Thursday, February 26, 2015

At Least its Only Every 4 Years or So

Move is done - and the house is 90% unpacked and put away. Thank goodness - I am sore and have more unaccounted for bruises than I care to mention. I woke up yesterday with my right hand swollen three times its normal size... I am thrilled to just be about done -  only a few more boxes to go.

There are a few things I have learned about moving having done it once or twenty times in my lifetime.

There is always one box that never gets unpacked - it get put in a closet with the intent of "getting to it later" later never comes that box will just move from house to house with you.

Once you get where you are going and start to unpack you will purge more as you find there isn't anywhere to place the treasured item. You will wonder why on earth you bothered to pack it and completely forget that as you packed it, you declared it an item that you would NEVER part with. You will toss it in a box to go to the trash  without a second look. This moment is when the REAL purging happens.

Your husband becomes completely aware of how much makeup you actually own.

He will also see your handbag collection all at once...

No matter how carefully you label boxes there will be something you can't find and need for work the following Monday (or in my case Tuesday). You will end up repurchasing what ever item it is and then find it the next day.

Never move during February. Its cold, it makes the whole experience worse.

Icy hot patches are a gift from above. Purchase a box of them - apply liberally.

When our lease is up NEXT February - I am thinking an 18 month lease needs to be brought up...

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