Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Its Wednesday???

I have lost the entire beginning of this week being sick. I woke up this morning to it being Wednesday and wondering where the hell the days went. I have been down and out for the count since Sunday.  I am now feeling better, but tired as hell. I needed a nap by the time I got to the office this morning!  Last week I ended up with pink eye.. I swear I am getting a bubble suit.

On the upside - I really don't eat when I am sick so there went 4 pounds!! Downside, I'm exhausted and it shows. Today is a struggle to just keep my eyes opened. Plus I have this wonderful cough that sounds like I'm a life long coal miner and my nose in now peeling after going through a box of Kleenex in just 24 hours..

Before I caught the martian death cold I had gotten some packing started. The donation pile is up to a trash bag and a few items in a box. I have not yet hit my closet yet so the pile will grow.  I also have a metric shit ton of kitchen items that need purged.  I'd really love to toss it ALL out and start over, but that is not feasible so.... However I do have a list of shit that is getting replaced starting with the couch!  The cat has -ahem - modified the upholstery on one leg.. The fabric/unfinished wood look isn't my thing! :-)  

I will say in packing things up I have come across one of the only cards my dad gave me on his own, instead of the traditional mom buys a card for the occasion and signs it from both parents type of card. It is also one of the only times he ever wrote something more than "Love Dad" on anything. I have decided once the move is over and things are settled. I am taking that card to the tattoo shop and that is what is going on my wrist. I love that it will be something he wrote and in HIS hand writing.

That is the kinda stuff I do love finding when going through things. Tax returns from 15 years ago, not so much, a sappy love letter from when you started dating your spouse? Totally!  Unfortunately, more of what I have found so far hit the tax returns of 15 years ago category. My "to shred" pile is HUGE.  I have to go opt out of the pre-screened credit card offers and save a tree or fifteen!

I am trying to view all this as early Spring cleaning! Heads phones in, music on and dancing while I toss, shred and pack!

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