Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Skin Care Mistakes I Made in my Teens and Twenties..

The things I wished I could go back and tell myself in my teens and twenties. Things I am now preaching to my daughter and nieces..

I was always hunting the tan - pasty, porcelain very skinned blonde (was natural back then) wanting to always be a bronzed goddess.  Which let's face it was NEVER in the cards - though I did achieve nice a nice bronze color when tanning beds hit the scene. Now I wished I'd never done either. I still want the glow but these days I am hitting the self-tanner and sunscreen. Yep at times, I look streaky but it is better to be streaky than missing skin patches due to melanoma.

I used straight up soap to wash my face in my preteen years.  Then the clear glycerine bar as a teen and noxzema, and some Seabreeze toner - loved the burn. No moisturizer in sight.  Looking back my skin was most likely horrible dehydrated.

In my twenties, I slept in my makeup - heavy stage makeup to boot. I washed my face when I showered using my body wash. I used regular lotion as moisturizer, if I bothered at all. Eye-cream was a word I didn't know.  if I had a breakout I would attempt to dry it out with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or a mixture of baking soda and peroxide.  The makeup artist in my shudders to even read those words now.

I am always telling my daughter to start an anti-aging skin care routine NOW while she is in her twenties and her 40 something self will thank me. True to fashion she doesn't listen.  I have also started preaching this to my best friend's daughter - whom I consider my niece.  I have access to amazing skin care of which I am without shame, putting in her hands and lecturing her on the evils of sleeping in makeup - even if "it is just eyeliner".  Sleeping in makeup will cause premature aging of your skin as well as a whole slew of skin issues.

Take care of your face - you only get one. Your skin is your foundation for everything. Treat it right, pamper it. Drink tons of water, eat healthy and use the best skincare your budget allows.  It doesn't make a damn bit of difference if you use high-end makeup if the skin you are putting it on isn't treated well. If your foundation is cracked its just a matter of time before it all crumbles.

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