Monday, April 27, 2015

Renewing Your Humanity

 Read any comments on any article about a controversial person or subject and you are bound to see the gamete of personal beliefs and opinions as well as those who show up just to troll.  I have learned for the most part to not read comments on internet articles. Generally they either make me really angry or very sad. Today is no exception really, except I read some comments. Controversial subject of the day Bruce Jenner and his Transgender status.  

Honestly I am a live and let girl. One of the comments today was about how the commentator just could NOT and would not be accepting. Really? You don't personally know Bruce, I'm pretty sure he is not sitting in his Malibu home thinking "Oh my God if only Princessinternetuser01 would accept me and what I want everything would be okay".. Honey please, get over yourself, furthermore what makes you think how YOU live is the correct and proper way.

Then I read OP ED that struck me so much I shared it on my Facebook page.  To paraphrase the authors point was plain and simple - okay you don't understand, you can't wrap your head around it. GOOD your not supposed to. What you are supposed to do is have empathy, that is the job of EVERY human.  Your not going to agree with everything but when it all comes down to it we are all human with rights. 

You're never going to "get" every journey that someone takes, guess what? No one is going to understand every journey you take either. We all need to be tolerant of each other. Just as you are sitting there judging one persons decision to finally authentically live THEIR life someone maybe looking at yours thinking "Ugh, they have it so wrong and I can never support them as I don't personally believe in their choices."

Always keep two things in mind when you are judging someone. One, the first step off your high horse is a doozey and number two, you do not have all the answers to everything.  The best you can do is to remember we are ALL humans and treat each other as such. That is what will put the human back in humanity. 


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*disclaimer: Bruce Jenner has stated that he is still for now using the name Bruce and male pronouns. Until he states otherwise I have done the same 

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