Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivated Mondays

Kelsey over at Random Randts has started a new blog link up called Motivated Monday's.  She designed the link up to keep motivation up and everyone on the fitness track. Honestly I could use a little motivation myself so I was thrilled when she asked if I wanted to participate.

Since my back issues last Summer that have dragged on even still I have no worked out in fear of making the pain worse. My weight has held steady but it hasn't done diddy in terms of my goals to get lean muscle. So easing slowly back into working out, lifting and hoping for the best.

My motivation this week is a pair of Rock and Republic skinny jeans that I am in love with, are hanging in my closet and fit just a tich to tight - especially after lunch!  The goal is for them to be comfortable ALL day.

Ultimately my goal before summer is to be toned with some muscles.  This year I want to wear the cute shorts and not just hanging around at the house. Not that I couldn't last year, I just was not totally comfortable in my own skin so I hid, in capri's, maxi skirts and jeans.

 I have retained the muscle I gained in my arms, and this weekend I will say that my 2 year old grandbaby looking at me as we were moving their stuff out and saying "wow Noni's musclued (muscled)"  was a pretty damn good feeling. That adds to the motivation bank right there!

Get out there and make it a kick ass week folks!

Kelsey @ Random Randts

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  1. What I great goal, Kay Lynn!!! You'll get in those jeans!!! :)

  2. Thanks Kelsey!!!

  3. I have jeans that I am working towards currently as well, you will get in them and look darn good ;-) That was so sweet of your grandchild to compliment you so innocently ;-) Those are the most rewarding moments as children say whatever they want!

    1. Sammy, heres to fitting into those jeans well!!! You are correct they are the best moments, he's almost 3 so he is still at that age where nothing is filtered.


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