Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Random Tidbits

I hate moving, its a pain in the ass. This time the possibility of it being a huge pain in the ass is high. There's a winter storm due in Saturday. Please just NO. My to-do list keeps getting longer. I forgot to call the sewage company to change service addresses. There is also the bank and my credit card company.. Oh and I have to go get a new microwave. The current place has an under the range hood model - I think they would be pissed if I relocated it!

In the midst of trying to pack and get situated my mothers fridge decided it was also tired of being cold and gave up. I had my father in law go look at it. He declared it toast. The valves in the compressor went out.  So mom got a new fridge from us for her birthday..  Thus starting a new round of being angry at my dad for leaving my mother in less than stellar financial shape..  Review your life insurance policies people - make sure it covers your shit and leaves your family with some breathing room.

Next week my Peep is having another procedure done to try to figure out whats going on with her. I really wished someone would figure something out soon.. All the guesses are maddening.  She just had a scope 2 weeks ago.

Since January I have had 3 close friends start the steps to ending their long term marriages. One of which is over 20 years.  Another is within my immediate family.  That one has been rough. Not surprising, but wow its been a ride.
I stumbled across this Elephant Journal article while surfing their web page. I think it explains things perfectly.  Most of their articles either inspire a "ah-ha" from me or a smile. It is a daily read of mine.

Its really starting to bother me seeing EVERYONE staring at their phones ALL THE DAMN TIME anymore. I am at the point where I am sick of being in a group, having a conversation and people are checking facebook or twitter or texting. Put the fucking phone away. Engage with the people who are there with you physically, if you wanted to scroll facebook why the hell are you making plans with people 3D?  Just stop!

Remember what you did BEFORE smartphones and facebook, yeah that - do more of THAT.  Oh and by the way - ignoring who you are sitting across from at a social gathering to be on your phone is RUDE. Your mama would be pissed!

Bright spot of the week thus far - this finally came and its bright! Now I just have to find a matching wallet!!

Have a great day! Go do something that does NOT include your phone!!

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