Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The entitled generation

There is a entire generation who believes that they are entitled to just about everything. Honestly this one is totally societies fault. For years "experts" have told us to build a child self esteem you need to reward every little thing they do, and we did, and now their sense of "you owe me" makes us want to smack them.

Now days there is a trend that every event has a trophy or prize for every kid no matter what, accolades are way over the top all in the spirit of making that child feel great.... Then one day they hit the real world and discover that no one is throwing them a parade for breathing.

Past generations have worked hard to succeed, and if they didn't they were left in the dust. Its how the saying "survival of the fittest" was born. Those generations know how to take care of themselves and survive. They are the generations that can not figure out why one earth little Sally Jo fresh out of grad school and gets pissed shes doesn't have the corner office and the 6 figure salary. Little Sally Jo hasn't earned it, shes not paid her dues for that corner office and big salary yet, however she feels we owe her those rewards because she walks and talks.

We are not doing today's youth any favors by giving them a prize for every little things they do. Its a disservice to be honest, as the real world will look at them and think "you want what? For doing what your supposed to do anyway? Really??" I'm not saying that self esteem doesn't need to be boosted, and that parents shouldn't build self esteem in their children, but there is a point where you go way over the line and it will bite you in the ass years later.

Something to think about when handing that small child a trophy for best bench warmer........

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