is a fan parody account but it still cracked me up when I got this on my phone

I saw this today and was blown away - nothing was used except 1 cello and their voices... 

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