Wednesday, April 08, 2015


As part of my renew goals for April I have been looking into the Whole30 plan. In essence its basically a reset of your eating habits. I have spoken to friends who have completed the plan and joined a facebook group for newbies to Whole30. The people I have spoken to who have completed the plan say that its not all hype. It has really helped them the way they were promised. Several friends have experienced a lot of their health issues lessen or dissipate completely. That alone has my interest. 

I am still in the research phase. .  Everyone I have talked to has said this is key to success.  The plan is very restrictive cutting out all added sugars, grains, coffee creamer, soy etc. So planning is a MUST. The process behind the plan is to cut out all the things that are common triggers for allergies or causes intolerance for most people. Clear up your diet, even it out and after the 30 days slowing reintroduce the foods to see what bothers you personally. 

While most people who complete the 30 days report weight loss this is not my goal. Yes it will be nice but my goals for this are to simply get a few issues under control. I'd like to get a handle on my IBD, headaches, and the cystic acne that reared its head when I turned 40. Gaining back some energy will be nice as well. 

I think my biggest mental struggles will be sugar - I love me some baked goods! Creamer is also a huge thing for me - even my beloved vanilla soy creamer is a no-no.  There will be a lot of label reading and researching recipes and finding approved substitutes. I will be picking up the Whole30 book this weekend to start the prep process and figure out when I will be starting the 30 days. 

Anyone completed the Whole30 plan? Any tips to share? Hit me up in comments or email! I could use tips and words of wisdom. 


  1. Good luck! I'll be interested to see your experience. I've read good things about Whole 30 but personally have never tried it.

  2. Thanks Vanessa!! I'll let you know how it goes.


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