Monday, April 13, 2015

Odds and Ends

The end of last week threw me into a tailspin so the pic updates and whatnot that I had planned to blog didn't get done.  I am still treading water actually, a lot is going on both personally and professionally so this is just the random shit running round my head today.

This weekend was spent chillin with the Lil Man we took him to lunch and the park Saturday. We spent all afternoon playing and running around.  I didn't straighten my hair that morning I had opted to stay curly and go a day without heat styling my hair. Lil Man was not impressed. He came over to hug me, stopped in his tracks and said "hey wait why are you curly, how did you do that and I don't like it.  I realized that he hasn't ever seen it not straightened. Poor dude.  No matter how much we tried to explain that WAS my hair and it was curly naturally - he wan't buying it. Save to say he's NOT a fan. Meh, its okay neither am I!!

Sunday afternoon was paperwork hell for me. I had personal taxes to get done then my normal paperwork for the week for work. I spent the evening melted into a puddle on the bed watching Long Island Medium and wondering where the hell the weekend went.  Next weekend I have scheduled in a weekend of JACK SHIT. After 3 weeks I'll be able to sleep in!!

I am still researching Whole30 and I wondering if I bumped my head LOL. No sugar, no bread, no cheese, no chocolate.....

I read an article last week about approaching work clothes as an uniform and how men do this all the time and no one thinks twice about seeing them in the same thing day after day. No one ever wonders is that the "exact same shirt and pants" let a woman do that though and the water cooler bitch brigade begins with the whispers.

Honestly I am thinking about embracing this way of thinking - last week I ended up changing clothes 4 times and leaving the house late because I just didn't like what I was wearing. If you have a standard so to speak boom time saved! Que the black pants, or dark washed jeans and all black tops add color with accessories.  Yes I really DO like dressing in all black - created a darker color and I'll stop wearing all black! To me its just classic, especially being blonde. My opinion is that its polished and looks put together.

Kohl's here I come ........................................
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